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Lynnwood, Washington is a commuter city/bedroom community. A northern suburb of Seattle, WA and at the same time a southern suburb of Everett, WA. It is most notable for the Alderwood Mall, the largest (and we would argue *best*) mall in the area. Lynnwood is only about 4 miles from the Puget Sound and about 70 from great skiing, hiking, and other outdoor activities in the North Cascades.

2012.04.05 00:49 Anacortes, WA


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Come for the arts, stay for the culture.

2020.10.25 22:27 Bobblehead60 The Human-Empire of 70 War- Part 3- Pluto

First/Part 2/Current/next/last
Lieutenant David Weres stood in the battle-bridge of the UNN Normandy. Normally, the outer sector was a rather calm assignment. But that was before the incident with the UNJS Ryun. Now, every day, I need to stare at our view screens, afraid that we would pick up an enemy fleet. We know an attack is coming, but we don’t know when. The ship he was standing on, the light cruiser UNN Normandy, just finished shakedown and was docked with Fleet Base Guerriere to restock supplies.
Then, a single blip appeared on the data screen. Then another, until the enemy fleet covered Sector I. “Here they come!” I yelled, as Fleet Base Guerriere began to open fire with her new X-789-A Railgun, with a single slug cleaving straight through the enemy cruiser’s armor, making a clean, straight hole through the side of the ship, and embedding herself in the side of the ship next to her. Cheers erupted from the battle-bridge, as the cruiser began to fall out of line. Soon, the ships were within missile range of the Guerriere. A full battery of missiles, tipped with either fusion or nuclear bombs, streaked towards the enemy, as the fleet prepared to detach.
“Prepare to detach the Normandy. All hands to battle stations. Detach the ship.” The captain’s voice boomed over the intercom. Soon, the cables and airlock attaching the Normandy to the Guerriere began to separate, and returned to the Fleet Base. As the other ships circling the Fleet Base did the same, a battle cruiser, the UNN Hades, fresh from her refit on Mars, opened fire. Her first volley of superheated titanium slugs found their target, a rapidly closing enemy battleship, the T’Ionp. Entire decks were destroyed, as air escaped from the now drifting hulk into the vacuum of space. An enemy cruiser, the K’Heun, turned her broadside at the destroyer Alexander the Great, and pumped plasma torpedoes into her, turning a once proud ship into a hulk that looked more like swiss cheese than a warship.
The Normandy, who’s captain, obviously angered at the enemy for destroying his old command, ordered plasma torpedoes loaded and aimed at the battleship at 7 o’clock high while turning the railguns on the K’Heun. The torpedoes launched, and soon the torpedoes punched through it’s plasma shields and destroyed it’s starboard plasma cannons. As the battleship, the UNJS V’Hyren, slowly turned herself to port to get a broadside off at Normandy, the railguns fired. It was a clean hit, straight through her hull.
“Sir, good clean hit!” An ensign yelled, as K’Heun’s decompression of air within could be felt by Normandy's sensors. The Hades emerged from her duel with the battlecruiser UNJS D’Qanew worse for wear, as her starboard torpedo tubes and aft missile bay gone and her forward torpedo tubes mauled. But she powered on, and within seconds, 3 of her railguns opened fire at the V’Hyren, punching holes through the ship’s hull like it was going out of fashion. Another light cruiser, the UNN Midway, having chosen to fully restock on torpedoes, missiles, and fired 3 salvoes of torpedoes in quick succession, being a dedicated torpedo boat rather than a gunboat like the Normandy.
The Normandy returned from her brief interlude of punching more holes into the V’Hyren, and decided to bully the heavy cruiser D’Ponice next. The D’Ponice never stood a chance. As torpedoes from the Midway hit the destroyer squadron behind her, the Normandy’s 6 starboard railguns and the 4 top/bottom railguns turned to starboard the top/bottom railguns charged up while the pure starboard railguns opened fire on the D’Ponice, punching through the ship’s port side, destroying the port plasma cannons and punching 3 tungsten rods through the hull, as the ship exploded, obviously hitting the enemy’s anti-matter reactor. A cheer came from the battle bridge, as everyone watched her get blown to smithereens.
“Captain! Another destroyer squadron and 4 heavy cruisers have shown up on scanners. The crew wants to go after them.” I asked, as Guerriere destroyed the heavy cruisers UNJS K’Oyone and UNJS X’Pione in one shot. The Guerriere’s missiles, fired at the beginning of the battle, found its mark of the 3 battleships, the UNJS M’Koff, UNJS D’Ere, and UNJS H’Forme. All three of the proud battlewagons exploded, the ships having traded some armor for a larger reactor.
An ensign shouted “Sir! Reinforcements from Mars are here!” As the battlecruisers Zeus and Chang’e and 5 squadrons of destroyers raced ahead of the slower cruisers and battlewagons. 7 of the enemy’s destroyers were set upon by a full squadron, 6 total, of the Leader-class destroyers, each one of them one and a half times as powerful compared to the enemy.
The 4 squadrons of DDs, with CL/CA div. 9, 7, 4, and 14 following, were chasing after 36 destroyers, 10 heavy and light cruisers, 4 Battlecruisers, and 12 Battleships with the Zeus leading DESRON 10 and 20, with the Chang’e leading DESRON 4 and 12.
The battleships had arrived as our scanners detected 80 heavy plasma railguns fired at the same time. The rest of Task Force 77.4.3 “Taffy 3” had arrived. 18 salvoes from Canada and Poland proceeded to tear apart the remaining battleships and cruisers, with the destroyers taking care of the rest.
H’Lieth high command was horrified when of the of the 112 ships sent, only two destroyers returned to the fleet base on I’Beren, both brutally battered and limping on one engine. None of high command wanted to tell Emperor Y’Eune Hejopei IX, as a quarter of the battleship and half of the battlecruiser fleet were hulks floating in the enemy's solar system. It appeared that humanity was a bigger threat than they originally anticipated.
Order of Battle (Humans)
Task Force 77.1.1 “Guard 1” (Attached to Fleet Base Guerriere)
- UNN Singapore (Undergoing refit at Fleet Base Aurora on the moon) (Flagship)
- UNN Australia (Undergoing refit at Fleet Base Aurora on the moon)
- Battlecruiser Division (BatCruDiv) 3
- UNN Hades (Acting Flagship) (Damaged) BC
- UNN Artemis (Damaged)
- UNN Hawaii (Damaged)
- UNN Zhejiang
- UNN Normandy (Division Flag shortened to Div. Flag) CL
- UNN Atlanta (Destroyed) CA
- UNN Beijing (Damaged) CA
- UNN Charleston CL
- UNN Cape Town (Div. Flag) (Destroyed) CA
- UNN Toronto (Acting Div. Flag) CA
- UNN Mecca (Destroyed) CA
- UNN Frankfurt (Damaged) CA
- UNN Honolulu (Div. Flag) CL
- UNN Shanghai (Damaged) CA
- UNN Moscow (Damaged) CA
- UNN Mumbai CA
- UNN Berlin (Div. Flag) CA
- UNN Hangzhou CA
- UNN Midway CA
- UNN Belfast CL
- UNN Alexander the Great (Destroyed) (Div. Flag)
- UNN Xerxes (Damaged)
- UNN Zhang Fei (Acting Div. Flag)
- UNN Genghis Khan (Destroyed)
- UNN Lafayette
- UNN Yi Sun-sin
- UNN Achilles (Div. Flag)
- UNN Perseus (Destroyed)
- UNN Beowulf (Destroyed)
- UNN Theodoric (Destroyed)
- UNN Davy Crockett
- UNN Sun Wu Kong (Damaged)
- UNN John Paul Jones (Div. Flag)
- UNN Hercules (Damaged)
- UNN Achilles (Damaged)
- UNN Robin Hood (Damaged)
- UNN Nelson
- UNN Macbeth
- UNN Theseus (Div. Flag)
- UNN Anansi (Destroyed)
- UNN King Arthur (Destroyed)
- UNN Laozi (Destroyed)
- UNN Glooscap
- UNN Manu
Task Force 77.4.3 “Taffy 3” (Attached to Fleet Base Harmony)
- UNN Canada (Flagship)
- UNN Poland (Damaged)
- UNN Chang’e (Div. Flag)
- UNN Zeus (Damaged)
- UNN Connecticut
- UNN New South Wales
- UNN Vladivostok (Div. Flag) CA
- UNN Sydney (Damaged) CA
- UNN São Paulo (Damaged) CA
- UNN Denver CA
- UNN Hartford (Div. Flag) CA
- UNN Paris CA
- UNN Seattle (Damaged) CA
- UNN Lisbon CA
- UNN Cairo (Div. Flag) CA
- UNN Buenos Aires (Damaged) CA
- UNN Fuzhou CA
- UNN Algiers CL
- UNN Albany (Div. Flag) CA
- UNN Vancouver CA
- UNN Orlando (Destroyed) CL
- UNN Madrid (Destroyed) CL
- UNN O’Bannon (Div. Flag)
- UNN Nicholas
- UNN Johnston
- UNN Hoel
- UNN Heermann
- UNN Samuel B. Roberts
- UNN James Bowie (Destroyed) (Div. Flag)
- UNN Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain (Acting Div. Flag)
- UNN Hood (Damaged)
- UNN Earnest E. Evans (Destroyed)
- UNN Hiram Ulysses Grant (Damaged)
- UNN Santa Anna (Damaged)
Empire of 70’s fleet:
12 BBs (12 destroyed)
20 BCs (20 destroyed)
40 CA/CLs (40 destroyed)
50 DD/DE (48 destroyed, 2 badly mauled)
Overall score: Humans 2:0 Empire of 70
Next time...... Watch the Human fleet fight the main fleet of the Empire!
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2020.10.24 02:03 Series800Model101 37 [M4F] Vancouver, BC - We Have 70 Days..

It is exactly 70 days until January 1, 2021.
This means we have precisely 70 days to chat a little, meet in person, plan a handful of great dates and get comfortable with each other just in time for the weirdest socially-distant New Year's Eve party in human history.
Hi! I am a 37 year old single white male, 6'4", 220lbs that is local to the Vancouver, BC, Canada area and seeking dating that a leads to a stable long-term relationship.
I have a 13 year old son and live in my own place (no roommates!), have my own cars and also come with my own cat and a solid career in a stable industry that is absolutely booming during these wild times.
My interests make me a fusion of tech wizard and vintage German car guy which is an odd mix but works really well together.
If you have read this far and the above sounds like someone you want to know, send me a reddit chat or PM!
And if you have read this far and the above doesn't sound like someone you want to know, thanks for reading this far! :)
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2020.10.24 01:43 Series800Model101 37 [M4F] Vancouver, BC - We Have 70 Days...

It is exactly 70 days until January 1, 2021.
This means we have precisely 70 days to chat a little, meet in person, plan a handful of great dates and get comfortable with each other just in time for the weirdest socially-distant New Year's Eve party in human history.
Hi! I am a 37 year old single white male, 6'4", 220lbs that is local to the Vancouver, BC, Canada area and seeking dating that a leads to a stable long-term relationship.
I have a 13 year old son and live in my own place (no roommates!), have my own cars and also come with my own cat and a solid career in a stable industry that is absolutely booming during these wild times.
My interests make me a fusion of tech wizard and vintage German car guy which is an odd mix but works really well together.
If you have read this far and the above sounds like someone you want to know, send me a reddit chat or PM!
And if you have read this far and the above doesn't sound like someone you want to know, thanks for reading this far! :)
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2020.10.20 07:48 mayadayes doctors are literally the worst and im so angry - anyone else experience this?

Hello all,
Awhile back I made a post describing what is wrong with me here (upper right abdominal pain since Jan 1st, 2020). I spoke to my specialist again today and they told me I need to speak to my family doctor regarding next steps and listed out two medications to me that they want me to take: amitriptyline and citalopram. Which a quick google search revealed they are trying to say I have depression and anxiety. Now, I do believe in mental health and I think people that have mental health issues are extremely valid and can of course appear as physical symptoms. But I am not depressed, nor do I have anxiety. I don't say this in a denial type of way. I really don't. I think I would notice if I have severe enough anxiety to cause sharp pains in my right side literally everyday, so of course this news is incredibly upsetting. No doctor has done any sort of mental health evaluation, I do not have a history of mental health issues, and I'm just confused on how they can say this when they haven't even eliminated other probable causes or SPOKEN TO ME ABOUT DEPRESSION TO SEE IF I EVEN HAVE IT. I want to go speak to another specialists (there's only 2 in lower mainland vancouver) but it'll be 6 months of waiting and whose to say they won't be just as bad? I'm frustrated and I don't know what to do. Has anyone experienced this? How do you get them to realize you don't have anxiety or depression?
My friends are saying I should just eat a bunch of fatty foods and go to the ER (fatty foods trigger my pain) but I'm worried with something that like on my chart doctors are just going to dismiss me now. I'm incredibly saddened by this, and I'm not sure why they would do this to me. Is it cause I'm a young female? It's incredibly frustrating and I am becoming increasingly angry at how doctors operate because each one I've had to deal with since this whole thing has happened has simply shown me doctors are incompetent idiots.
All feedback is helpful, I really don't know what to do!
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2020.10.18 04:00 autotldr Polly, a Canadian AI predicts 2020 election results and has a history of accuracy

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 63%. (I'm a bot)
Now, a Canadian-made artificial intelligence system called Polly is forecasting next month's U.S. presidential election, using public social-media data and algorithms.
Toronto-based Peter Gombos wrote and directed the doc, which looks at the promise and concern of using forms of AI like Polly to help resolve issues of traditional polling methods in a digital age.
Polly also had Biden with 55% of the popular vote vs. Trump at 45%. "But of course the huge caveat in that, particularly in the U.S., is issues of voter turnout, vote suppression, early voting and discounted ballots," Gombos said in a phone interview.
"Margin of Error," produced by Tom Powers, followed the ASI team as it used Polly to forecast the 2019 Canadian federal election as a way to promote their research method.
ASI says Polly has also made accurate predictions on several other high-profile votes, whereas the nearly century-old format of traditional polling through phone calls and door knocks has missed the mark on some, including Brexit and the 2016 U.S. "Once upon a time it was dead easy," Gombos said of traditional polling, which uses surveys with a small group of a population selected at random to represent the larger whole and predict the opinions of the entire populace.
Polly primarily gets data from Twitter, and some critics wonder if she can accurately come up with a representative sample of the greater whole, when the majority of people using that platform skew younger, urban, and already politically motivated, said Gombos.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Polly#1 vote#2 Gombos#3 polls#4 prediction#5
Post found in /news, /news and /vancouver.
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2020.10.16 04:10 BrainlessCactus Summary of a French interview with Tsuna and FDGod fully translated in English!

"Hi everyone, I'm back again to translate another french interview so that the English-speaking community can access this content and also to do a small promotion of Zaroide's excellent work.
The interview was recorded on Zaroide's twitch stream on Oct. 7th. If you speak French, here's the link to the edited 53-minute long interview that was released two days ago: The two players are FDGod the main support role star of the Paris Eternal and his old teammate and friend Tsuna who played a bit for Vancouver Titans after the rebuild. I've linked everyone's social media and streams down below...
This time I didn't translate word for word like I did last time, because it took me 10 hours of work on the Nico&BenBest interview even though it was a 29-minute long interview. For this interview, I only translated and summarized the main talking points of the interview so that's why there is a lot of "he said", "apparently" or "according to him". I also divided the interview into sections with the timecodes maybe it will be useful.
FYI: English is not my main language and it's incredibly harder to translate from french directly to my second language instead of doing it the other way. I'll answer with great pleasure if anyone of you has any type of question about the interview or a language mistake.
Enjoy! ^^"
- - Azoke

00:15: Introduction
- FDGod is taking a break from the game like the other Paris players. Tsuna is playing a lot and has trials daily.
- FDGod said he thought Tsuna was toxic when he first met him, but then learn about who friendly he was when they played in the same team Primate
- FDGod said that he could take one quality from Tsuna is being able to tryhard comp for 100h per season when he gets tired after 2 or 3 ranked. Tsuna said that he envies the determination of FDGod and is always positive, especially since his season with Titans was very depressing.
7:45: Contracts for 2021
- Tsuna signed a 1-year contract with Titans, with a renewable 2nd year. He doesn’t know if Vancouver is going to activate the “+1”. If not then he's becoming LFT very soon.
- He has trials with multiple teams, he really wants to be in the League next season. According to him, the trials are positive, and he is confident about his performance in them.
- He’s trialing in intern with Vancouver but he or his agent was also contacted for trials with other teams.
- Paris is not doing trials right now, at least not with the main roster. He also doesn’t have info about roster changes, he doesn’t even know if any of his French teammates are staying.
- Tsuna said he couldn’t say with which teams his in trials, but he did say he was trialing with 5 teams (including Vancouver) which were either mid-tier or bottom-tier this season.
- Tsuna said that currently there were mainly coaches changes but not that many players change because most teams need to have a solidified coaching staff before selecting the players they want to trial. Most of the coaching changes are already done but not public yet.
- FDGod is the only French player in Paris not waiting for a renewal of his contract because he was signed with a 2+1 contract for the 2020 and 2021 seasons, while BenBest, Soon and NICOgdh were signed with a 2+1 contract for the 2019 and 2020 seasons.
13:32: roster changes
- FDGod said he doesn’t think he’s going to get traded because Paris Eternal was very happy with his performance this year.
- He doesn’t think that Paris is going to change much this off-season
- He agrees with BenBest that the team shouldn’t change much, but they still should sign a 2nd flex support if a Bap/Zen or Bap/Ana meta becomes the staple. He said that FunnyAstro and Moth had the chance to have two flex supports (Alarm/Boombox for Fusion and Viol2t/Twilight for Shock) because he had to train on Bap instead of other heroes and doesn’t think he’s the best on this hero.
- Tsuna confirmed that everybody in Vancouver was signed on the same contract as him, the “1+1”.
15:41: Tsuna’s future
- It doesn’t have a clue if Vancouver wants to keep him or anybody on the current roster for that matter…
- He’s not even sure that he's going to be in the OWL next season. But it’s still his main goal.
- He thought a lot about his situation this season and decided that if it doesn’t work, he was going to switch to another job.
- The original plan for him was to take a year break after having his Baccalauréat (High school diploma in France that you must succeed to access University or other post-high school formation) and try the OWL experience just like FDGod. (Tsuna is only 19 years old btw)
- If he doesn’t manage to stay in the OWL, he said he wasn’t going back to Contenders, especially because of dire the situation is right now in contenders.
- If that unfortunately happens he said he plans to completely retire from Esport (not just overwatch), and go back to Police School which was his “normal path” that he had to pause because he was signed to the Titans.
18:50: They talk about their first-year experience in the OWL
- FDGod said that this year was weird and that he was completely drained. He had a lot of motivation problems. He hated the fact that he and everyone involved in the league were always in the mist concerning how things were going to plan out because of Covid-19
- He hopes that the OWL could go back to having homestands even if that’s unlikely because it takes almost 6 months to prepare a homestand and the situation with Covid-19 is still too unreliable.
- He thinks that even though Paris got some really good results this season, he and the team would have been able to pull out even better performances if the competition weren’t online.
- He said that being near New York that was the epicenter of the Covid-19 outbreak in the US and in the World was really worrying for him, the team, and the staff. It apparently caused a lot of paranoia from some players and that’s why they tried to be in quarantine as much as possible and almost never went out for 5 months.
- Tsuna said he hated being on the bench and being stuck in France and not being able to play on the same ping as his teammates.
- He was really frustrated at first because he was basically forced to train with ranked games.
- He apparently didn’t get a real chance to prove himself because he played two games, then lost his place as a starting DPS to Shockwave/Dalton, and then was basically banned from playing in scrims with the rest of the team. He did one or two blocks of scrims in the entire year.
- He never got any precise explanation about why the team didn’t want to play with him, nor did they explained what he could improve on to be considered again, even if he asked for some. He thinks that the team preferred Dalton over him simply because of ping difference more than a real skill difference.
- He was still allowed to watch the scrims with the rest of the team, but not participate in any other way. He had to tryhard comp to keep his level at the game. The coaching staff didn’t take the time to do a VOD review with him or to ask him to train a specific hero to maybe become a specialist.
- He said that he still spoke casually with the players and the coaches, that he never considered them as enemies. He just was really frustrated to do his training only with comp games.
26:30: Improvement and memories during this season
- FDGod said that the coaching staff helped him to “truly understand the game”. He watched VOD from when he was with Young and Beautiful in EU Contenders, and that at the time he never spoke. Now he’s happy to be way more present in coms with Paris.
- BenBest (who is the shot-caller of Paris) and the coaching staff really emphasized the role of FDGod as a secondary shot-caller and mastermind for the team.
- He said that the coaching staff and a lot of training helped him to go from being an “ice skating training bot” to a good mechanical Lucio player.
- Tsuna said his best memory, this season, was the first match of the new Titans against Washington. He said that feeling the pressure of switching from the Contenders level to the OWL level was exciting.
- His worst memory was two weeks later when they faced Florida Mayhem, it felt like hell because the team wasn’t prepared, and Mayhem was on their “May Melee peak”. They got outplayed in every sense of the way, and they absolutely didn’t show anything which was really depressing.
- He said that he thought there was going to be a big difference from when he was in contenders with YAB, British Hurricane, and Eternal Academy, and being at the OWL level, but that what made OWL so much better was the resources available to the player to thrive.
34:18: Mental health
- FDGod thinks that Soon was his mentor this season (they were roommates) and the reason why he's in Paris in the first place. Apparently Soon was the one that directly recommended FDGod to the coaching staff after they played together at the World Cup on team France. The experience/skill and the cooking skills of Soon, are what made him such a valuable guy to have as a teammate and a roommate. FDGod and was really impressed with the fact that Soon was sheer cold and unflinching about bad news and depression, he tried to copycat Soon way of behaving like everything was not a big deal and is always positive.
- Tsuna said that his only mental support all season long was his good friend FDGod… Apparently Vancouver wasn’t a team that tried to create a bond with the players are to make the player bond with each other
36:48: All-Stars
- FDGod knew that Soon was tryharding the widow 1v1 tournament and that everybody was going to be surprised about his performance.
- Soon apparently spent a lot of time playing Widow HS only mode in the Workshop to be completely ready for All-stars
- He was very happy about seeing that nobody expected Soon to put KSP back in his place.
- Tsuna said he would of like watching the entirety of the All-Stars and even participate in it but was unable because he was already training and trialing with teams at this point in time
38:16: ROTY/Role star discussion
- Tsuna said that even though Alarm deserved to win the award, he would of like Hanbin getting the award. He thinks that Hanbin was really robbed and deserved to get at least one award for his incredible performance.
- FDGod said that in the team some people (at least the French players) were quite upset about Hanbin not being nominated for MVP, nor being a Role-Star, nor being the ROTY even though he was the best statistical Sigma in the league and was either 1st or 2nd on every other off-tank. He said that Hanbin carried Paris all season long and during the Summer Showdown.
- He was feeling bad about being a Support role star and Hanbin not even being a role star even if they don’t play the same role.
- He doesn’t know if that affected Hanbin even though NineK and Avalla said that Hanbin was an emotional player. As a matter of fact, he said that he didn’t have any contact with the Koreans player since he left the US
- For FDGod if neither Alarm nor Hanbin would have been the rookie, he would of like to see either Yaki or KSP. He said that the rookie conversation was more open than just being solely Alarm, but still emphasized on the fact that Alarm totally deserved the award
41:32: Prize pool and remuneration
- After being asked if he received a bonus check for being the Summer Showdown champions as it would happen in traditional sports, FDGod said they didn’t receive anything but that he didn’t think he should have asked for “bonus money” and didn’t felt the obligation to do so.
- Tsuna said that in almost every OWL contract it’s specified that whenever a team wins a cash prize, half goes to the org, and half is dispatched between the players equally.
- FDGod realizes that he misunderstood and said that he thought Zaroide was talking about a raise, then FDGod specified that they indeed received the cash-prize of the summer showdown.
45:21: A fun quiz about frogs that I’m too fucking tired to translate it’s 3 am in France. They talked about playing Among Us with the other French players…

Here are everyone social media and twitch steams go follow them!
Liquipedia page:
Liquipedia page:

My Twitter (yeah I'm doing self-promotion what you're gonna do it's my own goddam Reddit post ahah):

EDIT: Another post was made about it if any of you guys wanted to fact-check my translation
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2020.10.15 21:54 flyinmacaronimonster Ballot Drop-Box and Other Voting Information for Vancouver, WA and Clark County

For Oregon Voters in and around Portland




If you have not registered to vote, you can register to vote online using the link below:
Deadline for voter registration online and by mail is Monday, October 26.
If you miss the deadline, you can still register to vote and then cast your ballot in-person at a Vote Center in your county, HOWEVER, DUE TO THE PUBLIC HEALTH CRISIS, IT IS **STRONGLY RECOMMENDED THAT YOU REGISTER TO VOTE ONLINE OR BY MAIL BEFORE THE DEADLINE, AND THEN VOTE BY MAIL INSTEAD OF VOTING IN-PERSON.
All vote centers will be open until 8:00pm on Election Day.


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2020.10.15 20:00 AutoModerator Happy Cakeday, r/vanhousing! Today you're 3

Let's look back at some memorable moments and interesting insights from last year.
Your top 10 posts:
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2020.10.15 04:34 princeoftheoneiroi Sandman: Homecoming - 6 - The Guilty and the Innocent

Below are all the published chapters of Sandman: Homecoming, for your convenience. Enjoy!
Chapter 1 - The Forgemaster's Assistant
Chapter 2 - The Shelf Cloud
Chapter 3 - The Birthday Present
Chapter 4 - The Old and the New
Chapter 5 - The Son of Phobetor
Chapter 6 - The Guilty and the Innocent
My longsword materialized into my hand as I stood alone in the arena, a white moonlight shining into the empty space as I prepared for another training drill. I usually trained on the beach, but I didn't want to be on a beach right now.
It was three in the morning, but after a nightmare like that I couldn't bring myself to sleep. I'd been up for 25 hours, only keeping myself awake with constant busy work. I'd cleaned the Stables and the Forge today, reorganized the weapons in the Arena, but nothing was able to take my mind off of Nicholas for too long. Who would have guessed that in such a short time he would leave such a lasting impression.
I realized I was slumped against the training dummy I should have been whacking at, my forehead placed firmly on the chest of the straw man like a headbutt from a thirteen year old was the most efficient form of combat. I yawned as my eyelids felt like stones, impossible to keep open. "Damn," I said through another yawn. “Shit,” I said afterwards.
I clearly couldn’t hold out any longer, and I admitted defeat as I packed away the arena before heading back to the Oneiroi cabin. The road was long, and much colder than the road normally was. At three in the morning everything was eerily still, like the flat surface of a pond hidden in the middle of the woods that had never been disrupted. I passed along the side of the Oneiroi cabin, noticing the door that always remained closed. On it’s wooden surface was the image of a dark mare.
The Phobetor section of the cabin. I wondered if Nicholas had been in there this whole time.
My sword was still in my hand, and my grip tightened around it as I stopped my walking. The dream-catcher door, the one that led to the Morpheus section of the cabin, was still a few paces away. I walked towards the mare door, turned the knob, and through it open.
There was nothing inside but four empty beds.
I closed the door, and took the final paces to the dream-catcher cabin. All the while, I thought for sure I felt someone looking over my shoulder. Someone grinning a wide smile with rows of serrated teeth.
I looked behind me, and there was no one. I opened the door to the Morpheus section of the cabin.
It was five in the morning before I finally shut my eyes. Sunlight was peering into the Morpheus cabin as my sister rested peacefully, and I tossed and turned in my covers. It was another half an hour before I stopped thinking about a beach beneath a blood red moon, before I knew that if I didn’t get any sleep I’d be useless, and I couldn’t make that mistake. I felt sleep come easily to me as it always does, and the transition of nothing to dreaming soon followed. I braced myself for another nightmare.
Instead, my feet found the soft sand of the Dreamscape, and endless, off-white dunes beneath brilliant blue constellations greeted me. I sighed in relief, and made my walk towards the tent that always awaited me. It’s odd, Egyptian furniture decorated as it always was, I threw open the flap of the tent only to find I wasn’t alone. And I didn’t have my weapon, like I normally did, since I hadn’t even expected to come here.
Luckily it was Albert. Unluckily, though, he was back.
“Barry,” he said, dressed in simple clothes. He looked like he hadn’t slept since I’d seen him last. Which, really, was only yesterday. I hadn’t really slept either. He continued. “I hadn’t expected you to make it, but I figured I’d try, just in case.”
“What do you mean?” I said. “You didn’t think I’d come here?”
“Typically,” Albert said, rising from his seat and beginning to pace around the room, “when Nicholas gives you a nightmare, it takes a little while for you to… kick the visions.”
“You knew,” I said, looking puzzled as I pressed him for information. “You knew I’d have a nightmare.”
“I had a feeling. In fact, I was counting on it.” Albert knelt beside me as he did when we’d first met, placing his hand on my shoulder. “I knew you would be strong enough to take such a vision, and I needed to find where Nicholas was hiding. He made it pretty obvious, don’t you think?”
“Vancouver,” I said, still wondering whether I should feel pride in Albert’s faith in me, or disgust in his lies. He hadn’t told me about Nicholas before, and now he was using me for bait? What else was he hiding from me. “The skyline, it looked like Vancouver.”
“Your family is in Vancouver, aren’t they? I think that’s his plan. After Vincent, he has reason to hold a grudge against Morpheus children.”
I suddenly felt guilty, his hand on my shoulder feeling heavier than it should have. Nicholas had reason to hate Morpheus children. If I'd known about Nicholas before I'd done all that training... I wasn’t just his puppet. He was trying to make sure I didn’t die. “So… you were training me so that I’d be safe?”
“Of course,” Albert said, a smile forming across his face like a sibling might show pride in their family. “Nicholas is ruthless, and you were defenceless. You needed a teacher, but unfortunately our time has come. You’ve packed, haven’t you?”
“Yeah,” I said, “but I don’t really have much clothes. Or money. Or food, really.” I was starting to feel even more guilty, but for a completely different reason. “But I’ve got weapons, and armour. I’m pretty good in a fight.”
“Yes, you’ve shown as much,” Albert said, and he stood up as he began pacing around the tent. He moved to the tent’s entrance and opened the flap to look out beyond the dunes to the right horizon. After a moment, he closed the flap, looking back towards me. “You’ll need your skills in the real world. Have you left Camp Half-Blood since you arrived?”
“Once,” I said, “on a quest, to the mouth of the Underworld. Well, okay, twice, but the other time is kind of weird.”
“Okay, well... The Underworld, that’s no small feat,” Albert said, nodding as he folded his hands behind his back. “That’s good, but still that’s not much experience. Out there, now that you know you’re a demigod, monsters will feel that clarity. They can sense you better now, better than when you were younger and unsure of your lineage. They will come for us, many times. Are you sure you’re ready for something like this?”
“We’re the only ones that can kill the nightmares, right?”
“Then yeah,” I said, “I’m ready. I can’t make a mistake like that.”
“Meet me in Manhattan in a week’s time,” Albert said. “There’s a hotel called The Henrietta. I’ll be waiting for you in the lobby. From there, we’ll organize our supplies and head west to Vancouver. We’ll be taking the train. It’ll be slower, and give us time to prepare.”
“Shouldn’t we try and get there as quickly as we can?”
“Nicholas will wait for you to arrive before he makes his move. Besides, if something goes wrong on a plane, our possibility of death increases tremendously. We keep the fighting on the ground, maybe more people survive a monster attack. The train across Canada heads right into Vancouver. We'll need to make it across the border as well.”
I had almost forgotten about something. Vancouver had seemed like a mission destination, but it was also the home of the people that had been terrible to me. Reuben and Summer, and their nephew Gunner, they wouldn’t be happy to see me. I stole from them, after all, when I’d left with Trev for Camp Half-Blood.
Trev, the satyr that rescued me. I hadn't thought about him in a long time.
“He’ll come to us?” I said, my voice wavering as I once again thought of my family, “are you sure we can’t figure out where he’s hiding?”
“He’s not gonna be more specific than Vancouver, Barry,” Albert said. “Is there a problem?”
“My… uh, my family,” I said, “My aunt, uncle, and my cousin. I didn’t really leave them on good terms. I don’t know if it’s such a good idea to go back.”
“Because they hurt you.” Albert seemed sure of this, without even having to ask the question. “They were horrible to you, weren’t they?”
I looked down at my shoes. Brandon had made them for me, enchanted to fill with sand when I clicked my heels together, enough sand to bolster my capabilities as a demigod. There was more care and love put into these shoes than Rueben and Summer had given me my entire childhood.
“How old is your cousin, Barry?”
“He’s my age,” I said. “But he might still be twelve, I think.”
“Your aunt and uncle are guilty for whatever it is they did to you,” Albert sat down on one of the pieces of furniture again, placing his hands in the pockets of his jeans. “Your cousin, he’s innocent. He’s a kid, learning from horrible parents. But however heavy their conscious, they all need you right now. Mortals needs heroes like us. Right now, they need heroes just like us.”
He was right, of course. Gunner had always played along with whatever fowl things my aunt and uncle got up to, whether it was exchanging my bedroom door for a cell door or getting rid of a dog that liked me. Gunner clapped along with their schemes, but he was just a kid. He was just raised different, that’s all.
“You’re right,” I said, “okay. Nicholas will come to us.”
"Manhattan," Albert said, lifting the flap at the tent's entrance. "A week's time." With that, he stepped out of the tent, and into the dunes.
Thank you so much for reading!
Next Time in Sandman: Homecoming
Albert makes things easier. Barry gets a phone call. The cousins have trouble sleeping.
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2020.10.14 16:58 Perdin Vancouver - Wednesday’s Question – “John Horgan, Andrew Wilkinson, and Sonia Furstenau walk into the Thunderdome, who leaves the victor? Did the debate change your vote?”

Hello /Vancouver,
Last night was our only televised debate between the NDP, Liberal Party, and Green Party. My only issue with the debate is that it should’ve happened earlier since a lot of ballots were already mailed in. Either way, let’s do what you’ve already seen in the live thread and dissect the debate.
If you want to answer my question, if BC Leadership was decided in a Thunderdome like battle, who would win between the three of them and why?
In a Thunderdome like scenario, this is how I see the three leaders…
John Horgan:
Andrew Wilkinson
Sonia Furstenau
Shachi Kurl
Have a great Wednesday /Vancouver,
Stay safe. Wear a mask.
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2020.10.14 03:26 TheseDogMotifs With the signing of Aaron Dell by the Maple Leafs, our off-season game of Goalie Musical Chairs expands to eight total goalies.

This post is a continuation of the post found here:
After a few days of me frantically following Capfriendly to see Aaron Dell signed with some team yet, he finally made his way to Toronto of all places.
The Cycle now has nine teams and eight goalies involved and proceeds as follows:
Jake Allen, in a trade with a 7th round draft pick for 5th and 7th round draft pick, from STL to MON
Keith Kinkaid as a UFA from MON to NYR
Henrik Lundqvist as a UFA from NYR to WSH
Braden Holtby as a UFA from WSH to VAN
Jacob Markstrom as a UFA from VAN to CGY
Cam Talbot as a UFA from CGY to MIN
Devan Dubnyk, in a trade with 50% retained salary and a 7th round draft pick for a 5th round draft pick, from MIN to SJS
Aaron Dell as a UFA from SJS to TOR
As to whether it will grow from here, I suppose that it require either Freddy Andersen being traded or St. Louis signing another goalie if their tandem doesn't work out. If Freddy does leave Toronto, the best case scenario (as this chart is concerned) is for him to arrive in Chicago as that would lead into another three goalies entering the cycle. But I don't think that he will be traded as there are no goaltending upgrades on the market right now.
I don't know what's going to happen next, I am not that well-read on hockey transactions. This was just a fun chart to make that I hope I can continue.
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2020.10.12 19:45 Seagull_No1_Fanboy OWL 2021 Off-Season Tracker

Player Position Old Team New Team Signing/Trade Details
Niclas "sHockWave" Jensen Flex DPS Titans ??? Reported F/A 9/7/F/A 10/21
Jason "Jaru" White Flex DPS Gladiators --- F/A 10/6/Retired 10/24
Jonas "Shaz" Suovaara Flex Support Gladiators --- F/A 10/6/Retired 10/23
Benjamin "BigG00se" Isohanni Main Support Gladiators --- Retired 10/6
Hyung-seok "Bischu" Kim Flex Tank Gladiators --- Retired 10/6
Benjamin "uNKOE" Chevasson Flex Support Fuel --- Retired 10/6
Michael "mikeyy" Konicki Main Tank Uprising ??? F/A 10/8
Kobe "Halo" Hamand Main Support Uprising ??? F/A 10/8
Isaac "Boombox" Charles Flex Support Fusion ??? F/A 10/12
Roni "LhCloudy" Tiihonen Main Tank Gladiators ??? F/A 10/12
Jun-soo "Kris" Choi Main Support Mayhem ??? F/A 10/14
San-ha "Karayan" Choi Main Tank Mayhem ??? F/A 10/14
Seong-ju "Byrem" Lee Flex Support Mayhem ??? F/A 10/14
Jung-woo "Sayaplayer" Ha Hitscan DPS Mayhem --- Retired 10/14
Austin "Muma" Wilmot Main Tank Outlaws ??? F/A 10/14
Jiri "LiNkzr" Masalin Hitscan DPS Outlaws ??? F/A 10/14
Jeffrey "blasé" Tsang Flex DPS Outlaws ??? F/A 10/14
Seung-soo "Jecse" Lee Main Support Outlaws ??? F/A 10/14
Gun-hee "Clestyn" Cho Flex Tank Spitfire ??? F/A 10/15
Hyun-wook "ALTHOUGH" Jung Flex DPS Spitfire ??? F/A 10/15
Sang-jun "Babel" Park Hitscan DPS Spitfire ??? F/A 10/15
Sung-hyeok "Highly" Lee Flex Support Spitfire ??? F/A 10/15
Dong-jae "Schwi" Lee Flex DPS Spitfire ??? F/A 10/15
Ji-hun "Jihun" Kim Main Tank Spitfire --- F/A 10/15/Retired 10/26
Young-hoon "Krillin" Jeong Flex Support Spitfire ??? F/A 10/15
Dante "Danteh" Cruz Flex DPS Outlaws ??? F/A 10/15
Alberto "neptuNo" González Main Support Charge ??? F/A 10/15
Jung-yeon "Chara" Kim Main Support Charge ??? F/A 10/15
Shao-Hua "ATing" Chen Main Tank Hunters --- Retired 10/15
Tzu-heng "Baconjack" Lo Hitscan DPS Hunters --- Retired 10/15
Haomiao "Wya" Qi Flex Support Charge ??? F/A 10/16
Shilong "Krystal" Cai Hitscan DPS Charge ??? F/A 10/16
Tae-hong "MekO" Kim Flex Tank Outlaws ??? F/A 10/16
Min-seok "OGE" Son Main Tank Gladiators ??? F/A 10/16
Dusttin "Dogman" Bowerman Flex Support Reign ??? F/A 10/16
Stefan "Onigod" Fiskerstrand Hitscan DPS Fuel ??? F/A 10/16
William "Crimzo" Hernandez Flex Support Fuel ??? F/A 10/16
Nolan "Paintbrush" Edwards Main Support Fuel ??? F/A 10/16
Alhumaidi "KSAA" Alruwaili Flex Tank Titans ??? F/A 10/16
Carson "CarCar" First Main Support Titans ??? F/A 10/16
Samir "Tsuna" Ikram Hitscan DPS Titans ??? F/A 10/16
Lucas "NotE" Meissner Flex Tank Fuel ??? F/A 10/16
Nathan "frd" Goebel Flex Tank Reign ??? F/A 10/16
Ashley "Trill" Powell Main Tank Fuel --- Retired 10/16
Damon "Apply" Conti Flex DPS Valiant ??? F/A 10/16
Caleb "McGravy" McGarvey Flex Tank Valiant ??? F/A 10/16
Rick "GiG" Salazar Main Tank Valiant ??? F/A 10/16
Won-sik "Closer" Jung Main Support Fuel ??? F/A 10/16
Anthony "Fire" King Main Support Reign ??? F/A 10/16
Hyun-jun "Pokpo" Park Main Tank Reign ??? F/A 10/17
Dae-han "JMAC" Choi Main Tank Spitfire ??? F/A 10/17
Josh "Eqo" Corona Flex DPS Fusion ??? F/A 10/17
Charlie "nero" Zwarg Flex DPS Charge ??? F/A 10/17
Young-jin "Gamsu" Noh Main Tank Fuel --- Retired 10/17
Dylan "aKm" Bignet Hitscan DPS Fuel --- Retired 10/17
Gi-hyeon "Ado" Chon Flex DPS Spark ??? F/A 10/18
Jae-hwan "Adora" Kang Flex DPS Spark ??? F/A 10/18
Hui-chang "BeBe" Yoon Flex Support Spark ??? F/A 10/18
Sang-hyeon "SASIN" Song Flex Tank Spark ??? F/A 10/18
Seong-wook "Ria" Park Flex Tank Spark ??? F/A 10/18
Hyo-jong "Haksal" Kim Flex DPS Excelsior --- Retired 10/20
Yeon-kwan "Nenne" Jeong Hitscan DPS Excelsior ??? F/A 10/21
Seung-jun "WhoRU" Lee Flex DPS Excelsior ??? F/A 10/21
Dong-wook "BiaNcA" Kim Flex Tank Excelsior ??? F/A 10/21
Hong-joon "HOTBA" Choi Flex Tank Excelsior ??? F/A 10/21
Joon "Erster" Jeong Flex DPS Reign ??? F/A 10/21
Garrett "Saucy" Roland Hitscan DPS Reign ??? F/A 10/21
Chen "Lengsa" Jingyi Main Support Hunters ??? F/A 10/21
Sang-bum "BQB" Lee Flex DPS Mayhem ??? F/A 10/21
Beom-jun "Gargoyle" Lee Flex Tank Mayhem ??? F/A 10/21
Jung-woo "Happy" Lee Hitscan DPS Charge ??? F/A 10/21
Jin-seo "Shu" Kim Flex Support Charge ??? F/A 10/21
Haomiao "Wya" Qi Flex Support Charge ??? F/A 10/21
Jung-keun "Rapel" Kim Flex Support Outlaws ??? F/A 10/21
Daniel "Boink" Pence Main Support Outlaws ??? F/A 10/21
Da-un "NoSmite" Jeong Main Tank Eternal ??? F/A 10/21
Eoghan "Smex" O'Neill Flex Tank Eternal ??? F/A 10/21
Joon "Fielder" Kwon Flex Support Eternal ??? F/A 10/21
Philip "ChipSa" Graham Flex DPS Fusion ??? F/A 10/21
Seung-hyun "Ivy" Lee Flex DPS Fusion ??? F/A 10/21
Jun-ho "Fury" Kim Flex Tank Fusion ??? F/A 10/21
Dong-jun "Rascal" Kim Flex DPS Shock ??? F/A 10/21
Matthew "super" DeLisi Main Tank Shock ??? F/A 10/21
Grant "moth" Espe Main Support Shock ??? F/A 10/21
Minki "Viol2t" Park Flex Support Shock ??? F/A 10/21
Hyeon-woo "Toyou" Lim Flex Tank Dynasty ??? F/A 10/21
Seung-tae "Bdosin" Choi Flex Support Dynasty ??? F/A 10/21
Sung-jun "SLIME" Kim Main Support Dynasty ??? F/A 10/21
Jin-mo "tobi" Yang Main Support Dynasty ??? F/A 10/21
Jin-hyeok "DDing" Yang Flex DPS Dragons ??? F/A 10/21
Min-seong "diem" Bae Hitscan DPS Dragons ??? F/A 10/21
Weida "Diya" Lu Hitscan DPS Dragons ??? F/A 10/21
Se-yeon "Geguri" Kim Flex Tank Dragons ??? F/A 10/21
Seong-hyeon "Luffy" Yang Flex Support Dragons ??? F/A 10/21
Brady "Agilities" Girardi Flex DPS Defiant ??? F/A 10/21
Andreas "Logix" Berghmans Hitscan DPS Defiant Defiant F/A 10/21/Signed 10/23
Liam "Mangachu" Campbell Flex DPS Defiant ??? F/A 10/21
Lane "Surefour" Roberts Flex DPS Defiant ??? F/A 10/21
Thomas "zYKK" Hosono Flex DPS Defiant ??? F/A 10/21
Adam "Beast" Denton Main Tank Defiant ??? F/A 10/21
Andreas "Nevix" Karlsson Flex Tank Defiant ??? F/A 10/21
Seb "numlocked" Barton Main Tank Defiant ??? F/A 10/21
Young-seo "KariV" Park Flex Support Defiant ??? F/A 10/21
Harrison "Kruise" Pond Main Support Defiant ??? F/A 10/21
Joo-seong "RoKy" Park Main Support Defiant ??? F/A 10/21
Gui-un "Decay" Jang Flex DPS Justice Justice F/A 10/21/Signed 10/24
Chung-hee "Stitch" Lee Hitscan DPS Justice ??? F/A 10/21
Hyeon-Woo "JJANU" Choi Flex Tank Justice ??? F/A 10/21
Min-seok "AimGod" Kwon Flex Support Justice ??? F/A 10/21
Yeon-joon "ArK" Hong Main Support Justice ??? F/A 10/21
Zheng "Shy" Yangjie Hitscan DPS Bilibili Gaming Spark Signed 10/22
Chang-hoon "rOar" Gye Main Tank Justice ??? F/A 10/22
Yeong-han "SP9RK1E" Kim Flex DPS Eternal Fuel Traded 10/23
Han-been "Hanbin" Choi Flex Tank Eternal Fuel Traded 10/23
Tae-sung "Mag" Kim Main Tank Runaway Justice Signed 10/24

Coaching/Management Changes

Coach Position Old Team New Team Signing Details
David "Lilbow" Moschetto Interim HC Defiant ??? F/A 9/9
Murong "Chen" Chen HC Hunters ??? F/A 9/18
Guan "Garry" Li AC Hunters ??? F/A 9/18
Chang "Ray" Chia-Hua AC Hunters ??? F/A 9/18
Xingrui "RUI" Wang HC ??? Hunters Signed 9/18
Won-jin "Garrincha" Park AC Excelsior ??? F/A 9/19
Jake "Spackle" Connell Analyst Uprising ??? F/A 9/23
Rollon "Mini" Hamelin AC Uprising ??? F/A 9/23
Eric "Wheats" Perez AC Titans ??? F/A 9/25
Cheol-yong "Agape" Hong AC Spitfire Shock F/A 10/1/Signed 10/26
Young-bin "Twinkl" Lim AC Spitfire ??? F/A 10/1
Hyeon-sang "Pavane" Yu AC Spitfire --- F/A 10/1/Retired 10/26
Min-gyu "Vol'Jin" Kang AC Fuel ??? F/A 10/1
Hae-joon "Wiz" Lee AC Justice ??? F/A 10/2
Hyo-jin "J1N" Cho HC Charge ??? F/A 10/5
Seung-min "Tydolla" Jung AC Charge ??? F/A 10/5
Sung-woo "Sungwoo" Hong AC Charge ??? F/A 10/5
Vytis "Mineral" Lasaitis HC Uprising Uprising Transition to manager 10/5
Seung-hyun "Lori" Kim HC WGS Phoenix Uprising Signed 10/5
Rohit "CurryShot" Nathani AC Gladiators ??? F/A 10/8
Chris "Dream" Myrick AC Outlaws ??? F/A 10/14
Jae "Junkbuck" Choi AC Shock Outlaws F/A 10/15/Signed 10/15
Ho-cheol "Hocury" Lee GM Dynasty ??? F/A 10/15
Dong-eun "Hooreg" Lee AC Outlaws ??? F/A 10/16
Ji-won "Arachne" Lee AC Shock ??? F/A 10/16
Ysabel "Noukky" Müller GM Hurricane Spitfire Promoted to GM 10/16
James "Faustus" Frye AC Gladiators ??? F/A 10/16
Matt "coolmatt" Iorio GM Outlaws Outlaws Promoted to GM 10/19
Dong-gun "KDG" Kim HC Fusion Defiant F/A 10/21/Signed 10/24
Hee-won "RUSH" Yun HC Eternal Fuel Traded 10/23
Chung-hyeok "Levi" Jeong AC Eternal --- Retired 10/23
Jae-yoon "Aid" Go AC Eternal ??? F/A 10/23
Bumhoon "NineK" Kim HC Eternal Fusion Signed 10/23
Dimitri "Silence" Couturet AC Reign --- Retired 10/24
Chung-in "Mentalist" Kim AC Reign ??? F/A 10/24
Steven "Kodak" Rosenberger AC Reign ??? F/A 10/24
Cas "Casores" van Andel AC Shock Shock Promoted to AC


  • F/A = Free Agent
  • HC = Head Coach
  • AC = Assistant Coach
  • GM = General Manager
  • * = Reported

2021 Player Contract Status

OWL's Offseason Player Tracker

OWL Key Dates

  • Oct. 10, 2020: Championship match concludes 2020 season schedule.
  • Oct. 12, 2020: Teams may begin submitting player trades for League Office review. All player trades are subject to League Office approval prior to becoming effective. Teams may also begin extending or otherwise signing their current players to standard contracts.
  • Oct. 16, 2020: Deadline by which teams must exercise any options to extend existing contracts which were initially executed in 2020.
  • Oct. 23, 2020: PSAs signed using the 2020 PSA template that are not extended terminate and such Players become free agents. Players who are signed using the 2020 PSA template whose contracts extend into the 2021 Season begin receiving Base Salary at the 2021 Season rate.
  • Oct. 24, 2020: Teams may begin signing free agents to contracts for the 2021 Season.
  • Nov. 13, 2020: Deadline by which teams must exercise any team options to extend existing contracts which were initially executed in 2019.
  • Nov. 20, 2020: Players whose contracts that are not extended become free agents. Teams and players also may mutually agree to an early release from contracts prior to this date.
  • Jan. 4, 2021: Deadline for all teams to have a minimum of seven players signed to season-long contracts for the 2021 season.
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2020.10.10 20:38 princeoftheoneiroi Sandman: Homecoming - 5 - The Son of Phobetor

Below are all the published chapters of Sandman: Homecoming, for your convenience. Enjoy!
Chapter 1 - The Forgemaster's Assistant
Chapter 2 - The Shelf Cloud
Chapter 3 - The Birthday Present
Chapter 4 - The Old and the New
Chapter 5 - The Son of Phobetor
"The son of Phobetor?" I said, still trying to understand what I was hearing. "Why are you... why do I need to be ready for my cousin? Is he like... a harsh critique?"
"This isn't a game, Barnaby." I never liked when Albert called me by my full name. It seemed unfair that he even knew it without having asked first, and his tone was unwelcome as far as I was concerned. "He is a very powerful demigod. More than that, he is a deadly opponent, and unfortunately, we find ourselves opposed."
"Yes, we." Albert stood from his position on the bench he'd constructed. Sand grains shifted out of place, as if the arena was crumbling with Albert's patience. "Don't you ever get tired of asking questions? I've trained you for this moment. We're the only ones with the ability to stop Nicholas, so yes, this includes you."
"Okay," I said quickly, looking down at my feet. I hated that I had a tell for when I was intimidated. "Right, sorry." Here I was thinking Albert had an altruistic reason for training me, but really, he'd just needed another demigod to help him take down Nicholas, for whatever reason. I was too shunned to bother asking for clarification.
"Apology accepted," Albert said, and he paused then. "And I'm sorry, for not telling you of Nicholas and the dangers you faced. Since Vincent, there hasn't been another Oneiroi demigod that has been able to enter the Dreamscape. There are so few of them already, Barry. Finding you was akin to finding a needle in a haystack. I needed to make sure I didn't scare you off."
"I'm not scared of Nicholas," I lied. For some reason, having never met the guy, I knew I was lying. Just saying his name made me feel like I was having a nightmare. I'd never even had one of those before. "But... I'm a little confused. What's... wrong with him? Why are we opposed? Why haven't we seen him here before?" I paused, then continued with a question that had eluded me in my defence. "Who's Vincent?"
"Vincent was a son of Morpheus," Albert said, "the last son of Morpheus to enter the Dreamscape before you. He is your predecessor, and your bar." Albert folded his hands behind his back, looking again to his right, towards the horizon beyond the arena. "If Vincent were still with us, well, let's just say your training would have waited until Nicholas was done with."
"Thanks," I said. Albert was pretty incredible at being mean when he wanted to be.
"You have to understand," Albert continued, "as a son of Morpheus you hold a special place in the Dreamscape. Myself, Nicholas, we're two sides of a coin. You are that coin, Barry. Nightmares, surreal dreams, you're capable of it all. So was Vincent, but he died years ago. You and me, we're all that stands in the way of Nicholas' research."
"His research?" I found myself looking to the right as well. I could have sworn I saw movement, like someone ducking their head bellow the dunes. It was just my imagination. "What research?"
"Just as I draw power from the Dreamscape to manifest structures beneath our feet, Nicholas could create monstrosities and horrors like you've never seen while he was here. He thought he could do the same in the real world. Using a combination of the mist, and his abilities, he would create a living nightmare."
"The mist," I said, but I didn't need to ask a question. I knew what the mist was, and I knew using it was no easy task. I was hopeless in that matter. Jacob was pretty phenomenal at it, but that was probably thanks to his mother. I'd never heard of a Phobetor kid being able to control the mist. I continued "A living nightmare?"
"A creature made of sand and the darkness of human subconscious." Albert almost looked like he was shivering. "Nicholas got close to success, and Vincent banished him from the Dreamscape. I haven't been able to find him until recently. He is alive and well, and he's almost done his creations. Once they're finished, Barry, he'll be able to replicate any monster in size and strength. An army, completely at his control. This is why you were trained. We must stop Nicholas, and destroy his research. Only a child of the Oneiroi can defeat these nightmares."
I'd fought in a war, travelled to the gates of the Underworld, and even shifted through time, but this seemed different for some reason. There weren't countless demigods to call upon to defend against these creatures. Albert and I were it, and I was essentially fresh out of pre-school when it came to our training. I might not be enough.
"Yah, okay," I said, unsure of my answer even as I was saying it. I feared mistakes more than any monster I'd ever face, but even as I spoke it seemed I was forced to make at least one. "I'll help. Of course I'll help."
"Thank you," Albert said, and he seemed relieved at my response. He placed a hand on my shoulder, kneeling down before me. Since the last couple of months I'd hit a decent growth spurt, but Albert was still about eye level with me as he knelt. "I will report back to you soon, but I must find Nicholas' exact location. I've found him before but he's since alluded me, and tabs on his work are more important now then they've ever been. Our training will have to end here, I'm afraid. Pack your bags. We'll leave as soon as I've found him."
With his final words he vanished, his form becoming a sand structure before collapsing into the dunes below. As he left, so did the stadium he'd made. I was standing alone now, listening to the emptiness of this beautiful place.
It was colder than it was before.
I travelled through the dunes and eventually found my tent. My home away from home was as decorated and fanciful as it ever was, and as I crawled into the sheets of my bed in the center of the tent, I couldn't help but look towards the tent's entrance. It was facing the right horizon, flapping gently in the distant winds of the Dreamscape. There was no one there. I closed my eyes, and swiftly fell back to sleep, expecting to wake up in Camp Half-Blood to start my day with some luggage preparation.
Instead, I woke up on a beach in Vancouver.
It was night time, but in Vancouver you couldn't see the stars. What you could see were the waves, crashing against the sand that looked grey and desolate in the moonlight. The only sound I heard was the distant rumble of the city. I recognized Vancouver from its skyline, having grown up here, but it still felt strange being back after all this time. Why... why was I back?
It was then that I noticed another person on the beach. He wasn't as tall as Albert but he was taller than me. He wore a trench coat that looked stuffed and worn, and cargo pants filled with numerous pockets. I got the sense that he didn't have a place to put down his stuff, but I also got the sense that he wasn't just a homeless person. There was a glimmer of bronze on his chest where his shirt should have been. A breastplate. I'd seen a million of them in the Forge. His hair was long enough to drag beneath his ears, brushing against his shoulders, but he wasn't old enough for a beard. He looked maybe a few years older than I did, like a kid just down on his luck. It was hard to make out any additional features, since it was so dark. He was kneeling over a mound of sand that seemed to be moving, shifting, and pulsing with some kind of black light. It was dark, but it shimmered nonetheless, like darkness outlined in white.
"Hello, Barnaby." The older kid said, still leaning over the shifting pile of sand. "It's good to finally meet you."
"Nicholas?" I said, but I wasn't... afraid of him. He looked like any other kid I'd seen.
Nicholas stood in response, shoving his hands in his pockets. He didn't turn around. I felt my view move though, like I was leaning in, tilting my head to the side and focusing even harder on my cousin's neck. I knew I wasn't moving, but the world was moving for me, creeping further and further along the beach.
I tried to take a step back, but my footstep sounded like a building collapsing. Nicholas turned his head 180 degrees and his smile tore open his face. Where his eyes should have been where black holes, and I couldn't look at them, even though my vision kept creeping closer. Nicholas dropped on all fours, his body still contorted and backwards as he danced closer along the beach. Each time he took a step, a haunting note started playing all around us.
"Out there~" he sang, his voice multiplying like a choir of ghostly children, "there's a world outside of Yonkers~ Way out there beyond this hick town, Barnaby~" He jumped like a grasshopper along the sand, and the moon in the sky turned red. "There's a slick town, Barnaby~"
I collapsed to the floor now, desperately crawling back on the sand. I'd never felt as panicked or helpless as I did now, not even against Hades, or the Hydra, or any horror I'd seen in my time as a demigod. Against them I'd always been scared but I was in control. No matter how fast I crawled away my vision was always fixated on his jumbled, marionette form, dancing and stalking towards me. This was it, I thought to myself, I'm gonna die.
"Out there~" he continued, jumping in front of me now, his limbs elongating and splitting in threes and fours as he stood towering above me. "Full of shine and full of sparkle~ Close your eyes and see it glisten, Barnaby~"
He opened his mouth, grinning even wider as serrated rows of thousands and thousands of teeth grinned down towards me. "Listen, Barnaby~" He dove forward towards my head, ready to take a bite.
I shot up in my bed in the Oneiroi cabin, cold sweat drenching through my pajamas. My heart was racing, my hands were shaking, and I couldn't close my eyes. I jumped from my covers and stared at my bed, waiting for my vision to tilt, to focus in.
Nothing happened. It looked warm, inviting, and barren.
It was then that I realized I'd left my CD player on. Robin had made a mixtape for me, but I wasn't sure if I'd ever listen to it again. It was faint, but I heard the lyrics clear as day. "Put on your sunday clothes there's lots of world out there~" I reached over and quickly hit the pause button.
I looked around the cabin for any sign of Nicholas, but there wasn't anyone else in the cabin aside from my sister Jupiter. She wasn't having a nightmare. Morpheus children didn't have nightmares, right?
The clock in the Morpheus section of the cabin read 4:12am. I was not going back to sleep.
Thank you so much for reading!
Next Time in Sandman: Homecoming
Nicholas shows his hand. Barry makes a choice. The cousins pack their bags.
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2020.10.09 23:29 dourdan Rise of Hellion ch6: Retail Hell

Rise of Hellion ch6: Retail Hell

Rise of Hellion ch6 (Barry Pepper fanart fiction inspiration)

Faust was stalking me; he had taken me from the clinic, and put me on the roof of the building that housed the battery. I was meant to steal the battery for him and exchange it for Noah’s life. The very idea sent me into a state of panic. (That or it was the fact that I was pregnant and dehydrated. Either way my abdominal area was in horrible pain, making me want to vomit up the contents of my empty stomach.)
Thankfully I was back in the room that I shared with Tony, sporting a brand-new pair of light weight, stainless steel, aluminum-plated legs. This model was a prototype that attached to my stumps with clamps (as opposed to straps) making them harder to remove, but much less vulnerable to damage. It would take some getting used to but my strength and balance were both noticeably improved (a trait that would come in handy later.) I shifted my weight to sit cross-legged on my bed. I had been laying on my back for the past hour, with a saline IV in my arm. I was starting to feel genuinely better, and as such, I was board out of my mind. “What are you guys doing?”
Axel was using Tony’s hi-tech gaming computer. To see the older man sitting in the neon green gaming chair was kind of adorable. “I needed access to a machine with a reasonable amount of processing power,” he explained in his deep fatherly voice.
“You sure you don’t need my help?” Tony asked, periodically looking over his superior’s shoulder. “I know you’re trying to divert my gaming ram to access the exceptionally encrypted part of the TAC database.”
“Are you admitting to having accessed it in the past?” Axel asked with a chuckle, the light of the glowing screen shimmering off his dark eyes. Before Tony could answer, a red light filled the room, followed by an alarm.
I looked over, almost expecting us to be ushered out for a fire drill, but Axel was still typing. Our fearless leader seemed to know what he was doing. Soon the alarm stopped and the room was illuminated with a calming green glow. “And we are in.”
Tony looked around his mouth agape in shock and confusion. “I guess I’ve never been on the super-secret network. I mean, I’ve fucked around on the VPN to boost my data speed, but I’m pretty sure I’ve never set off a building-wide security light show.”
I couldn’t help but giggle as we locked eyes, amused at the sheer lunacy of the situation.
“Anyway,” Axel said as he cleared his throat. “As of today, there have been over three hundred individuals associated with the terrorist entity known as Faust,” he explained, reading directly from the screen.
“Why is that?” Tony asked. He appeared to be blinking rapidly, his eyes scanning the text and even moving the screen faster than Axel could keep up.
“Do you mind?” Axel removed his hand from the mouse, glancing at Tony with a look of annoyance. “We may be using your network access, but it’s still my credentials on the line.”
“Sorry.” Tony took a step back. “What exactly is Faust? Is he multiple people, an army or something else entirely?”
Axel clicked over a few pages. I couldn’t help but notice he was going in an entirely different direction; not scrolling and clicking but typing and well, for lack of a better word- hacking. “The entity known only as Faust can teleport, shape shift, traverse the dream dimension…”
I nearly choked on my own spit. “Did you say dream dimension?”
“And as such he’s been classified as a paranormal entity,” Tony added, ending his reading. He shot me a glance, as if to tell me to keep quiet on the subject of dreams.
“Paranormal entity,” Axel said with a laugh. “The science of shit we as humans were never meant to understand.”
His words drew my attention. “You mean like Area 51?” I asked, assuming he was talking about sensitive military information. Was Faust a failed military experiment?
Axel scoffed. “No, more like man-made technological breakthroughs that are an affront to God.”
“An affront to God?” His response took me by surprise.
Tony forced a chuckle. “So, you’re saying Faust is the devil?”
The sarcasm of the question was clear, but even so, I zoned out on Axel’s reply. Faust was a devil who found a way to stalk me in my dreams. To be fair I didn’t know that for a fact. the flowerchild was my imaginary friend, maybe even my conscience telling me what to do. He was the proverbial devil on my shoulder, but more importantly, he was someone I had grown to trust. (And now I had a headache.) I leaned back, resting my head on my pillow, desperately trying to coax my mind to sleep. ‘Inhale, exhale, you can do this.’ I closed my eyes, certain that Tony would wake me up for our evening workout or at least dinner. I could easily get the full story, over a meal of breakfast cereal and malt liquor (or root beer since Tony knew better than to let me drink). Part of me was hoping I could dream about that; Tony and his beautiful eyes. Everything about him was just so perfect, from his slender muscular body, to the way he smiled at me during out workouts (even when I kicked his ass.)
And then there was the way he would touch my stomach when I sat on his lap, while building my princess castle in Minecraft. He always seemed to pretend like he was just trying to guide my hand. After all, it was his computer, his network access and his copy of the game. But little by little, we would undress, flirtatiously touching each other’s bodies until Tony carried me to the bed. There we would engage in our sessions of intense passionate sex. I knew him and he knew me and together we made one complete, beautiful soul. Anyone of those memories would have made for a lovely dream. Unfortunately, it was not to be.
In my dream I was standing in an empty grocery store. The lights were on, and the shelves were filled with colorful products from my youth; cereal, candy, chips cookies and cake mix. I couldn’t help but smile. The scene was oddly quiet, as there were no customers or staff.
The signage on the wall read, ‘Trader Joe’s.’ It was a place I recognized from my childhood. Since this was my dream, I ran to the freezer section looking for the frozen treats I lived for; soy ice-cream, rolled cookie cannoli, and peppermint chocolates. As a miserable child gymnast, this was a place I always dreamed of working. I helped myself to a package of ice-cream sandwiches, tearing into the cardboard.
“Seriously?” asked a voice over the PA system. It sounded male but with the static I couldn’t be sure.
“Seriously what?” I asked with a mouthful of food.
“You’re walking around this place like a kid who just won a ticket to Willy Wonka’s candy factory.”
“So what?” I looked around for any cameras, but of course there were none. “Who are you? How are you seeing me?” I asked, taking another bite of my comforting treat.
There was no reply, only the sound of uncontrollable laughter.
“Are you Faust?”
“You think I’m Faust?” The voice laughed even harder, struggling for breath. “Why, because I can see into your dreams?”
“Yeah, I guess so.” I put down the frozen snack, no longer feeling safe in my surroundings.
The voice crackled, “You’ll just have to come on down to find out.”
“Come on down?” To Trader Joe’s? I pinched my hand with my nails. “Wake up, you need to wake up.”
Somehow, I managed to blink myself awake. Taking a thankful breath, I awoke in the darkness of my room. Why was it so dark? How long had I been asleep? Axel was long gone and Tony was asleep by my side. I gently maneuvered my way out of his arms, taking a moment to stroke his sleeping face. It had been so long since I had a real friend. Did I really have to leave the bed?
I shivered as I exited the safety and warmth. Standing on my metal legs, I had to force my brain to take one step and then another. Even still. I almost couldn’t make it all the way to Tony’s computer chair without looking back. I tried to tell myself, I needed his computer more than I needed him. But that was a total lie.
I made sure that headphones were plugged in, to avoid any bootup noise. At the main screen, I logged on as a guest, since I didn’t need a security clearance, just Google. ‘location of nearest Trader Joe’s?’ There was one in town. Since it was well after midnight, they would be closed. That was the point. I was meant to enter a well-lit empty grocery store. Now for the big question; Should I wake Tony, or should I go it alone?
The part of me that was brave (and wanted to prove to Flowerchild/Faust that I was not a pussy) knew I could easily sneak out. But with my shitty luck I would end up on a boat to Finland; I’d lose Tony. Like a little girl clinging to a stuffed animal I wanted so badly to take him with me
I’d already lost Noah; I couldn’t lose Tony.
I approached the bed, and nudged Tony’s sleeping body. He looked warm and comfortable in his sweatpants and hoodie. “Tony?”
He turned over and moaned, letting out a soft, sexy snore. I just wanted to watch him sleep. The way the light of the window caressed his skin, made him look ethereal. I shook his arm, causing yet another moan. How could one human being be so hypnotically beautiful? It took me five tries to conjure enough force to actually wake him.
“What’s up, Nicki?” Tony asked in a whisper. He was clearly tired, not even bothering to sit up.
Maybe waking him was a mistake. “This is going to sound stupid, so feel free to say no or even lock the door and write up a report on my pregnancy induced madness.”
Tony groaned, pushing himself up, to a seated position. “Just say it.”
“Will you go with me to Trader Joe’s?” I closed my eyes as I blurted out the words.
“The grocery store?” Tony asked with a yawn.
“I had a dream. I was in an empty Trader Joe’s, and the voice on the PA was making fun of me.”
There was no need to explain further. “So, you think Faust is waiting for you at Trader Joe’s?”
“Someone is,” I replied truthfully.
Tony ran his fingers through his hair, allowing him a moment of contemplation. “Well, Let’s go.”
“Let’s go? Really?” I was thankful to have an ally.
“It’s the logical course of action,” Tony explained. “You’ve been having weird dreams for days, clearly someone or something is trying to communicate.”
My mind halted. “How did you know about my dreams?” We’d talked about a good many things but I had no memory of discussing the flowerchild with him.
“You talk in your sleep.”
“Oh,” I said quickly, turning away to grab my running shoes. That was not a conversation I wanted to engage in.
We were able to leave the base without issue. Wearing our casual clothes, we looked like typical urban explorers looking for a place to crash. With Tony leading the way, we made our way to the Trader Joe’s attached to a shopping center. This was the main Vancouver location, (or at least the one closest to the base.)
Something felt wrong. “This isn’t it,” I said standing under the lights of the parking lot. “Is there another location? A freestanding one?”
“I know there’s one off the highway,” Tony replied while stretching his back. “I think it merged with this site to reduce overhead.”
“Two locations merging?” It made no sense. Trader Joe’s was a major corporation, why would they want less retail space?
“I guess it’s a foot traffic thing,” Tony responded to my rhetorical question. “If one store has more customers, they’ll have better sales, and justification for more hires.”
The mention of employees caused a light to go off in my mind. “Where would they keep the excess inventory?”
“What do you mean?”
“The inventory for two stores. Think about it, if one store had more walk in traffic it would make sense to have the maximum amount of display space.”
“While keeping the other location as a warehouse.” Tony answered so quickly it was like he could read my thoughts.
“Can you read my thoughts?”
Tony laughed. “You serious?”
“Earlier you said you knew about my dreams even though I know for a fact I’ve never mentioned any of that to you.”
Tony took a step towards me, biting his tongue with a sly, sexy grin. “Do you honestly want to know if I can read your thoughts?”
I was blushing. Even if he couldn’t read my thoughts, I sure as hell could read his. “We’ll table that question for later.”
“Fine with me, but we have a bit of a walk ahead of us. How about a game of eye spy?”
It was a thirty-minute walk to the freestanding location off the highway. The lights were on, clearly the location was staffed. Traveling in the shadows, we made our way to the building.
“Did you bring a weapon?” I asked Tony, nervously. Amidst the excitement of literally following my dreams, I’d forgotten my knife. We were well trained in hand to hand combat, but not, two vs a hundred without a weapon level of mastery (or at least I wasn’t.)
Tony stood strong, his back pressed against the wall as we made a turn. “I am a weapon.”
“Did you seriously just say that?” I giggled.
We went to the loading dock. There was a window peering into the stockroom, and or sales floor. The space was set up like an actual store. There were actual shelves with product in plain view. “Someone’s heading to the door,” I said quickly darting to the area under the ramp. Sure enough the gate started to rise. A man in a black grocery store uniform walked out with a bag of trash, heading to the nearest dumpster. Fortunately for me, and Tony, the nearest dumpster was well across the parking lot, allowing us ample time to sneak past the door. Inside the store was fully lit, just like in my dream.
I walked further, until I saw the exact set from my dreams. “This is it.”
The PA system screeched to life. “G’day Miss Hellion, I see you’ve brought a friend.” The voice had a clearly Caribbean accent. “You really shouldn’t have.”
“Baron?” I was so overjoyed to hear his voice, I mentally blocked out the last part of his sentence.
The lights flickered, once then twice followed by a bright green laser blast that looked like something out of Star Wars. Tony easily dodged the shot, but I could see by the burn left behind on the wall, he was the intended target and the impact would have incinerated him.
“Oh, you like special effects?” Tony said with a laugh. “Because I’ve got some of my own.”
I watched as Tony took a step back, disappearing into the shadows. “Tony?” He was completely gone. “Where are you?”
The walls started to rattle. The sound was like an earthquake, without the ground motion. We’re they fighting inside the walls?
No. As the shadows started to warp, moving on their own, it was clear they were in some kind of pocket dimension, accessible only through the walls of the Trader Joe’s warehouse.
Baron appeared, flying with the use of new, rocket powered anti-gravity boots. He body slammed Tony back in to the wall-shadow-portal disappearing like a waterfowl diving for a fish.
All around me I could hear footsteps. That was when I realized, other than the man taking out the trash, I had not seen any other employees. Suddenly dozens of grocery employees wearing aprons and surgical masks appeared from the shadows. “Let’s move!” shouted an unseen male voice. “This is what we’ve been training for.”
I watched from a safe distance, as they started to lace a metallic gold rope through the shadows. The thick thread cut in and out of reality, creating a massive net over the surface of the store.
“This is some Twilight Zone shit.” I ducked, crawling on my stomach to a well-lit corner. Although I was out of reach I could tell when the ropes were in place because all sound stopped; no talking, footsteps, just waiting. I knew I was holding my breath, but I had no idea why. Was I afraid for myself, my baby? Or the fact that two of my most trusted friends were fighting (possibly killing each other) in the shadow dimension.
Suddenly Baron crashed through the ceiling, power driving Tony straight towards the rope spider web. “This is my domain, robot boy!”
Tony struggled to his feet, gripping blindly at his surroundings. When his hand touched the rope, Tony released a massive energy blast that seemed to knock out every worker who had been touching the cursed trap. “You may be out here playing supervillain with whatever second tier equipment Feng could steal from TAC.” Tony paused to crack his neck like a warrior stepping in to battle. “But I’m the real deal.”
Baron took to the sky. Somehow the rocket component of his boots nullified the paralyzing effects of Tony’s attack, allowing a few of the workers to awaken. Tony fought off the first two but the next three managed to secure the rope around his chest.
Tony wasn’t done. From a near sitting position, Tony jumped. Although he was unable to break the rope, he was able to grab hold of Baron, pulling him to the ground with a surprising amount of strength. The force of the impact left a hole in the floor.
“Oh, God.” One of my friends was going to die, while I was hiding like a little bitch. “No, Hellion, this is not ok.” I needed to show my face. Maybe, just maybe I could stop this once and for all. “Hey! I shouted. My voice echoed and for a moment the world froze.
Tony fell to his knees, allowing himself to be restrained by the rope wielding retail soldiers. “I surrender! Let the girl go!”
Baron took full advantage, pressing his massive weapon to Tony’s back. “The girl? Is that truly all she is to you and your superiors?” He chuckled and smacked Tony across the back of the head. “I’d never hurt my baby sister, right Nicki?” Baron tossed his hair like a supermodel surfer, before winking in my direction. “As far as I’m concerned this is more of a rescue mission.”
Tony gripped his arm, flinching in pain. “What is he talking about, Nicki?”
“I, um…” There was nothing I could say. I never told Tony that two of the worst criminals in the world (three including Nash, the robot) offered to take me under their wing.
Tony looked at me with sadness and disappointment. I imagined there were hundreds of words he wanted to say. Maybe he would have asked me to explain myself. Perhaps he might have figured out that the baby growing inside me was not his.
Baron laughed. “Nicki is my warrior blood, right love?” My old friend smiled, reaching out his hand.
I nodded, taking a step forward. “Do you know what happened to Noah?”
“Noah…” Baron was still grinning, but with a noticeable look of fear in his eyes.
“Have you seen him?” I swallowed hard, resisting the urge to cry. “Did you see what Feng did to him?” I wanted him to say that Noah could be saved.
Baron glanced nervously at his small army. “We need the battery; I know you’ve seen it.”
“I can’t take you to the battery.”
“You can’t or you won’t?” Baron tilted his head, with a menacing glare.
I glanced at Tony for a hint of guidance. We had only a fraction of a second of communication, and at our current distance I would be making a lot of assumptions.
From what I could tell he nodded, and darted his eyes in the direction of Baron’s weapon.
“I can’t,” I said, with as much confidence as I could muster, “but you’re right I have seen where they’re keeping it. The room is heavily guarded and monitored by hundreds of cameras, but worst of all there are multiple entrances, making it all but impossible to evade the security detail.” I looked at Baron, trying to judge his response. “I want to give it to you, I really do, but I’d never make it off the base alive.”
Baron paused, biting his lip in deep thought. “Well, I can’t go back to the anime twins without the battery, so I guess I’ll just have to go with you.” Without a second glance he fired three rounds in to Tony’s back.
It was all I could do not to scream. I shut my eyes, desperately trying to picture that night back in Russia; drinking, laughing. We were a team, friends. I felt love, trust. I wanted to see that person, but all I could see was the monster who just shot my lover, roommate and current best friend.
Time stood still as Baron reached for Tony’s body. I assumed he was going to take Tony’s TAC ID. In the right lighting Baron could pass for Tony, especially with all the robotic augmentation.
I felt a single tear roll down my cheek. “Don’t you dare touch him!” I said in an angry whisper.
“What did you just say?” Baron paused just long enough to lower his weapon. “Do you even care about us at all? Do you even know where Anya is? Do you even give a shit?”
Before I could respond, Tony sprang back to life. He had been faced down on the floor, but somehow, he rose up like a vampire-zombie high on steroid laced PCP. Within a few seconds I solved the mystery, kind of. He was drawing in power from everything around him; the electricity of the building, the life force of Baron’s retail army. Body after body was falling, convulsing, and there was the real possibility something had snapped in Tony’s lab-made superhero brain.
I ran for my life, hiding in the dumpster (across the parking lot) as all hell broke loose. I pulled my prosthetic legs to my chest, rocking like a scared child as I covered my ears. All around me I could hear screams, explosions. Thankfully, the dumpster remained in place, held down by the massive weight of the thick metal floor. The lid was getting warm and I could actually see orange flames. “Shit.”
Moving around the trash bags, I found a comfortable place to sleep. I was able to breathe without choking on smoke (even though the small metal room reeked of rotting, expired food) and eventually I must have fallen asleep. I awoke to a knock or rather a banging.
“Nicki? You in there?” Tony’s voice sounded calm, or at least human.
“I’m here.” I started to craw to the surface. Part of me was expecting to see the sunrise or maybe even a blue sky. But no, I was still in Hell.
Tony reached for my arm. “Too bad we won’t be able to collect any evidence,” he said calmly.
I allowed him to grab both my hands, assuming he would pull me to the surface. He picked me up, carrying me like a bride. We turned away from the still burning hell scape, but I couldn’t help but look. “Come on, Nicki, we need to get out of here,” Tony said calmly, patting my shoulder.
I nodded silently. He wasn’t wrong; that was what we needed to do. Even if it wasn’t what I wanted. Where was Anya? Where was Noah? And was Baron still alive? I had to know.

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2020.10.09 14:19 HGProductions00 Should you buy? [Anniversary Tour Week 1 Packs Evaluation]

Hello friends! Welcome to my 'should you buy' post, where I'll be doing an evaluation of the purchasable banners in the first week of the Anniversary Tour. A final decision will be made at the end of the post, deciding whether they are worth it or not.
This is dedicated to players who are not completely F2P. This is also my opinion and yours' may vary. Some people may think these prices are overly expensive and I agree with that. Some people like spending on this game though (I agree I purchase some banners sometimes) and please understand that. Buying content like this also helps keep the game running.
Another thing I like to mention, if you really like the character / kart / glider and I say they're not worth it, go ahead and buy them! I'm the type that would rather have a character that I love rather than one that is good.
Final thing, it's good to note that if you are planning on purchasing rubies, get a pack that has rubies instead. It is way more worth it over a standard ruby pack.

These links may be useful:
Drivers Tier List –
Karts Tier List –
Gliders Tier List –

Ranked Cups
The current ranked cup for this week is the Bowser cup, which includes New York Minute 3, Paris Promenade, and Bowser’s Castle 1T.
The second ranked cup is likely to be the Mario cup, due to the map selection and the fact it’s Mario and Bowser for anniversary. It makes more sense than the Lakitu cup (3rd cup along), as Lakitu doesn’t have London Loop in ranked, and we can’t leave the Londeners out. The Mario cup features Vancouver Velocity R, London Loop R, and New York Minute 3RT.

Available Packs
So the packs for this week include: Gilded King Pack and Dragon Wings Pack.

Gilded King Pack Evaluation
The Gilded King Pack is the £19.99 pack and includes: Gilded King (High-End kart), 45 rubies, and 1 kart point boost ticket. The Gilded King is new this tour, so it will be quite hard to evaluate. Its special skill is Dash Panel Plus, which isn’t really one of the best. It has six maps to start with, three of these being city ones though. Not amazing value but not awful, considering there are two normal maps here. This will of course get buffed over the next few tours though.
For the Bowser ranked cup, it is available top shelf in New York Minute 3 along with Gold Egg, Yellow Taxi, DK Maximum, Cheermellow, and Kabuki Dasher. These are fairly rare items. The Kabuki Dasher and Yellow Taxi are available as non-spotlights in the weekly pipes this tour. The Gold Egg will be available in the special pipe of this tour. It was also available in a pretty popular pipe many tours ago, so you may already have it. Overall though, you will probably need this here unless you are planning on pulling the special pipe.
For the Mario ranked cup, it is available top shelf in London Loop R along with Double-Decker, Swift Jack, Green Circuit, Festival Girl, and Tea Coupe. The Tea Coupe is a Super but you probably don’t have it as it’s not in the pipe rotation. You may have purchased the Green Circuit pack last tour, so you may have that to use now. The Double-Decker and Swift Jack are available as non-spotlights in the weekly pipes this tour. The Double-Decker was also a Gold Pass gift in the Baby Rosalina Tour, so you’ll have that if you’ve been a Gold Pass user since then. You probably don’t need this kart too much here.
So overall, it’s fairly worth it but hard to tell as it’s new. There’s just no way to know what Nintendo will do with these new items. New items get amazing buffs most of the time though so wouldn’t be surprised if it rises to top tiers even with a crappy skill.

Dragon Wings Pack Evaluation
The Dragon Wings Pack is the £38.99 pack and includes Bowser (Super driver), Dragon Wings (High-End glider), and 90 rubies. A High-End paired with a Super in a £38.99 pack, not the best to be honest as we’ve had double High-Ends in the past. Not only that but it’s Bowser who is available in the Daily Selects, not even rare at all. He may be one of the best Supers but he’s not worth it here.
As for the Dragon Wings, it’s not a very common glider. It appeared on a purchasable banner in its debut in the Jungle Tour, then appeared in a special pipe in the Wild West Tour. You probably don’t have it yet. Its special item is Green Shell, which is pure garbage. You never want that on a glider really. However, item doesn’t mean everything. Looking at my old tier list (as I haven’t updated the gliders one quite yet), it ranks as the 6th best glider in the game. This being for Highest Point Potential of course, most of you who buy banners will likely be using that tier list more. So it’s definitely a great glider to invest into.
For the Bowser ranked cup, it is available top shelf in New York Minute 3 along with Fare Flier, Full Flight, and Gold Crane. Some pretty rare gliders indeed. The Fare Flier and Full Flight are available in the weekly pipes this tour as non-spotlights. The Gold Crane is available in the special pipe this tour, so you may get that through there. Other than that, you may need this glider here.
For the Mario ranked cup, it is available top shelf in London Loop R along with BaNaNa Parafoil, Plaid Ribbon, Soaring Jack, and Luma Parafoil. If you are reading this, you will very likely have the BaNaNa Parafoil by now, and it also has the superior item. You won’t need the Dragon Wings for this one.
So overall, I don’t think it’s worth it. As with most £38.99 packs, a High-End paired with a Super (especially a shop Super), is neve really worth it. The Dragon Wings is great in all but I don’t think it can carry the pack. Plus it isn’t even useful in the second ranked cup.

Should you get the Gold Pass?
The Gold Pass costs £4.99 and you can activate a free trial across two tours.
One thing some people get confused about within this evaluation is when I say the Gold Pass isn’t worth it. I personally and many others think the Gold Pass is always worth it, but this particular evaluation compares the rewards of this Gold Pass to previous rewards to find whether it’s worth it.
I won’t be going over the ruby count, ticket count, or coin count that the Gold Pass offers as this seems to be the same every tour and you can view those yourselves through the gift boxes. The Gold Pass items in this tour include: Birthday Girl Daisy, Daisy, Soda Jet, Rosalina, and Goomba Hanafuda. Five items is pretty good considering we usually get 4.
First of all I don’t think Daisy and Soda Jet are worth it. They are Supers that can appear in the shop, and they are not some of the best. Birthday Girl Daisy is a Gold Pass exclusive Super kart. It has only ever appeared once as a Gold Pass gift in the Flower Tour. So here is your chance to get it! It isn’t all that great though, below average in fact. But I think it’s worth it just to have a new item exclusive to Gold Pass.
Next is Rosalina, she can appear in the shop for a higher price and is available in every pipe. Some of you may not have her yet though, but most of you will by now. She is decent, above average for a Super. Not sure if she is really worth it here though. I would say maybe, it depends if you already have her or not and what level she is at currently.
Lastly is the new Goomba Hanafuda. As always with Hanafudas, it is worth it. It’s a glider exclusive to Gold Pass users, and who knows when it will return if it ever does. None of the hanafudas have returned yet since their debut.
So that’s 2/5 items that are worth it, maybe 3/5. This is a tricky one but I’d probably say go for it! They are all Supers after all, so that’s like having 4 Super tickets. And that Hanafuda makes it worth it.

So to sum up the packs:
- Gilded King Pack– Probably worth it.
- Dragon Wings Pack – Not worth it.
- Gold Pass – Worth it for the Hanafuda.

Hopefully you liked this evaluation and let me know if you are going to buy any of these packs!
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2020.10.09 14:18 pastenague [OC] I calculated the most common first and last names of all players in the history of nearly 600 clubs around the world. Here are the results!

Link to Spreadsheet: Most Common First + Last Names for Players of 579 Clubs


Back in September 2019, I had a random idea about figuring out the most common player names for a given club. During the lockdown, I had some time to make that idea a reality. I used Wikipedia's API (through the WikipediR R package) to extract the names of every player with a Wikipedia page that belonged to the category "X football players" or "X footballers" for a given club X. I did this extraction back in September 2019, so all this data is only accurate as of September 2019 and does not account for any transfers since then. I compiled the list of players for every club, and then used the humaniformat R package to "intelligently" split every player name into first and last names. Finally, I calculated the modes among the lists of first and last names of the players for each club. I have posted the code in a Github repository in case anyone is interested.
The following tables encompass as many teams from as many countries/leagues as I could fit with a reasonable length in this post. The full list is available in the Google Sheets spreadsheet listed at the top of this post. I encourage anyone whose club is not listed in this post to peruse through that spreadsheet, as you will hopefully find it there. The entire list encompasses each of the countries below, as well as some others (including China, Japan, and some Scandinavian countries), for a total of 579 clubs across the top or top two divisions of 26 countries (England + Wales includes League One and League Two teams as well). Also, the full list for some countries is posted on subreddits pertaining to their leagues, and the separate discussions on those subreddits have been linked.
I apologize if the names of any club are listed incorrectly - I had to do some processing to condense their names from the "official" name (which the Wikipedia pages are often named for) to their common names. Enjoy!
Note: "X" represents a case in which there were more than 3 names that were all tied for being the most common for their club.

England + Wales

Club First Name Last Name Name
Liverpool John (54) Jones (16) John Jones
Manchester City David (27) Smith (9) David Smith
Leicester City John (25) Smith (12) John Smith
Crystal Palace John (31) Smith, Taylor (9) John Smith-Taylor
Arsenal John (32) Jones (6) John Jones
Everton John (43) Jones (13) John Jones
West Ham United George (30) X George X
Manchester United John (53) Jones, Williams (11) John Jones-Williams
Tottenham Hotspur John (38) Smith (13) John Smith
Sheffield United John (41) Smith (14) John Smith
Chelsea John (28) Smith (12) John Smith
Burnley John (42) Smith (17) John Smith
Southampton George (40) Brown (11) George Brown
Newcastle United John (44) Smith (10) John Smith
Bournemouth John (27) Smith (10) John Smith
Brighton & Hove Albion Jack (33) Smith (13) Jack Smith
Wolverhampton Wanderers George (34) Jones (10) George Jones
Aston Villa John (36) Evans, Williams (8) John Evans-Williams
Norwich City John (26) Smith (12) John Smith
Watford Jimmy (24) Smith (10) Jimmy Smith
Barnsley John (38) Smith (11) John Smith
Birmingham City Jack (35) Smith (16) Jack Smith
Blackburn Rovers John (41) Jones, Taylor (8) John Jones-Taylor
Brentford John (48) Smith (17) John Smith
Bristol City John (26) Williams (12) John Williams
Cardiff City John (28) Jones (18) John Jones
Charlton Athletic John (29) Smith (8) John Smith
Derby County John (34) Smith (11) John Smith
Fulham John (28) Brown (13) John Brown
Huddersfield Town Paul (28) Smith (18) Paul Smith
Hull City George (25) Smith (10) George Smith
Leeds United David, John (25) Smith (10) David-John Smith
Luton Town John (28) Brown (8) John Brown
Middlesbrough John (25) Smith (9) John Smith
Millwall John (34) Smith (14) John Smith
Nottingham Forest John (37) Brown, Jones, Smith (8) John Brown-Jones-Smith
Preston North End John (38) Brown, Smith (11) John Brown-Smith
Queens Park Rangers John (25) Smith (11) John Smith
Reading John (23) Smith (9) John Smith
Sheffield Wednesday John (25) Jones (10) John Jones
Stoke City John (58) Smith (17) John Smith
Swansea City John (24) Jones (18) John Jones
West Bromwich Albion George (27) Jones (11) George Jones
Wigan Athletic John (27) Roberts, Taylor (5) John Roberts-Taylor
Full List (including League 1 and League 2) & Discussion on /Championship


Club First Name Last Name Name
RB Leipzig X Müller (3) X Müller
FC Bayern Munich Hans, Thomas (9) Müller (3) Hans-Thomas Müller
VfL Wolfsburg Thomas (7) Madsen (3) Thomas Madsen
Bayer 04 Leverkusen Markus (7) X Markus X
Borussia Dortmund Thomas (7) Schmidt, Schneider (3) Thomas Schmidt-Schneider
SC Freiburg Michael (8) X Michael X
Eintracht Frankfurt Thomas (11) Lindner, Schmitt (3) Thomas Lindner-Schmitt
Borussia Mönchengladbach Michael (10) Schulz (3) Michael Schulz
TSG 1899 Hoffenheim Kevin, Andreas (5) Haas (4) Kevin-Andreas Haas
FC Schalke 04 Michael (10) X Michael X
1 FC Union Berlin Daniel (7) X Daniel X
Fortuna Düsseldorf Thomas, Christian, Michael (7) X Thomas-Christian-Michael X
SV Werder Bremen Frank (6) Schmidt (3) Frank Schmidt
1 FC Köln X Müller, Rahn, Schmitz (3) X Müller-Rahn-Schmitz
SC Paderborn 07 Sebastian (8) Brinkmann (2) Sebastian Brinkmann
FC Augsburg Michael (9) Müller (4) Michael Müller
Hertha BSC Christian (8) Müller (5) Christian Müller
1 FSV Mainz 05 Christian (5) Müller (4) Christian Müller
Full List (including 2. Bundesliga) & Discussion on /Bundesliga


Club First Name Last Name Name
Amiens SC Fabrice (6) Traoré (3) Fabrice Traoré
Angers SCO Stephane (7) Traoré (3) Stephane Traoré
FC Girondins de Bordeaux Andre (7) Santos (3) Andre Santos
Dijon Florent, Frédéric, Benjamin (4) Martin (3) Florent-Frédéric-Benjamin Martin
Lille OSC Jean, Philippe (6) X Jean-Philippe X
Olympique Lyonnais Eric (7) Kone, Mendes (3) Eric Kone-Mendes
Olympique de Marseille Laurent (8) Pérez, Camara, NDiaye (3) Laurent Pérez-Camara-NDiaye
FC Metz Philippe (8) NDiaye, Traoré (4) Philippe NDiaye-Traoré
AS Monaco Eric, Sébastien, Nicolas (7) Traoré (5) Eric-Sébastien-Nicolas Traoré
Montpellier HSC Nicolas (6) Passi (3) Nicolas Passi
FC Nantes Nicolas (6) Touré (5) Nicolas Touré
OGC Nice Anthony (7) Traoré (3) Anthony Traoré
Nîmes Olympique X X X X
Paris Saint-Germain Stephane (7) Traoré (3) Stephane Traoré
Stade de Reims Thomas (6) Fontaine, Sinibaldi (3) Thomas Fontaine-Sinibaldi
Stade Rennais Olivier, Stephane (7) Diallo, Diarra, Traoré (3) Olivier-Stephane Diallo-Diarra-Traoré
AS Saint-Étienne Laurent (7) Camara (3) Laurent Camara
Strasbourg Stephane, David (7) Santos (3) Stephane-David Santos
Toulouse Christophe, Mathieu (6) X Christophe-Mathieu X
Full List (including Ligue 2) & Discussion on /Ligue1


Club First Name Last Name Name
Atalanta BC Andrea, Giuseppe (14) X Andrea-Giuseppe X
Bologna FC 1909 Andrea (15) Ferrari (4) Andrea Ferrari
Brescia Andrea, Luca (14) Ferrari, Romano (3) Andrea-Luca Ferrari-Romano
Cagliari Marco (15) X Marco X
ACF Fiorentina Giuseppe, Marco (13) Manfredini, Orlando, Rizzo (3) Giuseppe-Marco Manfredini-Orlando-Rizzo
Genoa Francesco (18) X Francesco X
Hellas Verona Marco (17) Ferrari (4) Marco Ferrari
Inter Milan Giuseppe (25) Colombo, Sala (4) Giuseppe Colombo-Sala
Juventus Giuseppe (18) Rossi (5) Giuseppe Rossi
SS Lazio Roberto (14) X Roberto X
US Lecce Giuseppe (14) Di Chiara, Petrachi (3) Giuseppe Di Chiara-Petrachi
AC Milan Marco (19) X Marco X
SSC Napoli Roberto (14) Esposito, Ferrara, Fontana (3) Roberto Esposito-Ferrara-Fontana
Parma Calcio 1913 Marco, Alessandro (19) Ferrari (4) Marco-Alessandro Ferrari
AS Roma Marco, Paolo (16) Conti, Ferrari (4) Marco-Paolo Conti-Ferrari
Sampdoria Andrea (17) Ferrari (4) Andrea Ferrari
SPAL Marco (12) Vecchi (3) Marco Vecchi
Torino Alessandro, Giuseppe (16) Benedetti, López, Romano (3) Alessandro-Giuseppe Benedetti-López-Romano
Udinese Antonio, Marco (10) Santos (5) Antonio-Marco Santos


Club First Name Last Name Name
Atlético Madrid José (24) López, Diaz, Rodríguez (5) José López-Diaz-Rodríguez
Athletic Bilbao José (25) García (7) José García
Sevilla José (18) Silva, López (4) José Silva-López
Levante UD José (20) Rodríguez (5) José Rodríguez
Real Madrid José (28) Fernández (7) José Fernández
CA Osasuna Javier, José (11) García (12) Javier-José García
Deportivo Alavés Sergio (9) García (7) Sergio García
FC Barcelona José (18) García (8) José García
Granada Antonio (12) Pérez (5) Antonio Pérez
Valencia José (15) Navarro (5) José Navarro
Real Valladolid José (24) Fernández, García (6) José Fernández-García
Celta de Vigo José (13) Fernández (6) José Fernández
Real Sociedad José (16) Alonso (4) José Alonso
RCD Mallorca Juan (12) López (7) Juan López
Real Betis José (16) Fernández, Rodríguez, García (5) José Fernández-Rodríguez-García
Villarreal Javier (13) González (5) Javier González
Getafe David (10) Diaz (5) David Diaz
Eibar José (19) García (7) José García
RCD Espanyol José (23) López (7) José López
Leganés Carlos (9) García (6) Carlos García


Club First Name Last Name Name
SL Benfica José (28) Pereira, Silva (10) José Pereira-Silva
SC Braga João (15) Silva, Santos (9) João Silva-Santos
FC Porto Carlos, Antonio (13) Pereira (13) Carlos-Antonio Pereira
Sporting CP X Tavares (2) X Tavares
Full List & Discussion on /PrimeiraLiga


Club Mode_First_Name Mode_Last_Name Mode_Name
FC Spartak Moscow Aleksandr (48) Ivanov (5) Aleksandr Ivanov
FC Lokomotiv Moscow Aleksandr (45) Kuznetsov (5) Aleksandr Kuznetsov
FC Zenit Saint Petersburg Sergei (20) Ivanov (6) Sergei Ivanov
PFC CSKA Moscow Sergei (33) Ivanov, Kuznetsov (4) Sergei Ivanov-Kuznetsov
Full List & Discussion on /RussianFootball


Club First Name Last Name Name
Ajax Wim, Jan (12) Keizer (4) Wim-Jan Keizer
PSV Eindhoven Jan (9) de Jong (5) Jan de Jong
Feyenoord Jan, Henk, John (7) X Jan-Henk-John X
Full List & Discussion on /Eredivisie


Club First Name Last Name Name
Fenerbahçe SK Mehmet (9) Simsek (3) Mehmet Simsek
Trabzonspor X Demir, Yılmaz (4) X Demir-Yılmaz
Beşiktaş JK Ali, Gökhan (7) Özkan (3) Ali-Gökhan Özkan
Galatasaray SK Emre (9) Erdem (4) Emre Erdem


Club First Name Last Name Name
Celtic John (53) Miller (7) John Miller
Rangers John (45) Ferguson (10) John Ferguson
Full List & Discussion on /ScottishFootball

United States + Canada

Club First Name Last Name Name
Los Angeles FC Carlos, Diego (2) Pérez (3) Carlos-Diego Pérez
Philadelphia Union Chris, Brian (5) Jones (3) Chris-Brian Jones
New York City X Mendoza (2) X Mendoza
Atlanta United George, Andrew, Chris (2) Martínez (2) George-Andrew-Chris Martínez
Seattle Sounders Michael (3) X Michael X
Minnesota United Thomas, Sam, Kevin (2) Ibarra (2) Thomas-Sam-Kevin Ibarra
San Jose Earthquakes Chris (7) X Chris X
Real Salt Lake Chris (8) Johnson, Martínez (3) Chris Johnson-Martínez
FC Dallas X Rodríguez (5) X Rodríguez
LA Galaxy David, Brian (7) González (4) David-Brian González
DC United Chris (8) Carroll (3) Chris Carroll
New York Red Bulls Chris, Mike (9) Álvarez, Hernández, Lewis (3) Chris-Mike Álvarez-Hernández-Lewis
Portland Timbers X Johnson (3) X Johnson
New England Revolution José (7) Brown, Smith (3) José Brown-Smith
Toronto Nick (5) X Nick X
Montreal Impact Eric (3) Choinière, González (2) Eric Choinière-González
Sporting Kansas City Matt, Chris, Kevin (6) X Matt-Chris-Kevin X
Orlando City SC X García, Sané (2) X García-Sané
Chicago Fire David (9) Johnson (5) David Johnson
Houston Dynamo Eric, Chris (4) Brown (3) Eric-Chris Brown
Columbus Crew SC Chris, Brian, Matt (7) Williams (5) Chris-Brian-Matt Williams
Colorado Rapids Chris, Matt (8) Brown (4) Chris-Matt Brown
Vancouver Whitecaps Michael, David (3) Davies (2) Michael-David Davies
FC Cincinnati X Walker (2) X Walker
Discussion on /MLS


Club First Name Last Name Name
Flamengo Rodrigo (12) da Silva (21) Rodrigo da Silva
Santos Paulo (12) Santos (21) Paulo Santos
Corinthians Fabio (10) Santos (17) Fabio Santos
São Paulo José (14) da Silva (17) José da Silva
Palmeiras José (15) da Silva (23) José da Silva
Internacional Marcelo (12) da Silva (24) Marcelo da Silva
Grêmio Paulo (14) da Silva, Santos (18) Paulo da Silva-Santos
CR Vasco da Gama Paulo (14) da Silva (19) Paulo da Silva
Cruzeiro Rafael, José (10) Santos (17) Rafael-José Santos
Fluminense Carlos (10) Santos (17) Carlos Santos
Full List & Discussion on /Futebol


Club First Name Last Name Name
Standard Liège Jonathan (7) Santos (3) Jonathan Santos
Club Brugge Ivan (5) X Ivan X
KAA Gent Thomas (5) NDiaye (3) Thomas NDiaye
KRC Genk Marco, Kevin, Igor (3) Gudjonsson, Peeters (3) Marco-Kevin-Igor Gudjonsson-Peeters
Royal Antwerp Kevin (5) X Kevin X
RSC Anderlecht Jan (7) Martens (3) Jan Martens
Cercle Brugge Kevin, Olivier (4) X Kevin-Olivier X


Club First Name Last Name Name
BSC Young Boys Alain, Marco, Martin (4) Burki, Sutter (3) Alain-Marco-Martin Burki-Sutter
FC Basel Marco, Walter (8) Ajeti, Boumelaha, Rahmen (3) Marco-Walter Ajeti-Boumelaha-Rahmen


Club First Name Last Name Name
PAOK Dimitris (15) X Dimitris X
Olympiacos Giorgos (12) Papadopoulos (5) Giorgos Papadopoulos
AEK Athens Christos (12) Vlachos (4) Christos Vlachos
Panathinaikos Nikos (17) X Nikos X


Club First Name Last Name Name
San Lorenzo José (20) González (6) José González
Boca Juniors Juan (26) González (7) Juan González
Newell's Old Boys Juan (19) Rodríguez (6) Juan Rodríguez
Rosario Central José (19) González (10) José González
River Plate Juan (33) Fernández, Martínez (8) Juan Fernández-Martínez
Estudiantes de La Plata Juan (26) Fernández, González (7) Juan Fernández-González
Atlético Independiente Carlos (19) Martínez, Rodríguez (6) Carlos Martínez-Rodríguez
Racing Club de Avellaneda Juan (23) González (6) Juan González


Club First Name Last Name Name
América Carlos, Luis (13) Sánchez (9) Carlos-Luis Sánchez
Tigres UANL Carlos (10) Hernández (6) Carlos Hernández
Monterrey Juan (11) X Juan X
Cruz Azul Carlos (15) Gutiérrez (6) Carlos Gutiérrez
Guadalajara José (16) X José X
Pumas UNAM José, Luis (8) López, Castro, Ramírez (5) José-Luis López-Castro-Ramírez
Full List & Discussion on /LigaMX


  • With 60 Johns, Sunderland are officially the club with the most Johns in the world, beating Stoke City (58), Liverpool (54), and Manchester United and Port Vale (53) to claim the title.
  • With 33 Juans, River Plate are officially the club with the most Juans in the world.
  • Port Vale are officially the Smithiest club in the world, with 23 men of that name having played for the club. The Jonesiest club in the world are Crewe Alexandra, with 20 Joneses.
  • Huddersfield Town are the only Paul club in the top two English divisions.
  • It's only fitting that the most common name in Bayern Munich's history is (Hans-)Thomas Müller. However, the club with the most Müllers in the top two German divisions is actually Dynamo Dresden (7) - and their most common name is also Thomas Müller!
  • Most of the most common French surnames are of African origin - particularly Traoré, Touré, and Camara. A more surprising one is Santos, which is the most common surname of Bordeaux and Strasbourg.
  • Though their fans probably winced at the name, Giuseppe Rossi turns out to be the most common set of names in Juventus's history.
  • Italian and German clubs seem to be (perhaps surprisingly) quite heterogeneous in terms of footballing names, with numbers of last name duplicates not exceeding 5 - an extremely low number compared to those of England and even Spain.
  • Brazil is filled with Santoses and da Silvas. All 21 Brazilian clubs analysed had one of those two surnames as their most common surnames.
Thank you for reading. Please feel free to correct any mistakes I made. I hope you found this interesting.
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2020.10.07 17:31 Mark-Leyner Susan Strehle's "Fiction in the Quantum Universe" (1992) and William Gaddis - Part 3

Part 1
Part 2
Clinging to the Material World
Strehle argues that at first, JR appears static because most characters do not undergo transformations and they are fixated on cultivating “the stasis of objects”. They find change or the suggestion of change repulsive and flee – although of course they do change: clothes, jobs, partners and they age, get sick, experience accidents, and die. The novel’s starting point is the word, money. It nearly ends with, “. . . why can’t people just shut up and do what they’re paid for!”. In between, most of the novel’s schemes are concerned with stealing, earning, investing, controlling, winning, spending, borrowing, and attempting to collect as much money as possible. The novel’s titular character, JR, for instance, creates a business empire and the attendant wealth, but he never bothers to buy new sneakers or even replace his filthy handkerchief.
Most of the other characters do exchange money for things – most often, mechanical things. They are meant to be status symbols but often, they work poorly or destructively, i.e. – the mechanical letter opener that tears mail to pieces rather than simply effortlessly opening it. In fact, most of the collective impulses are thwarted by destruction, objects are lost, broken, or rendered worthless. Thus, Gaddis repudiates the hoarding impulse of his characters who seek to define meaning through collections of objects. Although many characters display thrift and repair or protect various objects, Strehle argues that their actions are not redemptive and are driven by a sense of responsibility to the material world – a veneration for things that leads to the decadent materialism derided throughout the text. Ultimately, she argues that these redemptive actions are often undone, things fall apart, and that this demonstrates the folly expending energy to serve matter, rather than to create value. The argument is summed up in the following passage,
“Gaddis’s characters end by imitating the things they value, as if identity were material. Not only do they cultivate a sense of self in and through their clothes, rings, cars, and other goods, but they also aspire to the “thingly” status of these goods. In a seedy automat, J R and the young Hyde admire a woman who performs with mechanical efficiency (113); Donny DiCephalis wraps himself in cords and plugs into outlets throughout the novel (56). A shift from himness to itness occupies John Cates, who, like Pynchon’s lady V., undergoes a series of bodily transplants. His companion Zona Selk considers having Cates declared nonexistent. “He’s nobody, he’s a lot of old parts stuck together he doesn’t even exist he started losing things eighty years ago [. . .] now look at him, he’s listening through somebody else’s inner ears those corneal transplants God knows whose eyes he’s looking through, windup toy with a tin heart” (708). The pursuit of mechanical thinghood is really a pursuit of immortality; while Cates implants a “tin heart”, other characters emulate automata in a futile effort to evade time: their repetitions of words, phrases, conversations, gestures, and actions suggest the automatic responses of atemporal machines. Like Pynchon, Gaddis examines the impulse to defy death by denying life.”
In another passage, Strehle notes, “Since their materialism leads characters to covet the made and costly, they inevitably discount the natural and free.” One exception is intimate relationships, however, these are also commodified and exchanged rather than passionate and loving. The characters are attempting to cultivate the Protestant ethic – where no thing or action has value unless it makes a profit. The deeper psychological value of this ethic is the exclusion or concealment of the temporal flux, which can only conclude with individual death, a conclusion each character and indeed, the culture is desperate to avoid. Strehle argues that Gaddis identifies the Protestant ethic as a significant source for the decadent materialism that pervades American culture. Time is objectively measured and valued in terms of profit, production, and ultimately – money. Election (as opposed to preterition) is demonstrated by “good” works, i.e. – profitable works in the world and material blessing naturally follows. (Note – Strehle doesn’t explicitly mention this, but since her work was published in 1992, the extreme perversion of this idea manifested by the “prosperity gospel” has metastasized among a nontrivial American population.)
Strehle notes, “If one approaches work as the single definitive sign of election (or source of worth) and then finds only trivial and degrading work to do, the only way to justify one’s existence is, indeed, to “make a million dollars”; this is, in brief, the story of J R, whose compulsion “to find out what I’m suppose to do” leads to his ruthless pursuit of money (661). With Ben Franklin’s worldly suggestions as his subtext (like Gatsby, J R keeps a list of rules for success {647]) and with Horatio Alger as his model, J R reenacts the American rags-to-riches myth. But as J R’s initials suggest, he only emulates his elders, and virtually every character in the novel is, like J R, caught up in some form of the virulent Protestant economy.”
She concludes this section with a meditation on the role of Fathers in the novel:
“On the first page of the novel, Anne Bast recalls a story about ‘Father’s dying wish to have his bust sunk in Vancouver harbor, and his ashes sprinkled on the water there, about James and Thomas out in the rowboat, and both of them hitting at the bust with their oars because it was hollow and wouldn’t go down, and the storm coming up while they were out there, blowing his ashes back into their beards’ (3). Indeed, this hollow figure who cannot be buried, whose remains cling to his sons, might stand for all of Gaddis’s fathers – as, in a grotesque communion near the end of The Recognitions, Wyatt Gwyon eats bread baked with his father’s ashes. Rather than trying to sink their father’s memory, in fact, most characters perpetuate it: J R finds a surrogate father in Cates; Edward Bast in Crawley and Duncan; Reuben in James Bast; Gibbs in Schramm, and so on.”
None of the characters, “. . . interrogates the authority of the past. This veneration for the father and the past expresses, once more, these characters’ longing to escape time and change: all become good “juniors” in Gaddis’s text.”
As a note – ashes blown into beards appears near the climax of the Coen Brother’s, “The Big Lebowski” and consumption of a father’s ashes appears in Todd Phillips’s, “Due Date”. In a more bizarre case, Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards claims to have snorted his father’s ashes in some form of “tribute”. My point here is that the richness of both The Recognitions and JR find gags, jokes, ideas from each novel replicated and referenced in later art, and even life. Whether by design or serendipity, it’s hard to say.
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  22. Vancouver -,*
  23. Absolutely -,*
  24. Apeshit -,*
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2020.10.07 16:25 its_tabby_kat7 [Figure Skating] Russian skating megastar loses to American skater at the Olympics, Cold War 0.5 erupts, featuring enough salt to kill a whale and the technique vs artistry debate.

RIGHT so because figure skating is a madhouse of drama and I'm on a roll of covering every Figure Skating drama I can find since 2010 or thereabouts, and since u/tripleflutz has covered 2002 (highly recommend reading it, it's amazing!), I'm going to discuss another Olympic Scandal! This time, we're looking at Vancouver in 2010. "Another Olympic Figure Skating Drama??!!" you ask; well the answer is Yes, because some people don't take silver as well as Queen Yuna did.
By the way, if you're wondering "man does figure skating really have scandals every Olympics???" the answer is yes, by the way. Or at least every two Olympic cycles. This sport is dramatic and full of controversies but at least it's never boring. In fact, 2018 was somewhat calm so I'm expecting shit to hit the fan in 2022 if it goes ahead (Maybe it'll be ice dance's turn, cause the past three dramas have been about pairs, ladies' singles, and men's singles). Stay tuned!
Anyway, let's talk about the 2010 Quadruple Jump Controversy, where Evan Lysacek of the USA beat Evgeni Plushenko of Russia to the Gold Medal, despite not having a single quadruple jump (the hardest of the jumps, and worth the most points) while Plushenko did; and Plushenko did not take that lying down. Fan outcry, as with any skating scandal, is immense and highly divided; Knives were drawn and everyone involved waded into Cold War part 2 carrying pitch forks.
Quite honestly, though, this might be the only Olympic drama I've seen with a skater so salty.

Context: What is a quad jump anyway?

So as the name suggests, a quadruple jump is a figure skating jump where the skater yeets themselves into the air on knife shoes and does four whole revolutions in the air before landing. Quad jumps are rightfully considered one of the hardest elements in figure skating because of the power, speed, stamina and technique needed to get into the air high and fast enough to complete four revolutions before landing on the edge of a blade, not to mention the impact on landing on your knees and how easy it is to overbalance the landing.
Kurt Browning was the first man to land a quadruple jump in 1988, and started the entire trend. The quadruple jump became an incredible tool to winning; skaters everywhere fought for one more rotation in their jumps and it's basically necessary to win. All men's singles Olympic Champions since 1994 have had a quad in their program and in the twelve years leading up to the 2010 Olympics, only two men had ever won World Championships without a quad, one of them being Lysacek in 2009.
By 2010, though, quadruple jumps were considered extremely high risk with maybe-not-high enough rewards. A quad jump in the new judging system was worth 9.8 points compared to a triple axel (another hard jump, but with half less rotation, that many men can do) at 8.2 points. Additionally, I can't find many old sources on it, but falling on a quad jump used to incur additional -3 point deduction, hence basically reducing it to about as many points as a failed triple jump. Under-rotating a jump (landing without finishing all four rotations in the air) could result in even greater deductions of , I think, up to about -5 points. While still important, some skaters felt the risk isn't worth it.
Skaters such as Brian Joubert of France had already called for the points given for quads to increase starting from Jeffrey Buttle's World Championship win in 2008 without a quad, to fully recognise and award their difficulty. Going into the Olympics in 2010, the debate was still going.

2010: the Vancouver Olympics

At the Olympics in 2010, Evan Lysacek of the USA and Evgeni Plushenko (sometimes translated as Yevgeny Plushenko) of Russia were both considered candidates for gold. Both of them have World Championship titles, have Grand Prix Final titles, and are generally quite medaled.
Plushenko, however, has definitely had a much more illustrious career, having won everything there is to win at least thrice - except the Olympics. Plushenko was the defending Olympic Champion, having won in 2006, although he did basically retire after that and is only returning now in 2010 to make another shot for gold. Defending his Olympic title would have made him only the fourth man in history to win two consecutive Olympic gold medals in men's singles, the last person being Dick Button in 1948 and 1952. Lysacek should most definitely not be counted out, having won the World Championship title the year before, but Plushenko was definitely the more popular one of the two and he had the advantage of having a quadruple jump planned in his program. Termed the "rock star" of figure skating, he was immensely popular with Figure Skating fans worldwide and had an incredible amount of supporters rooting for him.
In the face of this, Evan not having a quad jump in his planned program, and no one else really seeming a great competition for the legendary Plushenko, many of his supporters believed it was a done deal and Plushenko would make history.
Start: The Men's Singles Event
Lysacek finishes the Olympics with a career-best total score of 257.67, 1.31 points ahead of Plushenko, winning the gold and becoming the first man since 1994 to win the Olympics without a quad. Lysacek's performance (Please note the likes to dislikes ratio, btw, that's how controversial it was) did not include a quad because of injury; a weakened left ankle due to a stress fracture that flared up caused him to not attempt a quad, believing that was not necessary to win. Generally, however, his supporters regarded his skate as artistically strong with better execution across all elements such as spins and steps, not just the jumps.
Plushenko's skate that day, however, had included a quadruple jump in combination with a triple jump, much harder than just doing a singular quadruple jump; yet his technical score (which judges difficulty and execution of the performance) was lower than Lysacek's and they received exactly the same performance score (judging overall artistic performance). Many argue that his score should have been higher for its technical difficulty, while others argue that his jumps, while difficult, were badly executed and so were his spins and such, thus his score would be lower due to the execution side of the score. Still others argue that he deserved a higher performance score than Lysacek for better artistry.
In short, it's the whole artistry (Lysacek) vs technical (Plushenko) debate all over again, with an added side of who had better artistry.
The debate over who should have won is long and extensive and I really cannot be assed to summarise it now, just know many, MANY prominent skaters and coaches weighed in, Russians on Plushenko's side, everyone else, including the Americans actually, divided; this is made worse by the tiny point gap of less than 1.5 points, hence easily arguable as judging faults. Whatever the case, whatever your side, the scores have been called and it's more or less done and dusted. The commentators announce Evan Lysacek's win, the first Olympic victory in figure skating for an American man since 1988, American supporters weep tears of joy, and the podiums are set up for the medals ceremony.
Plushenko, however, as you might imagine, does not take this lying down, and not in the most graceful way. He might actually win another medal for being the most sore loser in history.
Plushenko's responses
Plushenko starts right from the medal ceremony. Medalists, as per normal, are called out from Bronze to Gold and take the podium. Everything goes normally as Daisuke Takahashi of Japan steps up to the bronze; then Plushenko is called. He does the usual bowing and waving to the crowd, skates to the podium - and jumps up to the gold podium.
Pardon my language, but what the absolute fuck, dude.
Of course, he jumps down to silver fast enough, but every single camera in the room was pointing at him and the damage is done. Later when asked, he says (In Russian) "I stepped on the gold medal position because I forgot that I came second. To be fair, I felt that I’d stepped on to my position. It wasn’t planned, of course. It’s just that in my brain, I’d won."
In the press conference that follows, Plushenko, without congratulating Lysacek, calls him "a great skater" the proceeds to call for changes to the system to award technical difficulty in the same breath. “Obviously, Evan needs the medal more than me, maybe because I’ve got one already,” he says. A selection of other things (copied and pasted cause I'm lazy) he said to the media are:
In short, anyone who doesn't do a quad doesn't deserve to win. He also suggests an American skater only won because the Olympics took place in that continent and in 2014 (Sochi) it would be different. “You don’t have business right now in the U.S., your (skating) shows have closed. In Russia we have a lot of shows. So now you have an Olympic champion you will have sponsors and figure skating will go up a bit," he says. Yikes.
After the Olympics, it's not over yet. The games are over, tears are shed in both ecstasy and despair, and everyone's gone home. Plushenko goes home to Russia with his wife (who was sobbing throughout the whole press conference and ceremony) and everyone's wondering what's next.
We get an answer soon enough.
Soon enough, Plushenko's website is updated with his new medal. It reads: "Silver of Salt Lake, Gold of Turin, Platinum of Vancouver." complete with a "What's next??" As a side note, Plushenko is 27 at the time, around the age many skaters retire, so "what's next?" to most people does not include another Olympics. This does not escape anyone's notice. If anything, it only flames the fire still going and is not helped at all by Plushenko's continued blaming of the judges to the media.
Media/Fan Fallout
American Media, like it always does when an American is wronged, goes Absolutely Apeshit. While some American sources have some not-too-bad analysis, many of them focus on Plushenko's attitude and behavior at the Medal Ceremony and Press Conferences and "PLUSHENKO, SORE LOSER!" headlines blare. Russia, of course, rushes to the defense of their star. After the medals ceremony, Vladimir Putin (Yes, Leader of Russia Putin) weighs in and tells Plushenko in a public note that "Your Silver is worth Gold. You skated the most accomplished program on the Vancouver ice." Siberian Jewelers make Plushenko a gold medal with half a kilo worth of pure gold - more than the actual Olympic medal. Russian media blares headlines about Plushenko's stolen gold. The Russian people saw this as a way to discredit Russia, and America's attempt to win over Russia again.
Fans pick up their swords and wade into battle to defend their side, blog posts (this one is from 2011, btw, a full year afterwards) are made and comments are left, and figure skating, alongside prominent coaches and skaters, weigh in their opinions. Many of Plushenko's fans insist that his gold was "stolen"; Lysacek's fans retort that it was fair. Some key points for each side that are brought up include:
  1. Lysacek's easier performance was seen as "not Olympic enough" and like a relic from the eighties, hence his performance score should be lower or something like that.
  2. Plushenko's short program score should also have been higher as he also had a quad combination in it, thus this entire thing was caused by bad judging from the start and he should have won.
  3. Plushenko's free program only had three jumps in the second half, where skaters get 10% bonus points on jumps due to it being harder to land a jump while tired, compared to Lysacek's five. This allowed Lysacek to edge him out.
  4. Probably most importantly, Joe Inman's email, a US judge who sent an email to 60 other judges and officials calling for fair scoring of Performance scores, using Brian Jourbet of France and Plushenko as his examples of people who should have received lower scores. This sparked a whole controversy in Europe about how judges are deliberatly biased against European skaters and this is a conspiracy by North America against them. Inman wasn't a judge at the Olympics btw, but this doesn't stop anything.
  5. Many fans and Russian newspapers and analysts agree with Plushenko's words that the USA wanted a champion to become their star and icon and help them earn more money.
And so on. I don't think I've even covered half the theories thrown out. In a sport as easy to fix as Figure Skating, some really die-hard fans go batshit over the first sign of unfair judging they see especially against their favourites, and Plushenko definitely was many people's favourite. Former and present Olympians weigh in, and I recommend just scrolling through the Wikipedia article to see the full extent cause I'm not summarising that.


In the end, no appeals are filed and the judging stays. Lysacek keeps his Gold, Plushenko keeps his Silver, and the skating world gradually moves on. Lysacek sort of fades out of the spotlight, while Plushenko defies expectations to make it to the 2014 Olympics (not without controversy) and has since gone to coaching and gotten involved in even more drama within Russia. (Read this and this for more)
Nowadays, many fans online seem to fall on Plushenko's side, saying it's not like Lysacek had better artistry or anything, but really, this debate only seems to go on in the comments of the videos of their performances by some die-hards and occasionally when discussing quads or the Olympics. Everyone else more or less moves on, but despite that, its impact on figure skating today is immense.
The most major direct outcome of this entire scandal is the raising of the points for a quad and the lowering of points for triples. The system was recently changed again in 2018, but back then the easiest quad was increased to be worth 10.3 points, the hardest quad was worth 15 points, and the easiest triple was only 5.3 points; also, you don't incur any additional deduction for falling on quads, and execution points for doing triple jumps well was lower than for quads. Even in the new system, quads are still worth way more points, even when failed. It's all now designed to encourage risk, aka more quads.
Absolute. Game. Changer.
Suddenly, the reward for quads was much, much higher; more importantly, attempting and falling on one or two of them would still be enough to push you to a win. Skaters everywhere started landing more quads, more types of quads (the harder ones worth more points) were landed, and a quad jump became absolutely vital to winning.
Right now in the year 2020, quads are the key to winning anything in figure skating. Nathan Chen of the USA, their current big men's star, is called the "Quad King" by fans and has been attempting five quads in a program since 2017 or so, attempting six of them in a single free skate at the 2018 Olympics (Plushenko had one). Although he lost to Yuzuru Hanyu (who did four quads in his free skate, btw) due to flopping his short program, he has had an unbeatable winning streak since 2018 Worlds where he actually did land the six quads. In 2010, only two different types of quad jumps had been landed, the two easiest ones; by 2016, three more harder types of quads had been landed and are still landed regularly in competition, and people are actually making attempts to land the hardest quad of all: the Quad Axel, which has 4 1/2 rotations and is therefore even harder than a normal quad. Yeah, in 10 years, it's advanced that much.
It's almost impossible for a skater lacking a solid quad jump to win in this climate; most skaters need at least six quads total in a competition to even have a chance of medaling at the World Championships. In the last season, only one skater medaled a major competition without a single quad: Jason Brown at 4CC 2020, who is incredibly good at basically everything aside from that quad and also 4CC is generally considered the "lower-tier" of the four main international championships, below the World Championships and Grand Prix Final, hence not all the top competitiors (aka quad jumpers) were there.
And so what's everyone's answer? Learn some quads, even when you're like 12. Especially when you're twelve and haven't gone through puberty yet (which changes your height and weight and affects your jump consistency due to having to change technique to compensate).
In short, this drama was one of the major turning points that led to the current quad revolution in Figure Skating, where even 11-year-old boys and girls are trying to land Quad Lutzes (the hardest quad currently being attempted in competition) despite the very possible risk of blowing a knee/ankle/back out, and the number of quads seem in competition and attempted by individual skaters has increased exponentially. Whether that's good or not is up to you. Personally, I'm scared for their health, and also the recent trend of longevity in the ladies' field and possibly the men's.
TL;DR, Russian skating megastar loses the Olympics to an American skater despite having the hardest jump, a quadruple jump, in his program; then proceeds to make a scandal that's basically Cold War part 2 and causes the scoring system to weigh heavily towards quads, sparking figure skating's quad revolution where no one can win without a quad anymore, and has the potential to really injure young skaters in their attempts to win in the long run.
Btw I welcome you to watch both performances and tell me your views, especially because artistry was a huge part of the fan arguments and it doesn't need technical knowledge to be judged :D
Personally, I liked neither (except Plushenko's music choice) and if forced to choose would have given Plushenko the edge for the harder technical content even if some jumps were not executed as well. Then again, I've only known skating since the quad era so maybe I'm just biased.
submitted by its_tabby_kat7 to HobbyDrama [link] [comments]

2020.10.07 12:51 HGProductions00 Should you pull? [Anniversary Tour Pipe 1 Evaluation]

Happy Anniversary all! Welcome to my should you pull post, where I'll be doing an in-depth evaluation of the first pipe in the Anniversary Tour. Most things stated in this post are my opinion and yours' may vary.

These links may be useful:
Drivers Tier List –
Karts Tier List –
Gliders Tier List –

I have slightly adjusted the scoring for these posts by splitting the pipe elements into two separate categories, one for the pipe ratio of getting High-Ends and Supers, and the other category for what extra High-Ends and Supers are in the pipe. You can find the information in this next section.

‘Should you pull the pipes’ information
Pipes are given points based on four different factors. A percentage of points go towards each of these factors. These factors include:
- (50%) Spotlights – How good each spotlight is in the pipe.
- (10%) Non-Spotlights – What other High-Ends and Supers are available in the pipe that usually wouldn’t be there.
- (15%) Ranked Usage – What items in the pipe you may need for ranked in the current tour.
- (25%) Pipe Elements – The odds of getting High-Ends and Supers compared to Normals. How many items in the pipe are also considered.
All spotlights will be given a score out of 10. These scores out of 10 will then be added and converted to fit into the 50% ratio. Spotlights that are new with the current tour will be graded based on their item/skill and how they perform in the ranked cups of the tour. They will not be graded based on their favoured maps. This is because all new content starts out with few maps, and this is updated overtime. However, returning spotlights will also be graded based on their favoured maps, as these will most likely not be changed too much in the future.
At the end the pipe will be given a score between 0 and 100. If the score is 50 or higher, you should probably pull this pipe.

Anniversary Tour Pipe 1
This pipe features five spotlights of only High-End drivers including: Pauline, Hakama Mario, Vacation Peach, Bus Driver Waluigi, and Aurora Rosalina.

Ranked Cups
The current ranked cup for this week is the Bowser cup, which includes New York Minute 3, Paris Promenade, and Bowser’s Castle 1T.
The second ranked cup is likely to be the Mario cup, due to the map selection and the fact it’s Mario and Bowser for anniversary. It makes more sense than the Lakitu cup (3rd cup along), as Lakitu doesn’t have London Loop in ranked, and we can’t leave the Londeners out. The Mario cup features Vancouver Velocity R, London Loop R, and New York Minute 3RT.

Pauline Evaluation
Pauline is trash. End of evaluation. Fine, I guess I’ll evaluate her. I haven’t created the next tier lists yet, so for this evaluation I’ll be using the old ones. They are still reliable though. She ranks as the worst High-End driver in the game for Long-Term investment (Gold Pass and P2W). She’s a bit better for the F2P community but she is still awful. Her special item is Lucky 7 which is great, just not enough to boost her up. She can appear in the shop for 30,000 coins, although I don’t know why you could get her, and she has been a permanent pipe locked item since, a long time. Can’t remember exactly. Quite a few of you will already have her though.
For the Bowser ranked cup, she is available top shelf in New York Minute 3 along with Bus Driver Waluigi, Gold Dry Bones, SNES Mario, and Party-Time Pauline. These are all pretty rare to have. Gold Dry Bones is available in the special pipe this tour though. Bus Driver Waluigi is also a spotlight in this current pipe, who no surprise is better than Pauline. Both don’t deserve to have points awarded for being top shelf in this course, so I will give those points to Waluigi. Pauline is not needed here.
For the Mario ranked cup, wow. She isn’t available top shelf at all.
I think I’ll have to give her a 1/10. I’m tempted to say 0 but that would be too harsh, plus she is a High-End driver at least. She has a great item but her value let’s her down a lot. And she isn’t needed at all in this ranked cup.

Hakama Mario Evaluation
Next up is Hakama Mario, who is a Coin Box driver. Not just any Coin Box driver though, but the worst Coin Box driver tragically. Looking at the old tier lists, he ranks below average for both Highest Point Potential and Overall Efficiency. It’s really the Coin Box that keeps him up there, other than that his value isn’t great. He was available a few tours ago in a pipe, but you may not have got him from it. Other than that he is very rare.
For the Bowser ranked cup, he is available top shelf in Bowser’s Caslte 1T along with Dry Bones… well that’s a big no then. Most of you will have Dry Bones at a very high level now. The main reason you’d be pulling for Hakama is if you don’t have him, but you’ll likely be using Dry Bones instead anyway. He is not needed here.
For the Mario ranked cup, he is available top shelf in New York Minute 3RT along with Kimono Peach, Builder Toad, Pastry Chef Shy Guy, and Musician Mario. Some of you may have Chef Shy Guy by now, but most of you probably don’t have any of them. The pipe next week will feature Kimono Peach, Musician Mario, and Chef Shy Guy though, so I wouldn’t pull for him yet. Chef Shy Guy is overall better anyway.
I think I’ll give him a 5/10. It seems weird giving a Coin Box user a score that low but I feel it makes sense, he just isn’t that good and not really needed for ranked this tour. Unless of course you really want him for the second ranked cup.

Vacation Peach Evaluation
Next up is Vacation Peach, also known as the best Coin Box driver in the game. Well use to be, not quite anymore. She’s had a few appearances now, including in a special pipe a couple of tours ago, so it’s possible you already have her, but even so it’ll be nice to level her up. Looking at the old driver tier lists, she ranks in Tier 2/6 for both Highest Point Potential and Overall Efficiency, which is overall very good.
For the Mario ranked cup, she is available top shelf in Paris Promenade along with Bus Driver Waluigi, Aurora Rosalina, Classic Luigi, and Santa Mario. I know quite a few of you have Aurora Rosalina now, so you may have her already. Both Bus Driver Waluigi and Aurora Rosalina are available as spotlights in this pipe, so only one of these three drivers will get the points for being top shelf here. Obviously Vacation Peach is the best out of the three, so she’ll get the points. She may be needed here.
For the Bowser ranked cup, she is available top shelf in London Loop R along with Bus Driver Waluigi, Mario, Lakitu, Penguin Luigi, and Detective Baby Rosalina. Everyone will have Mario by now and likely at a high level. He’ll probably be the one you use here unless you have Vacation Peach at a high level. Most of you will likely be pulling for her to just unlock her though as opposed to levelling her up. I would say you don’t need her here.
I’ll give her a score of 9/10. She is a very good driver, not the best anymore, but definitely not someone you want to miss out on. I would say she is worth it!

Bus Driver Waluigi Evaluation
Next up is Bus Driver Waluigi, who I remember use to be top tier on my tier lists. That has sadly changed though and now he is below average, on the same level as Hakama Mario pretty much. His special item is Triple Banana which lets him down quite a bit due to the awful frenzy. Other than the frenzy it’s a pretty good item though. He hasn’t made many appearances so most of you won’t have him yet.
For the Mario ranked cup, he is available top shelf in New York Minute along with Pauline, Gold Dry Bones, SNES Mario, and Party-Time Pauline. I already discussed these drivers in Pauline’s evaluation. Gold Dry Bones is available in the special pipe this tour, so you may just get him from that. It would be a much better option. Some of you may need him here then, others may not.
He is also available top shelf in Paris Promenade. I literally just went through these drivers in Vacation Peach’s evaluation, and it was determined you will likely need one of the spotlights. Vacation Peach is the best one so Bus Driver Waluigi is not needed here.
For the Mario ranked cup, he is available top shelf in London Loop R. I also just went through this in Vacation Peach’s evaluation. She is the better spotlight but most of you who don’t have Vacation Peach or have her at a low level will likely be using Mario. Once again, Bus Driver Waluigi isn’t needed here.
I will give him a 4/10 overall, slightly less than Hakama Mario is Hakama is Coin Box. You probably won’t need to pull for Waluigi this ranked, having 3/6 ranked maps this tour is pretty good though.

Aurora Rosalina Evaluation
The final spotlight here is Aurora Rosalina. She’s only appeared twice so far, with this being the third time. Her special item is Ice Flower which is trash. For the old tier lists, she ranks right in the middle, average of everyone. Not too bad, not amazing though.
For the Bowser ranked cup, she is available top shelf in Paris Promenade, which we went through in Vacation Peach’s evaluation. You will be better off using Vacation Peach for this course so Aurora Rosalina will get no bonus points here.
For the Mario ranked cup, she is available top shelf in Vancouver Velocity R along with Ice Bruh, Gold Dry Bowser, Gold Shy Guy, and Hiker Wario. Most of you will have Ice Bruh by now and he has the exact same item as Aurora Rosalina. So there’s not much point in Aurora here unless you don’t have Ice Bruh yet, in which case you are pretty unlucky. Hiker Wario is also available here who is in a pipe next week. Not much of a difference between the two, they’re both around average.
Overall, I’ll give her a 5/10. She is better than both Hakama Mario and Bus Driver Waluigi and you may need her in the second ranked cup if you don’t have Ice Bruh.

Spotlight Total
The total score for this pipe is 24/50, that’s pretty good! You have the great Vacation Peach, the awful Pauline, and the other three are just mediocre. Makes sense to have an average score like that.

Non-Spotlight Items Evaluation
Taking a look further into this pipe, you also have a small chance of getting Kimono Peach, Musician Mario, Detective Baby Rosalina, Pastry Chef Shy Guy, Hiker Wario, Carrot Kart (best kart in the game btw), Quickshaw, Sports Coupe, Yellow Taxi, Kabuki Dasher, Double-Decker, Macharon, Blue Badwagon, Snow Skimmer, Comet Tail, Bullet Bill Parachute, Purple Oilpaper Umbrella, Full Flight, Strawberry Crepe, Fare Flier, Le Tricolore, Rainbow Starchute, Soaring Jack, Crimson Crane, and Luma Parafoil. Wow. That’s a lot. These are all the spotlights from the city tracks which is why there are so many. You also have a chance of getting the Tea Coupe Super kart.
I’ll give these items a 10/10. That’s really incredible.

Ranked Necessity Evaluation
Let’s take a look at the other items that you may need for the ranked cups in this tour.
For New York Minute 3 you may need Bus Driver Waluigi or Pauline. You may also need Yellow Taxi or Kabuki Dasher. You may also need Fare Flier or Full Flight. For Paris Promenade you may need Vacation Peach, Bus Driver Waluigi, or Aurora Rosalina. You may also need Macharon or Comet Tail.
For Vancouver Velocity you may need Ice Bruh, Aurora Rosalina, or Hiker Wario. For London Loop R you may need Tea Coupe, Double-Decker, Soaring Jack, or Green Circuit. For New York Minute 3RT you may need Hakama Mario, Kimono Peach, Pastry Chef Shy Guy, or Musician Mario. You may also need Blue Badwagon, Quickshaw, Sports Coupe, or Carrot Kart.
Overall, you may need a fair bit. It isn’t too bad though if you don’t have all the city spotlights. I’ll give these items a 10/15.

Pipe Odds Evaluation
Looking into the details of the pipe, you will be getting… an unbelievable amount of High-Ends. 6 High-End drivers, 3 High-End karts, and 3 High-End gliders. 12 High-Ends in total. You’re literally getting double the amount of High-Ends in this pipe than you usually would be for a 100 pipe, and that’s incredible. The only downside to this pipe is the small amount of Supers you’ll be getting, and there are mostly Normals in this pipe. Overall though, that amount of High-Ends really makes up for it, so I’ll give these odds a 21/25. (Note: This is a really good score. I know I have given pipe elements this high score before, but that’s because the other items you get in the pipe were factored in here previously, but they’re separated. So actually this is the highest so far.)

So should you pull the Anniversary Pipe 1?
The total score for this pipe is 65/100. That is very good, a really good pipe indeed. The thing that lets it down the most are the spotlights. The only amazing one really is Vacation Peach. I would only pull this pipe now if you really need something from it for ranked this week, otherwise I’d wait until the special pipe and the week 2 pipe.
The week 2 pipe is likely to be the exact same odds, only the 5 spotlights will be changing to Musician Mario, Kimono Peach, Pastry Chef Shy Guy, Detective Baby Rosalina, and Hiker Wario. I will give you a heads up now on how good these items are roughly. They’re all pretty mediocre. I think this week’s pipe is better, but really it depends on who you have and who you don’t that will determine which will be best to pull.

Should you get the Gold Pass?
The Gold Pass costs £4.99 and you can activate a free trial across two tours.
One thing some people get confused about within this evaluation is when I say the Gold Pass isn’t worth it. I personally and many others think the Gold Pass is always worth it, but this particular evaluation compares the rewards of this Gold Pass to previous rewards to find whether it’s worth it.
I won’t be going over the ruby count, ticket count, or coin count that the Gold Pass offers as this seems to be the same every tour and you can view those yourselves through the gift boxes. The Gold Pass items in this tour include: Birthday Girl Daisy, Daisy, Soda Jet, Rosalina, and Goomba Hanafuda. Five items is pretty good considering we usually get 4.
First of all I don’t think Daisy and Soda Jet are worth it. They are Supers that can appear in the shop, and they are not some of the best. Birthday Girl Daisy is a Gold Pass exclusive Super kart. It has only ever appeared once as a Gold Pass gift in the Flower Tour. So here is your chance to get it! It isn’t all that great though, below average in fact. But I think it’s worth it just to have a new item exclusive to Gold Pass.
Next is Rosalina, she can appear in the shop for a higher price and is available in every pipe. Some of you may not have her yet though, but most of you will by now. She is decent, above average for a Super. Not sure if she is really worth it here though. I would say maybe, it depends if you already have her or not and what level she is at currently.
Lastly is the new Goomba Hanafuda. As always with Hanafudas, it is worth it. It’s a glider exclusive to Gold Pass users, and who knows when it will return if it ever does. None of the hanafudas have returned yet since their debut.
So that’s 2/5 items that are worth it, maybe 3/5. This is a tricky one but I’d probably say go for it! They are all Supers after all, so that’s like having 4 Super tickets. And that Hanafuda makes it worth it.
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2020.10.05 21:53 kaiDdub3 Willow's battle with IMHA

First of all, you may be here because your best friend has been diagnosed IMHA and for that I want to say that I am so sorry.
I don't normally post to reddit or other places, I usually am one of the people searching for the information. So this is really my first post ever in attempt to help people with our story. When she was diagnosed with IMHA I spent hours searching for any information. When I tell you I was desperate there is really no way to describe how deeply I was in it. I can say with confidence this will be the first story you see like it. Perhaps that's why I am so set on sharing this with the people seeking answers the way I was. I wish I had seen a post like this and I hope I am able to bring you any sense of peace even though this is going to be so hard to hear. It's a long post, so please bare with me.
Willow's story:
I got Willow Marie when she was just 6 weeks old along with her dear sister Lila May, two tiny papillon/long hair chihuahua mixes that looked like neither breed. They were my first dogs just on my own. I have taken better care of them than myself the last almost 7 years. They taught me so much about forgiveness because I fucked up with them sometimes. Twenty somethings are a trip. However I learned from them and with them, they gave me unconditional love something I had not experienced yet. We drove each other crazy sometimes but it was all in the name of love. I have loved these dogs with every fiber and molecule in my body. Willow took care of us all is the real truth to it. She cleaned her sister, and always made sure I was taking care of us all. She was vivacious, she made everyone laugh, and anyone that met her fell in love and she became part of them too. She was incredibly unique and she was truly everyone's dog. We often called her Eeyore, because if she didn't get exactly what she needed she would put on quite the sad act but I promise she always got what she wanted. Willow would get up every day when the sun came up whether I got up with her or not and demanded to start her day. She would greet the house with her gentle soul, and greet the birds... not so gently. So, when one random day she woke up at noon that was my first raised eye brow.
As the week went on I noticed she seemed a little more down than usual but we were experiencing wildfires and the smoke was terrible so I was making her stay inside. Then my next concern was that she rode to one of her favorite places in the back seat curled up into herself. Then during the stay she just kind of stuck near us and didn't really play. I kept it on my radar and told my partner that if she didn't start acting better I would take her in because she seemed off. I tried taking her for a walk to see if that brightened her spirits and she was behind the pack. I watched her feeling it in my gut something was off. She would sit outside and still eat a bit so I wasn't worried, but then she started to get worse. I thought I would give her one of her anxiety pills to see if that helped her at all and as I was giving it to her I noticed her gums were a little pale. My heart sank but I read that it could be from pain as well. I remembered a couple years before this girl had me in emergency and costing me $500.00 for a trapped fart and she had to be on pain meds. Makes sense right? Not really eating, tucking under herself, and pain. I went to our friends and she did really well with the new friends we were meeting. She wasn't 100% herself but still had a good time. When we got home she chased a bunny 4 houses down and I thought jeez, she's fine. I gave her little pats on her little slow buns with my foot all the way home and felt a lot of peace. She even ate when she went inside and all was well.
Then I woke up a few hours later to her throwing up violently all the food she had eaten. She was weak and feeling so fragile. I put her in her spot and when I woke up she was looking even paler in the gums and just so tired. I rushed her to the emergency vet. I thought, I know my damn dog and I'm not waiting something is WRONG. I handed her off to the vet hoping she would make it to top priority because I couldn't wait and neither could she. She made it to top priority and they began working on her and running a blood panel and a blood smear because. 1 hour later sitting in my car and shaking with anticipation for my best friend I got the call. I answered and she asked me about our recent activity, if she had gotten into anything, and there was no way. She was picky and didn't eat anything that wasn't delicious. After all of this she said "Willow is severely anemic and will need a blood transfusion as soon as possible, she has IMHA an autoimmune disease..." My whole entire world felt like it was paused.
Now, I know that maybe you've heard and read stories like the ones above but this is where our story is unique to the other stories and threads. I don't have 4,000 dollars, we couldn't do the blood transfusion. I wanted to die right there on the phone with my partner, my dog was dying. I accused her of not being willing to try when she said we didn't have the money, I immediately started beating myself to a pulp not having the money to save her. I told the vet that I was so sorry but I couldn't do it and that I needed the next option. Those options were prednisone and azathioprine. We started the prednisone immediately, and then attempted to find azathioprine. It was hell, no one had it. We found a competent vet and went to her the following Monday for a second opinion who was confident at what we were looking at was IMHA. She told me that we weren't at euthanasia yet, and to go get that second med and come back in a week. I was devastated for my sweet girl. She was miserable and I could see it but there was hope. I drove over two hours there and back to pick up the azathioprine because it had to be made for her. I was told its incredibly toxic and I had to handle with care. I thought, Jesus what is this going to do to my dog. All I cared about was getting her better. I went straight home and gave it to her.
She hated her meds, and it was twice a day. The azathioprine was given at night and she would lick for hours after I gave it to her. She had constant diarrhea, she only ate bland meats and rice, and then spent the day hiding under our bed. I couldn't get her to hang out with us, and days into it I noticed her tiny legs would shake holding herself up while giving kisses. I cried every day for her. I felt her muscle mass slipping away more and more every day and eventually when people would hold her or pick her up she would wheeze and she would struggle to breathe. Her breathing was fast and she even developed a heart murmur, I could quite literally see it beating in her chest. I spent hours of research. I even found that PROBIOTICS could send her into a relapse or create infection in a dog with IMHA, and I gave them daily probiotics. I got rid of everything that could hurt her. I carried her every where and tried my best to make her comfortable. I was ready to put her in a bubble and the vet said that if she ever reached remission she would have to be in one. Anything could trigger a relapse. She could never be vaccinated again, and never be around dogs that weren't vaccinated or sick.
So there we were. My sweet angel dog who would hike, kayak, run the fields for hours, take care of all of us, jump, howl, and run the whole dog park was withering away right in front of me. My desperation grew even though my loved ones tried to get through to me. I looked up meals good for anemia, I planned, I learned I did it all. I was giving her baby food with perfect ingredients, and gave her pedialyte and calorie replacements. I just wanted to get to our appointment and blood draw. Maybe just MAYBE they were wrong, and MAYBE this med would work, and and and. I lost sleep, my hips were bruised from laying on the floor watching her breathing. I looked for answers, looked for people and things to blamed. I remembered she took vaccines harder than her sister and swore them off (don't do that). I was chained to an emotional roller coaster and then I just realized. Every time I saw her she was looking at me with desperate whale eyes. She was having anxiety. She was hiding all the time to protect herself because she was vulnerable. Willow Marie with the endless personality was slipping into a instinct only role. Her own sister would try and be near and willow would back off as if she was a threat. I had already lost my sweet girl.
I couldn't deal with it, and I kept going. I went to wal mart and I was obsessively checking labels and ingredients and it suddenly hit me. "What am I doing?" I asked myself for the first time. My dog is suffering. Her body is shutting down and its giving her anxiety. I was giving her anxiety. The pills, the food, the pedialyte. It was too much. I held her and I cried for the next few days. I talked to my friends and family and we cried together. I started seeking help in making the decision to end this awful ride for all of us. Willow has always hated pain, and she was in it. If I almost stepped on her she would scream.I was asking her to fight something that was her worst nightmare. Weekly blood draws, toxic medication, and just the physical pain already occurring. I couldn't ask her to do this. I felt guilt just thinking about it. Nothing major had happened yet. No collapsing, nothing was turning yellow. She wasn't "there" but you guys... she was. She told me she was with her eyes full of anxiety and not even I could comfort her. When your dog doesn't even want your comfort anymore, something isn't right.
Since I had them and since I knew it was an option I always said I would do it at home if I had the opportunity. I started half heartedly searching for one and found Lindsey Mccalister from Heart in Home Vet in Vancouver, WA. I emailed her and I told her our story, she immediately said she was sorry. We talked quite a bit and we even spoke on the phone. I told her I didn't know what to do and that I was so scared of doing the wrong thing. However, I couldn't bare my girl or myself going though a blood clot, a organ completely failing, seizures, collapsing, the risk list goes on. She told me that the only way to ensure a peaceful passing and not have a crisis is giving her the chance to go in peace sooner than later while she still has dignity and it isn't in a cold room on a metal table (please if you do it this way, its your choice, this is just my interpretation and what I believe my dog wanted, willow HATED the vet.) Lindsey knew my heart was broken and never pressured me into anything, but did agree that this was the kindest thing I could do.
So I decided I loved my best friend too much to let her continue to suffer. I am crying right now just typing this. It was absolutely the hardest thing I have ever had to do, but like many of you I would do anything for my dogs. I canceled the blood draw for that Monday and had Lindsey come instead. I couldn't imagine this life for a pup who loved life, the outdoors, and hated needles and vets. Living in a bubble and enduring the next year of toxic meds, and maybe forever was just not it. The day before we sat in the sun, she marked her siblings pee and let them know she's still a baddie and runs the coop. We had snacks and for dinner that little thing ate 1/2lb cheese burger which left her a little gassy which doesn't normally. Her body was telling all of us that is was working so hard. It was a long last night, she was up and down. And she next day she was so shaky, but still giving me kisses. I let her do what she wanted and helped her around until Lindsey came. We went over the paperwork and process. I let Willow get some water and go potty, and then I picked up my baby and took her outside and put her on the bed we laid out in the sun and the shade. I hugged and kissed her and Lindsey gave her the sedative. She screamed, I won't lie and it killed me. But I then got down with her and within 15 seconds she was surrounded by her favorite people and was getting all the snacks. For a moment her sweet eyes looked at me and I saw my happy little girl again before she drifted off to sleep in my hands. Once she was out Lindsey came to administer the second shot. She was so gentle to all of us. Willow let go easily and quietly, and I believe that was a sign in itself.
It's been just a couple days and I have cried my way through most of them. I have gone through guilt, denial, panic that I did the wrong thing, acceptance, and then back through it all again. I was really hurting last night, we made the bed and I didn't have to prep her spot because she slept on my head every night. I got in bed and started looking though pictures and videos. I was quickly reminded who my girl was. A tiny but mighty loud little gremlin that never slowed down for anyone or anything. Until IMHA showed up in our lives.
I am writing this partly for the release and in honor of my sweet Willow Marie, but mostly because I have a different story than everyone I read about. I didn't spend 4k-20k on blood transfusions only to lose her anyway. She never spent a week in the hospital missing me. She never had to have strangers poke her and hurt her even if it supposed to help. She didn't have to go through anymore pain and suffering than she was in. It was genuinely the hardest thing I have ever done, but I was able to do it because I loved her. I never truly understood loving someone so much you're willing to let go until now. IMHA is not something deeply understood. Unless there is another issue causing it, you aren't even going to be able to know what it was. I asked myself so many questions, was it the vaccines, the tick when she was 2, was it environment, the flea treatment, was it me, did she eat something, was it the probiotics. I will never know. However, I do know that I did the right thing for Willow. And I am struggling every minute, but she isn't going through this anymore. She's free, like she was before IMHA.
I'm not telling you what to do here, I just wish I had something like this to read when I was feeling desperate and unsure. The truth is, you know your best friend. You know what they want and don't want. If you aren't sure, they will tell you. If you think they aren't, you're just not listening. So put down the phone and close the computer. Be with them, they are terrified, and they're body is trying to kill them. They need you to be present and they need your help whatever that looks like for them, not you. You need to ask them and yourself what the next step is. If it feels like it's impossible, then it's probably the right answer. Trying to save her was easy for me and harder on her and I would have done it for the rest of her life. But I loved her too much. She never let me suffer a day in my life, why would I let her suffer.
Again, I want to say that I'm sorry. I also want you to know it's not your fault no matter how you got here. I know you're losing your best friend but this doesn't mean anything for the time you have spent together. You still have all of those times. If they are hiding from you, it't not you, they still love you and you are still their best friend and that's why they are hiding. To protect you, and themselves. I know it's hard to make the decision, and I know it's hard to realize that sometimes our help hurt's. But, we have to hear it.
Love them, hold them, never forget them, and please god if you can help it do not leave their side as they move on. I was there for every minute of it and I would regret otherwise.
Willow, it was truly in honor in life and death my dearest friend.
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2020.10.05 05:38 GoneRampant1 [Video Games] The reboot that got rebooted: The rise and fall of DmC: Devil May Cry

Let's cut through the pre-amble:
What is Devil May Cry?
Devil May Cry is an action series developed and published by Japanese company Capcom, beginning with Devil May Cry 1 in 2001 for the Playstation 2 (Here's an advert showing it as part of Sony's holiday lineup that included landmark gaming titles such as Final Fantasy X, Grand Theft Auto 3, Metal Gear Solid 2 and... Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance). The game series began as a prototype build for Resident Evil 4 that had more of an overt action focus than the acclaimed horror franchise was known for. Rather than scrap the build, Capcom saw potential in the idea of a stylish action game, and gave director Hideki Kamiya permission to make it a full title.
Kamiya would involuntarily leave the series after DMC 1 as Capcom didn't ask him to work on DMC 2. Instead, a still-to-this-day unknown phantom director was put in charge of the game and he ran it into the ground. With less than half a year before DMC 2's 2003 release, Capcom brought in a new director to course-correct and get the game out for release: Hideaki Itsuno. In less than six months, Itsuno would rally the team, basically make the entire game, and create several features that would go on to become series staples, and while DMC 2 sold well, it was critically panned for being a very boring game. Itsuno, not wanting his reputation to be sullied, came back in 2005 with Devil May Cry 3, generally considered one of the greatest action games of all time. From here several core traits are instilled: chief among which being style meters that track the player's skill with combos and Dante having a style system that lets him use different movesets.
And it's in 2008 with the release of Devil May Cry 4, marking the series going multiplatform for the first time as it came out on the PS3 and Xbox 360, that this story really begins:
The build up to 2010
With DMC 4's release in 2008, Capcom set the sales expectation that the game would sell 1.8 million units by the end of the fiscal year. DMC 4 would sell two million units in under a month, but Capcom were a bit unimpressed. They were hoping that now that DMC was on a wider range of platforms that the sales would correspondingly go up, but instead the game just saw a modest increase over DMC 3. The cost of game development had also shot up in the new console generation, making Capcom more concerned about DMC4's sales just being fine, especially coming off of huge sales juggarnauts from 2007 such as Halo 3, Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Bioshock. (It doesn't help that DMC 4 had a very rushed development leading to the now infamous case of Dante's playable chapters just being Nero's but backwards)
Japan at the time was also in a weird place when it came to gaming. The mobile phone gaming market was about to take off, and the playerbase in Japan was already smaller than the worldwide market for obvious reasons. In the home regions, it was safer to look into handheld gaming, and while Capcom had dallied with the idea of a DMC game on the Playstation Portable (at one point considering a remake of the first game that reached in-game screenshots and box art that was quietly shelved for unknown reasons, alongside a prequel focusing on Dante's father Sparda), these ideas never left the ground. Seeing how Western markets were more traditionally concerned with console gaming at this time (and the success of the God of War franchise proved Action was a genre people wanted), Capcom's idea was simple:
Give their IPs to Western studios and let them take a crack at it, with the idea being their knowledge of what the West wants would let the games sell better. The results were mixed. The Bionic Commando reboot is nowadays more known for the twist of YOUR WIFE IS THE ROBOT ARM and only sold 27,000 units in a month, but Dead Rising did fairly well under a Capcom Vancouver branch until Dead Rising 4 happened and uh... kinda killed the series because it was awful.
Capcom eventually set their sights on giving the West a crack at DMC, leading to them eyeballing several studios. This worked out well for them in that Itsuno was also burnt out. After having spent five straight years on DMC and having redeemed its image after DMC 2, Itsuno was ready to take a break and make his dream game: Dragon's Dogma, a dark fantasy game that is very fun. It got a Netflix anime adaptation recently that is... not as fun. But while Itsuno was making Dragon's Dogma, Capcom had some time to spitball handing the series off. They eventually settled on Ninja Theory, an up and coming British team best known for Heavenly Sword (a very pretty game with mediocre action combat and a priority on storytelling), and Enslaved: Odyssey to the West (a modernisation of Journey to the West that was very pretty but priotizied story over gameplay). Rumors began to circulate in early 2010 that Ninja Theory had acquired the license and would be making a prequel focusing on Dante's early days, but it would only become clear at Tokyo Games Show that year when DmC: Devil May Cry* was formally announced.
And the fanbase collectively hated it.
(* Yes that does technically mean this reboot's name is Devil may Cry: Devil May Cry. I'm going to call it DmC from here to differentiate it from the core series)
The TGS Trailer
For those unaware of DMC, I should stress that by 2010, it had a reputation for a certain flair and theatics. Dante was known to be a goofball in cutscenes, taunting enemy demons and making a mockery of them. He has an entire cutscene in DMC 4 where he acts like he's on the stage of a theatre with how grandious he is. People liked Dante for this reason, he was a breath of fresh air in a time when most protagonists were stotic, gritty jerks who only talked in curse words and gravelly shouts. And his flowing white hair was also certainly iconic.
So here comes the new take on Dante, the West giving him a go and oh... hoo boy. There's no charisma, there's no panache. The trailer has no gameplay. Dante doesn't look like a trash talker, he looks like a meth addict. He's smoking, something the DMC 1 design documents said Dante would never do as (per Kamiya) smoking is uncool. His hair isn't even white!
Now let me be clear: I am not opposed to a new take on Dante. Certainly, the idea presented in the reveal trailer that Dante is imaging the demons he fights as an acute case of psychosis is an interesting idea, as it raises the question of whether or not the demons are real or if he's senselessly killing random people. But the execution would have had to be perfect, and opening with just a fancy trailer that had no signs of gameplay for an action franchise was not the right foot to start on.
What doesn't help was that the entire Western Capcom initiative was one pushed by a very controversial figure in gaming called Keiji Inafune, who would leave Capcom right after DmC's announcement in 2010. Inafune was the one most strongly advocating for the western development approach (Something Capcom were quick to stress in 2010 after his departure), but with his departure the movement had less steam. Inafune would go on to make Mighty Number 9, a Kickstarter that went miserably wrong on every turn and is usually seen as one of the most disappointing games of the 2010s.
I should also point out here: Dante's radically different design from the norm of the series was a mandate imposed by Capcom. Ninja Theory's original concept art for Dante was much more closer to his traditional design- white hair, red coat and all. But Capcom, and Itsuno especially, were adament that if Ninja Theory were going to be doing something new with the franchise, that they needed to go off the cuff- in Capcom's own words, "Go crazy."
The development
So Dante got a new color palette, a darker jacket and black hair. But at the time (this news only came out two years after the redesign was revealed), people didn't know about Capcom explicitly telling NT to go off the rails, and what they saw... was Ninja Theory going off the rails in the wrong way.
So from the word go, fans aren't happy. Fans are usually never happy but I mean they were unhappy. Chief Creative director for Ninja Theory Tameen Antionades said after the reveal: “The vitriol was immediate, aggressive and relentless for the next two years. Without a second of gameplay being shown, it had been written off as a disaster in the making.” Tameen would become the ball and chain around DmC's marketing, which is quite apparent in how Ninja Theory would dial back on his appearances as we get closer to the game's release. The backlash to the launch clearly surprised Ninja Theory and caught them off guard, with Tameen publically lashing out at the original fanbase for writing the game off or being unhappy at Dante's visual redesign. This would go on to dominiate the discussions about DmC for its pre-release cycle, as it became less about the game and more about the community and whether or not the response was justified (alongside in typical internet fashion, a few death threats being tossed around which apparently included a full metal song). No matter which side of it you lean on though, Tameen had habit of putting his foot in his mouth in regards to PR:
Capcom likely stepped in behind the scenes and encourged a few changes. Notably, Dante's design underwent a few shifts, including making him more muscular and rewriting portions of the game to give him a few more of Old!Dante's trademark quips. A few voice actor was also cast, named Tim Phillips... though NT wouldn't budge on the haircut as it was part of the story. The Dante psychosis/prisoner angle from the TGS trailer was also completely scrapped from the final product, having Dante instead be confirmed to be sane and fighting demons, not people. Even though Capcom had encouraged NT to go off the rails... money still reigns supreme and Capcom wanted to turn a profit. So closer to release, Capcom made a point of stressing that Itsuno and several other DMC veteran staff were supervising the combat system and offering guidance. Combat designer Rahni Tucker spoke positively of the exchanges she had with Itsuno:
While Capcom Japan kept a close eye on Ninja Theory’s work on DmC’s characters, story and world, its greatest focus was, naturally, on the game’s combat. Itsuno and other key personnel would visit the studio in Cambridge every few months to check in on its progress, Ninja Theory staff would often make the trip out to Japan, and in between those times there would be regular video conferences and daily email updates. All that communication helped to unify the two companies, despite a fundamental split between their approaches to game development: Ninja Theory liked to start with the visual design, and Capcom with the mechanics. Modestly, Itsuno admits he learned a lot from the collaboration; Tucker believes she picked up an awful lot more. “I learnt so much,” she says. “Itsuno would speak philosophically about how he approaches combat and enemy design. They build most of the player’s set of actions first, and then think about the things they can build to allow players to exploit particular elements of the system they’ve designed. They really put the emphasis of the baddie design back onto the player’s actions. It’s kind of obvious, but just the way that he spoke about it was inspiring, and it made a lot of sense to me.”
The damage however, was long done. Even with the post-TGS revisions, DmC was facing an uphill battle from the community, with a minority waiting to give it a try themselves before casting judgement, but the majority either being apathetic or downright hostile to the game, not helped by Tameen's attitude creating the idea that Ninja Theory inherently hated what made Devil May Cry good (again, keep in mind most players wouldn't learn that Capcom were pushing for the radical Dante changes until years post-release). Ultimately though, Capcom themselves are to blame for the choices that impacted DmC: Ninja Theory were only doing their jobs to the best of their abilities and for the most part many of the staff clearly loved getting to work on such a popular franchise and boosting their studio's name. It came down an unfortunate blend of Capcom misreading what people wanted from future projects, an attempt to appeal to a Western market that fell on its face, and a director unprepared for the mass backlash his product got.
Either way, the game finally came out in early 2013.
The game itself
Eh, it was OK.
DmC launched in March 2013 and got decent reviews on all platforms, getting a consistent 8/10 on all platforms on Metacritic. The PC port was especially praised for its sheer variety of features including an uncapped framerate. Critics quite liked it, praising the story and art direction, feeling it was a necessary step for the series to make the games somewhat easier to let newcomers in without facing as daunting a challenge as the games could be (I'm pretty sure learning how to fly a plane is easier than mastering Dante in Devil May Cry 4). Old Dante's most famous voice actor, Reuben Langdon, spoke on a podcast about the game and admitted that while he wasn't fond of the new Dante's characterisation, he applauded Ninja Theory's craftsmenship.
The fanbase were colder, even with the pre-release biases set aside (this wasn't helped by Platinum, helmed by several ex-DMC 1 developers including Kamiya, releasing Metal Gear Rising Revengeance also in 2013. Metal Gear Rising is a very good game that involves flipping giant robots and fighting a very actractive Brazillian man with a gun-sheath sword). The game's framerate on consoles was capped at 30FPS for technical reasons when all prior games ran at 60FPS. Dante had lost a lot of his mechanical complexity (including DMC 3 and 4's style system which offered Dante special abilities he could switch between such as more sword and gun combos, blocking and dodging) in favour of a more universal moveset. The Devil Trigger super mode was pretty lame and automatically knocked all enemies into the air, which people didn't like as it made most encounters too easy. Building up style was too easy and the game had no systems to stop you spamming the same combos over and over. The game's weapon system of angel/demon themed weapons included color-coded enemies that forced you to use the right gear or you'd be punished. There was no Turbo Mode, a feature in most games that automatically boosted the game's speed by 20% on average.
Ninja Theory still made a good action game, albeit one that needed a bit more refinement to reach its true potential. But the lack of several core features (or worse, poorly implemented iterations of said features) led to the fanbase adopting a term:
"It's a good game, but it's not a good Devil May Cry."
The fanbase were willing to concede to the good aspects of the game- especially in audiovisual aspects. Enemies now got a subtitle during their first appearance, weapons getting a slight glint when the player pauses to let them know they can launch a pause combo attack, the soundtrack was now dynamic and evolved up the higher your style rank got, alongside the killing blow at the end of a fight getting a cinematic camera angle. Ninja Theory's sense of style itself was something that impressed the Capcom team, as all of these aspects were modified and adopted into the mainline games come 2019. The game was also very beautiful in places, leaving the Gothic archetecture of the main games for a more European feel in Limbo City. Madrid in Spain and Genoa in Italy are clear influences on the archetecture, and the design team adapt them well in making Limbo a city that is itself a weapon trying to kill Dante through compressing alleyways, closing off paths or mocking him through writing on the walls, Splinter Cell Conviction style. Combichrist and Noisia's collaberations for the soundtrack were also praised between their licensed work and new music composed just for the game, especially the songs Never Surrender and Throat Full of Glass.
But for all the praise, reluctant or otherwise, that game got mechanically, the story that the critics had acclaimed as mature and a right step forward had few supporters among the playerbase. There's been a lot written and said about DmC's story so I'll cap off the highlights here:
The end was an OK game let down by a bad story. The tale of many a game. And unfortunately, partly thanks to the game just not being good enough for the DMC pedigree, DmC underperformed. Capcom initally hoped for 2 million units to be sold like DMC 4, but later quietly lowered their projections down to 1.2 million. Some rumors speculate that Capcom had to artifically boost the game's sale numbers by counting anyone who downloaded the game when it was for free as part of Playstation Plus in January 2014 (games that go on PS+ or Microsofft's Xbox Live Games with Gold service are usually games that are either selling so well they can take the hit, are past their lifespan and looking to reignite the playerbase, or did very badly and this is a last ditch effort to get interest into the game). While not speaking directly about DmC, Capcom spoke frankly in a financial report regarding their Western outsourcing, attributing the lack of success to a "delayed response to the expanding digital contents market," "insufficient coordination between the marketing and the game development divisions in overseas markets," and a "decline in quality due to excessive outsourcing". The long and the short of it was: DmC flopped commerically, failing to meet the sales of DMC 4 in the West (which remember was Capcom's entire reason for the reboot) when it was released on the exact same platforms, and the consoles had a larger install base due to five years having passed. For what it's worth, Itsuno himself support the game and approved of Ninja Theory's efforts, even saying he'd have been honored to work on a DmC Devil May Cry 2 had Capcom gone with that project.
Some post-launch support would follow, including DLC costumes based on concept art for Dante and several alt skins based on his DMC 1 and 3 appearances, Bloody Palace (basically a time trial gauntlet run) and a campaign focusing on Vergil that sets up a sequel hook which never gets followed up on.
Some Ninja Theory staffers didn't take the news well, especially as they knew that their reputation was going to take a large hit after DmC. Art director Alessandro Taini gave a GDC talk where he went on a weird rant involving editing DMC 4 Dante into stills from... Brokeback Mountain and Batman and Robin, while also saying reboot Dante was based on... Tyler Durden from Fight Club (for those who don't know Fight Club, you're not meant to agree with Tyler or find him a role model). Keep in mind that this is Taini basically shit-talking character designs he had no hand in making. In a hilaripus twist of irony, Dante would later in the series get a cowboy hat as a weapon. Revenge is a dish best served cold.
Capcom up to this point had been going back and forth on what DmC even was- was it a prequel, a reboot, an alternate universe? They seemed to change the answer every month. But after the game's failure to meet expectations commercially, they quietly settled on it being based on an alternate universe, as was confirmed in of all things, Donte appearing as a DLC alt skin for Dante in Marvel vs Capcom Infinite.
(While I'm on the topic of weird fighting game trivia, Donte actually also got a full fighting game appearance in the "classic," Playstation All Stars Battle Royale as an attempt to market DmC ahead of its release. Yes, Donte technically didn't even debut in his own game. This story is so weird to me! In the trailer he even fights the protagonist of previous Ninja Theory game Heavenly Sword)
In 2015, Capcom re-released the game for the new consoles as DmC: Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition. This was largely helmed by the Capcom team in Japan who modified the game to make it more in line with DMC's series standards of gameplay. And you know what? It's really good! Genuinely, it actually makes the game and takes it from "A good attempt" to "one of the best Western attempts at action games period." 60FPS on consoles, all DLC included, Turbo Mode was back, a new mode called Must Style where you have to get an S Rank in combos before your attacks do damage, all alongside an insanely detailed changelog penned by Rahni Tucker. The one downside? It never got released on PC for unsaid reasons, presumably that most of the new gameplay additions... were based on mods made by the PC fanbase. Mods you can no longer find as the site storing them has gone down.
However even with this, DmC would get sand in its eye one more time. In the same year, Capcom released a similar re-release of DMC 4 called Special Edition. It was far more bare bones than DmC: DE, only adding three new playable characters in Lady, Trish and MOTIVATION Man himself, Vergil. Despite the game only getting a physical release in Japan and being digital only here in the West (whereas DmC: DE got a full release), Capcom eventually said that DMC 4 SE obliterated the DE in sales, with Capcom specifically saying that 4SE's digital sales led to a better quarter in 2015 than they were anticipating. As of 2020 (due to Capcom counting their re-releases of games separately than the original release when it comes to sales), we know that DMC4SE has sold 1.5 million units, while DmC: DE sold 1.1 million.
However, ultimately, I'm very joyful to admit that everyone got a happy ending! No, literally, everyone came out of this for the better. Ninja Theory in 2017 would release Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, a critical and commerical darling made on a self-styled "AA" budget that was praised for its handling of mental health through the lens of its MC Senua. It made its budget back easily, they're now owned by Microsoft and they're currently working on a sequel called Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2. Capcom would bounce back from their slump in the Early 2010s, beginning in 2017 with the releases of Resident Evil 7, Monster Hunter World and a certain title I'll mention in a minute. They've been releasing hit after hit for the last four years and they have more on the horizon. And Itsuno, now having made Dragon's Dogma, came back raring to go with more Devil May Cry. Though there are some rumors by Dante's voice actor that he had to threaten to leave Capcom to get it, at E3 2018 as part of the Microsoft panel, Itsuno took to the stage and announced:
(Watching people react to this trailer and freaking out when they see it's DMC gives me so much serotonin)
Thanks for reading this... long disaster of a post. Have a good one, and remember to keep this party crazy. Let's rock. :)
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