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Virtual Drag Race Asia Season 1: Episode 9- Baddest Bitches In Asian Herstory

2020.10.24 23:00 AustralianChrono Virtual Drag Race Asia Season 1: Episode 9- Baddest Bitches In Asian Herstory

Virtual Drag Race Asia Season 1: Episode 9- Baddest Bitches In Asian Herstory
Tomana and Keesha are both phenomenal. Tomana goes for the fun, campy route- he shakes his booty, and he gives a douchey, bro vibe to the song, and everyone lives for it. That's not to say Lu isn't fun- she dances and performs like never before. Lu hits her quintessential high kick, and it's great. Both of them match each other, and it's tough to call...
I've made my decision...
Tomana Gerri, Shantay you stay.
Tomana exhales. "Thank you so much, I... am so happy to be alive!" Tomana laughs.
Tomana Gerri: "I knew I could do this. I survived, and I gave my all." Tomana grins.
Lu Booyah sighs.
Lu Booyah, you are a beautiful Queen, and there is so much potential in you... but I must say... Sashay... Away.
Lu sighs. "I've been around competition my whole life. My family, all of us. It's always been a competition, and this is the biggest one in the world, and I... just didn't think." She turns to Tomana. "Good luck. She then walks over to Jennie. "I'm... sorry." Jennie and Lu hug tightly.
Lu Booyah: "I was sad. I am sad to be going home. But... I have learned a lesson. Sometimes, there's more... than winning. It's about learning too."
Lipstick Message: "Be true. Always!"
The Monarch's enter the werkroom...
"So, that was..." Nobu smiles. "A show!"
"Tomana, just... wow." Madame Fabroa grins. "You did well..."
"I'm proud of you." Nobu hugs Tomana.
"So... should we address the elephant in the room?" Jennie looks around.
"I think it's a good idea..." Holly shrugs.
"I don't know if it was intentional, or it was..." Tomana shrugs. "Something else, with Lu. But... it upset me that she- kinda helped justify my path to downfall this week, and that makes me sad, because I hadn't... done anything to you!"
"I think this environment wasn't healthy for her." Jennie shrugs. "And I mean, it was rubbing off on me too. I felt like I was stressing, I was being.. a mess, and now, it's just... the competition."
"I think she was tired of... safe." Tara shrugs. "Even though, we all know that's.. Bull." Tara laughs. "Like it's an excuse.".
"Exactly. I mean, I can relate too, but you don't see me sabotaging..." Holly shrugs. "I just.."
"Stomp around?" Tara smirks at Holly.
"Well, I forgive her. And... I still won." Tomana laughs. "It's... water under the bridge!"
"Well..." Bangcock raises his glass. "To water under the bridge!"
Madame Fabroa looks around.
Madame Fabroa: "Lu played her cards, and she played them all... wrong. She just... gave up her trump card, and... it was idiotic of her. But, that's fine. Because I've still got a whole... deck. Ready to go. And I'll not be making any of the mistakes Lu did."
The next day, Sakuya chats with Tara.
"I am proud of you getting that win." Sakuya smiles.
"It's been..." Tara laughs. "A long time coming, let's be honest."
"It has, it is deserving. Now I think... I need to step my butt up." Sakuya laughs as well. "I've been playing it safe since my first week..."
"Well, I guess it depends if that is good or bad." Tara shrugs. "If you float your way to the top without bottoming.."
"That's a nice idea. But I think... Honey just might not want it to be this way..." Sakuya ponders.
What does that spell?!
"Hi..." Jennie ponders. "SSSStttoo...."
"History." Holly looks at Jennie. "History."
My Monarch's, it's time for a big challenge, because we're going to the LIBRARY... because....
Honey Soy takes out a pair of glasses.
Reading is WHAT?!
"Jennie Ulsan..." Madame Fabroa purses her lips. "You're the K-Pop Princess, but right now, I'm just getting... K-Flop Princess."
"Bitch." Jennie laughs.
"Mr Bangkok, you're so dumb... bitch, you can't even spell your city properly!"
"AIIIIIIIIIIIII...." Bangcock yells.
"Holly B...." Madame Fabroa shrugs. "Honey, can we just kick her out? We know this bitch isn't winning."
Oh my.
Everyone cackles.
Madame Fabroa, you can READ a BITCH. You're the mini challenge winner!
"Wooooooooooo!" Fabroa yells.
My Lucky 8, for this week's maxi challenge, you playing the part of 8 Asian Historical Figures in the hit Musical, Baddest Bitches In Asian Herstory! Each of you will singing, dancing, performing on the main stage as some major figures.
Jennie Ulsan: "A musical is here, and I'm over the moon. This is a week for me to deliver excellence, and I'm going to do it, believe me." Jennie grins.
Madame Fabroa, as the mini challenge winner, you get to assign the roles.
Madame Fabroa: "I know that Jennie is a threat this week, but I want to win the challenge. So... I take a classic Filipina role, and I give everyone else... meh roles? It seems there's a lot of relevant parts... but I decide to flip it on it's head. Everyone else can deal." Fabora laughs.
Madame Fabroa gives the roles:
  1. Mr Bangcock as Emperor Ai of Han
  2. Oda Nobukatsu as Wu Zetian
  3. Madame Fabroa as Imelda Marcos
  4. Jennie Ulsan as Gabriela Silang
  5. Tomana Gerri as Yoko Ono
  6. Tara as Draupadi
  7. Holly B as Hua Mulan
  8. Sakuya Kuromi as Queen Inhyeon
The teams get ready for the performance my going to do Choreo.
"Oh, hey bitches..." Jess Deadly waves.
Tara: "I step in, and I see... Miss Bitch, Jess Deadly. Now she's a fierce Diva. And... I can't dance." Tara facepalms. "Gross."
"Now, who knows how to dance...?" Jess smirks.
Jennie, Bangcock, Fabroa and Tomana all raise their hands.
"I love to learn." Sakuya laughs.
"Well, this is easy. Pair up bitches. I'm going to have every single one of you work with someone who will.. reflect your choreo. A bit of a challenge..."
"I'm up for it." Holly grins.
Holly looks at Fabroa. "So, you dance..."
"I do more than dance." Fabroa backbends. "I'm flexible too..."
"I do love a trick..." Holly laughs. "Performing isn't my best domain, it's more so..."
"What..." Fabroa looks at Holly. "Is what you do well?"
"I am a debater.. I am a comedian..." Holly shrugs. "So..."
"Well, for this week's challenge, Honey's expecting you to dance..." Fabroa smirks. "So whilst you may be a master debater... you need to do even more than that." Fabroa looks to the side. "Do the twirl.. and... land it with a move like this." She does a split.
"Oh, I'm not doing a split." Holly laughs. "Mulan is swordplay. That's what is more important..."
"Balance and Grace. Or..." Jess deadly walks over. "You'll fall on your face."
Madame Fabroa: "I just get this vibe that... Holly's not trying hard enough. I don't see the effort. I... don't see a Drag Superstar in Holly. I don't even know if I see a star."
"Oh, I'm going to do this..." Holly smiles. "I feel positive..." She keeps repeating to herself.
The Monarch's get ready for their 'Fierce Warriors' Runway, and Bangcock chats with Tara.
"May I ask, Tara... when did you realise you were trans? I think we.. have this culture in Thailand that is... quite open, so I am surprised it didn't happen sooner..." Bangcock smiles. "Though, I know there's elements..."
"There's..." Tara starts putting warrior motif's upon her nails. "Always factors outside. But mine... my decision was more so in the idea..." Tara laughs. "That wasn't me. I loved drag. I loved loved loved it. But I'd always be called... trans. That I wanted to be a woman. And... that kinda pushed me out of wanting it to be true... if that makes sense?"
"Of course. I think... I kinda felt the same way. I wanted to become a King as it was different. There's not many Thai Kings, and I think that's what makes it exciting. We all have the potential to... shift drag in Thailand." Bangcock smiles.
"I think that's a strong element. I knew it to be true, but I wanted to deny to culture that had been screaming wrong thing- to prove them wrong." Tara shakes her head. "I think that's something I've done for too long."
"Why is that?"
"I didn't have the best childhood. I was bigger, I was... visibly Queer, and I was bullied. So I learned to live in my own world. Won where I always was the winner. I think coming here... I mean, I am the oldest left... but I feel like I've learnt the most." Tara smiles.
"That's what drag is to me. Learning. Becoming better.. every day." Bangcock smiles.
Who wins?
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2020.09.24 04:15 fatjapanese1963 Let me know what singers you recommend.

Hi, guys! I'm a Japanese man. I had a Filipina girlfriend about 15 years ago, so I used to listen to OPM on satellite TV. I could only understand a little Tagalog, but I enjoyed the atmosphere of Wowowee and others. My girlfriend and I split up two years later, and I haven't watched Philippine Channel much since then. But I still enjoy OPM CDs sometimes.
Some of my favorites are Jaya, Jessa Zaragoza and Willie Revillame. I also like some older(?) singers and bands like Rico J Puno, J. Brothers, April Boy Regino and Aeges. I sometimes sing their songs on karaoke.
By the way, who are the most popular singers or groups in the Philippines right now? I'm not interested in rap or house music, so if you know of any singers who have excellent singing skills and emotional appeal, please let me know.
Thank you.
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2020.08.31 21:47 megamfs Filipina women sings 'Never Enough' by Loren Allred on Swedish Idol. Singing starts at 3:10

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2020.08.13 03:30 cjo_4592 25 [F4M] I see a red door and I wanted painted black

Hey people, I'm back again, can you tell me who sang the title line? I was gonna use an A.C.D.C song lyric, but I changed my mind. Hello Darling, I appreciate you stopping to read what I so eloquently typed out. Yes I hand picked all my words. I'm just a Californicator, and I would say I look like one. I love David Duchovny in Californication. He's such a great actor for that role. CLICK HERE If you're curious like I know you are. I'm 5'5", 140 lbs, Black and Filipina, in case you were wondering. I'm the first of five Kids. I have a resort named after me in P.I. so I guess that makes me semi famous. As usual I'm looking for light hearted friendly chats. Preferably with men over 25, who currently reside in North America. Should I say it again? Time zones suck So I guess I should describe myself huh? Here goes, I'm extroverted, sometimes homebody, who likes thrills and living spontaneously. That was pre-pandemic. I have 2 tattoos and 7 piercings, and if you are nice enough I might show you. Please state your age, gender and location along with your kik when you message me. My weaknesses include beards, tattoos and accents. I have 3 dogs and 1 turtle, and my fur babies are my everything. I prefer dogs over most people. I like singing, drinking, camping, fishing, napping, playing pool (billiards), burning stuff, people watching and binge watching shows. Currently i'm rewatching PEAKY BLINDERS and Cillian Murphy is so beautiful.
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2020.07.22 17:22 Anna_laviajera Filipina singing in Serbian , Hurricane's Favorito

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2020.07.06 12:25 alanspornstash2 [MF] My filipina love -- date 1 of N

I wanted to type out our story -- some of it sexy, some not, but all of it comes unfiltered. I suppose I'm here asking for upvotes, downvotes, judgment or all three. No sexy times in this episode. This was 3 years ago, so I'm not sure how many parts there will be ...
Let it go, let it go, can't hold it back any more!
Let it go, let it go, turn away and slam the door!
I was waiting at the bus stop at the end of a bike ride, oblivious to everything else around me, rocking out to my workout songs.
"Hey miss, do you know how much it is for the fare?" I asked the woman in front of me.
She replied beautiful accent -- "I don't know -- my first time on this bus. Hey do you know if this is the way back to the city? I'm new here."
Well, even if I didn't know the fare, at least I could help her read a map. Sure, this is the bus back. As we exchanged small talk, I couldn't help but eye her up and down -- 5' 2" and 100lb, brown hair and eyes, wedding band on her finger, tight skirt with slender legs underneath. She had large, almond shaped eyes with a rounded face and cute bangs, hair tied in a ponytail.
No matter, at least I could make a friend -- the usual questions "where are you from? what are you doing here? where's your wife / husband" the works. I'd always been nervous around women, but ever since I got married, the impossibility of anything happening gave me an embarrassment blocker, so I was ready to try anything -- "hey, if you're going to be out this way again, I could make sure I bike out here. Same time next week?"
She silently deliberated for a moment, fingering her ring ... "ok, could use a friend. Text me!" as we shared our numbers with each other before getting off the bus.
I worked at home and my wife worked at her office, so I had some freedom to chat -- Monday "hey Ariel, time for lunch?"
no response.
Tuesday "lunchtime?"
no response.
Wednesday "what are you having for lunch?" Thursday "Still taking the bus? I could give you a ride back." ... no response no response. Ok maybe she wasn't as friendly as she seemed.
The following Wednesday, the response finally came. "Hey sorry, my phone was off. Sure, I wouldn't mind a ride back. Tomorrow at 11?"
"Ok sure, I'll be there in a Boxster"
What was I feeling that day? More confused than anything else, really. I told myself it would be friendly, but if it was just friendly, why couldn't I tell my wife? What about her ring? Same problem?
The following day, I drove my Boxster to the bus stop to pick her up. I gotta admit I was pretty proud of that old thing, and was always a confidence booster to meet people with it. She didn't have to get home until the afternoon, so I wanted to show her some of the stereotypical SF spots -- Ghiradelli square was first. As we strolled along the waterfront, we talked about her daughter, her job (nurse), how we lived in the US, our lives. And every street we passed, she started to hold my hand closer and closer. I could no longer tell myself this was purely platonic. She was thinking the same thing, as she squealed "This is my first date ever with a Chinese man!" I was equally giddy "you're the cutest Filipina I've ever seen."
From that tiny admission, our meeting got more date-like, she'd wrap herself around my arm, or drag me off to see something, and beg for chocolates in the Ghiradelli store. My wife was never the girly cutesy type and I'd never realized this part of my life had such a void. I picked dandelions from the side of the road, gave her a mock bouquet and got her a little gift sack of chocolate with a blue ribbon to take home -- cheesy, I know, but hey, cut me a little slack.
While we were driving around, we just clicked so much, singing show tunes and talking about every aspect of our lives, the local fruits in her country, the nature and kayaking here, about everything and nothing at once
Since she seemed so thrilled to be with a Chinese man, at the end of our walk, we went to a Peninsula chinese restaurant where I could indulge her with all sorts of traditional chinese foods. Emboldened by everything so far, I put my hand on her bare thigh.
She looked at me with some struggle in her eyes, gave me a little smirk and took my hand off to put in my own lap. Oh. well that was a dash of cold water. Not that it put a damper on the date, but it did make me rethink who we were.
As we left, she gave me her home address, but when we got close, she suddenly panicked and told me to park 2 blocks away.
The thigh thing notwithstanding, emboldened by "A Whole New World" that we were singing, I leaned in, took her cheek in my hand, and kissed her forehead.
"HA!" she laughed at me. "We both know what this is. See you next time, my Chinese man".
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2020.06.20 06:05 DaddyLitty69 Incoming SUPER DUPER LONG post (pretty much a novel but with a tl;dr)... why is this girl on my mind and how do I get her out of it?

Disclaimer: This post may or may not contain mild NSFW content. I have asked a few friends for advice on this same subject and while most were okay with it, one was uncomfortable about one tidbit I shared. Regardless, reader discretion is advised.
I understand that this is a VERY, VERY LONG ass post so feel free to scroll down to the very end for the tl;dr if you’d like.
Now for the context. Okay, so I [23M] had this girl [23F] (who I’ll call Sarah) in my class last year and I didn’t really pay any mind to her until after midterms. Practically all of last year, I had a fling with this Filipina girl who I’ll call Amanda.
Her and I were still recuperating from our past relationships so we didn’t wanna date and use each other as rebounds, so we remained intimate with each other but never committed. Anyway, at this point, Amanda and I were kind of growing stale and things got a bit toxic. We were bickering about not giving each other enough attention and blah blah. Because of this and because Amanda didn’t live anywhere around me, I guess my eyes were fixed on Sarah instead.
Funny thing is, Sarah and I never talked. We were in the same class but the way it functioned, it was a lab course. So people really only interacted with each other if they were in the same lab group. Sure enough, we weren’t. On top of that, she never talked to her lab partners unless they spoke to her and even then, she’d only say the bare minimum. I recall there only being one time where they were all cracking up for some reason (lab-related), but that’s it. Outside of class, most of us would sometimes have small talk with our lab partners but she’d just be glued to her phone the whole time and not say a word to anyone else.
From time to time throughout the labs, her table was in front of mine and she was in my POV so I’d just be glancing at her. I don’t know why my eyes were set on her, but they were. Eventually, the last day of class came and I’m like, fuck. I don’t wanna end this semester without saying a word to her. I gotta say something. The only socially conventional thing my dumbass could think of was asking her if I could borrow a pencil. Boring exchange, she lended me one and that’s it. Nothing special.
After that, I told a friend of mine about the situation and he told me to just add her on social media. I was super confused, not knowing the slightest clue on how to do that. He told me to just find her name on the class-list, go one by one, and look them all up until I find her. I’m like, this is some Joe from You shit but okay (then again so is taking occasional glances at her during class). It ended up working and my friend advised me to wait about a week or so to add her just so it wasn’t too awkward. I listened, waited, added her and — to my surprise — she accepted my request a day later.
At this point, Amanda and I were just reaching our endpoint. She was wondering why I wasn’t giving her attention and I was just fed up with her using me as a diary for how everyone else in the world is amazing except me (e.g. would ramble about how some super gorgeous guy/girl gave her the best tissue paper ever and just said “ew, uh thanks I guess bitch” if I helped her with her homework). It was toxic energy and I wanted to walk away from it. So I did by bidding her farewell.
After this, my attention was solely fixed on Sarah. I took a look at her Facebook and saw that she never posts. She’s been a straight up lurker for many years. So I’m like, fuck. How do I approach this girl when I have nothing to go off of? My friend ended up advising me to just message her, play it dumb, say she looks familiar and ask if I know her from somewhere. My scared ass waited like two months to do so and she ended up replying back saying I look familiar too, then I mentioned our mutual class and we started talking from there.
There were paragraph replies from here on out by the both of us, probably around the size of the first three paragraphs of this post. She caught me off-guard because in person, she seemed antisocial and introverted. But through text, she’s straight up “LMAOOOO”’ing at everything, constantly using “😂” and “💀”, using slang like “lit” and “bruh”, and telling me how much she likes to drink and get lit with her friends.
At first, I thought maybe she was putting on a front because she was intimidated by my social media presence. Personally, I don’t give a shit about how “popular” someone is on social media or how much they use it, it’s all just bullshit internet points to me. But I do know that some people care about that and feel insecure if they talk to someone with a larger presence than them. Just to get the numbers out there, her Snapchat score is 6,000+ while mine is 30,000+. She has like 5 Instagram followers and I have 1,000+. So is she intimidated by that? I don’t know but I personally don’t see her as any less because of that. Again, it’s all just meaningless numbers to me and it doesn’t put someone above or below someone else.
Turns out though, it wasn’t a front. She’d occasionally mention things like spilling Blue Moon on her laptop and was even surprised when I told her I don’t drink. Anyway, we kept talking and she’d pretty much match my energy. One time when I mentioned that we could’ve been best friends if we went to the same high school, she said “it’s never too late to be best friends 😌”. I was expecting her to say something like, “Aw lol yeah maybe we could’ve”.
All of a sudden though, she stopped messaging back. We just continued our Snapchat streak — which, for those of you who don’t know, is usually just like sending someone a snap of your ceiling or your sofa once a day — but that’s it. At the point, she apologized profusely for not replying and kept promising that she would, but never did. She also mentioned being socially exhausted at one point and again promised to reply, but again never did. I never bugged her about it or said “hello?” or anything, she brought it up all on her own.
After a while, she ended up leaving my snap on “Opened” and never replied. Then we stopped talking and I talked to one of my friends about it, who told me to message her and ask her how she’s been. I hate messaging people first constantly, I always want it to be a back and forth thing. So I compromised and said that this’ll be the last time I message her first.
She didn’t apologize for never replying or anything, just told me how she’s been and we started talking again from there. We got our Snapchat streak back and we started messaging each other again for over a week. She sent me a snap, I noticed a ukulele on the door. I asked her if she plays then I told her that I sing and told her to let me know if she has any requests. Again, just like before, she matched my energy. Instead of saying “yeah if I think of anything, I’ll let you know!”, she gave me a specific song to sing. I sang it and sent it to her. After that, she again stopped replying to the messages and didn’t snap me back. This time though, she didn’t leave my snap on opened. My snap just ended up expiring after like a month I think. She still views my story but that’s it.
The weird thing is, I don’t know why I care so much. Because here’s the plot twist... I’m not physically attracted to her. Also, I’m not sexually attracted to her either. There were moments where I tried thinking of her during my alone time but I get absolutely no arousal. Not even 0.01%. Just to give a visual, she has split ends, doesn’t wear makeup, has gaps between her teeth, has acne and dead marks across her forehead, and her forehead’s a bit oversized. By no means am I making the insinuation that any of these features automatically make someone unattractive, for I have actually found people with at least one of these aforementioned features attractive. I sincerely apologize in advance if anyone is offended by my visual description of this girl.
I wanna know what my issue is. Why am I so hung up on a girl who I don’t find physically or sexually attractive? The only hypothesis I can think of is something my friend came up with. So, when I was friends with Amanda, we had a mutual friend who I’ll call Kate. Kate, Amanda and I were like a close friend trio. When I showed Kate a picture of Sarah, she rolled her eyes and told me that the reason I’m into her is because she’s a spitting image of Amanda — which I initially found to be disrespectful because Sarah’s Filipina just like Amanda so I thought Kate was saying that just because of that. But then I’ve been starting to think that there might be some merit in her theory.
Furthermore, I would like to know how I can get Sarah out of my mind. When I’m having a good day, I sometimes think of how she stopped replying and it sours my mood. I wanna enjoy life and not have someone who isn’t a part of it to ruin it.
With that being said, any and all advice would be highly appreciated. And just for getting through to this extremely long ass post (I’m sorry everyone), I will telepathically send you all a mental cookie just for your amazing patience.
tl;dr as promised: Added an introverted and shy girl (who I do not find physically or sexually attractive) from my class last year and started talking to her this year. Even though she matched my energy (both in message length and relaying friendly gestures), she stopped replying twice and we will probably never talk again but she’s still on my mind and I can’t get her out of it. Why is she in my mind and how do I get her out of it?
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2020.04.26 15:15 zeralove23 25 [F4M] 50 first dates

Hi everyone! It’s me your Filipina looking Chinese girl!
So I’m about to write this story straight from my experience and hoping you guys can help. I’m looking for guys to take me out on a nice date. The more creative and sweet, the better. And no, THIS IS NOT A HOOK UP POST.
About me: - 155cm as per our annual health check up - Talented (singing,dancing acting) - Extroverted (walang hiya hiya)😜 - Kaladkarin - Morena ( ibang magmahal ang isang morena) 😂😂 - Chinese (can speak hokkien and mandarin)
About you: - 25-30 years old - Can hold a conversation - With sense of humor - GENTLEMAN - Malinis at Mabango - EASY ON THE EYES - Single (walang sabit) - Preferably Valenzuela or QC but if distance is not a problem for you then go! 😊
While doing this I’m also hoping to find the one for me, Chinese guy PREFERABLY (meaning if possible) 2nd dates? Let’s see! 😊
So pano? MESSAGE me your date plans with the title “50 first dates” creativity is key 🔑!
PS : this is for after ECQ lolz
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2020.04.19 21:50 Olophont Do you ever just find an interesting post and when you hit them up, they just want a booty call? And you're like: Aww :C

Well, look no further.
Im here to be an actual friend. Lets hang out by chat or whichever media platform you like. Im looking to build lasting relationships, none of that "Hey, how's it going?" "I'm good, you?" type of friendship. If you're willing to put the work, we can make it work!
More about me. 23 year old filipina, as long as I'm concerned, looks dont matter. But for some context, I'm 5'3-5'4, fair skinned, black haired, brown eyed.
I like noodles, jokes, reading books, listening to music. I love wearing heels even if it kills my feet because it makes me feel powerful. I love reading and i do a bit of writing on the side. I love baking, too!
I'm pretty messy when it comes to sleep schedule so I'm practically available 24/7. I love netflix shows and if you haven't seen "The Platform" now, then what are you doing ? I do love singing. If you have a VIP smule account, let's duet sometime? :)
So... If you're interested, i hope you are, if you've gotten this far, message me and I'll pop right in. Please tell me a fun fact about yourself or anything under the sun at all. I love a wide variety of topics.
Speak to you soon!
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2020.04.07 13:55 babygirl9397 26 [F4M] The Philippines to Anywhere. Quarantine Buddies?

LOL. Third week on lockdown, and it seems like I'm gonna be adding three weeks of free time and isolation to my calendar. Anyone up for a chat?
I am a 26-year-old Filipina who loves to travel. I am pretty shy and timid on the first few chats, but once I am used to talking to you, I do try to loosen up a bit. Some would probably even say I'm a quite chatty if not annoying. :P Pretty much a short little Asian, here, and a bit on the chubby side.
For hobbies, I like to read, movies, random trips (before COVID happened that is). I love binge-watching epic fails on youtube. I am also learning calligraphy and doodling during these weeks of lockdown. I grew up in the suburbs so I'm quite used to wide backyards and having animals around. I've got two dogs. I love music, and into pretty much anything BUT pretty hard "rock music" with screaming and whatnot. I'm more into jazz, country, slow music, classical and hip hop from time to time. I like to sing from too or at least try to. (giggle)
You must be asking why I am here, let's just say I had a good match from here two years ago. It just didn't work due to distance and circumstances, I guess. So here I am, trying again. Not to offend, but this quarantine seems to be getting to me. Wanna try and talk and see where it goes? Hopefully, keep my sanity intact. I'd love long conversations too. I'd appreciate lengthy replies as well. Have a great day!
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2020.04.04 19:39 Olophont Do you ever just find an interesting post and when you hit them up, they just want a booty call? And you're like: Aww :C

Well, look no further.
Im here to be an actual friend. Lets hang out by chat or whichever media platform you like. Im looking to build lasting relationships, none of that "Hey, how's it going?" "I'm good, you?" type of friendship. If you're willing to put the work, we can make it work!
More about me. 23 year old filipina, as long as I'm concerned, looks dont matter, neither does sexual orientation. But for some context, I'm 5'3-5'4, fair skinned, black haired, brown eyed and curvy, oh and I'm straight.
I like noodles, jokes, reading books, listening to music. I love wearing heels even if it kills my feet because it makes me feel powerful. I love reading and i do a bit of writing on the side. I love baking, too!
I'm pretty messy when it comes to sleep schedule so I'm practically available 24/7. I love netflix shows and if you haven't seen "The Platform" now, then what are you doing ? I do love singing. If you have a VIP smule account, let's duet sometime? :)
So... If you're interested, i hope you are, if you've gotten this far, message me and I'll pop right in. Please tell me a fun fact about yourself or anything under the sun at all. I love a wide variety of topics.
Speak to you soon!
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2020.01.07 12:23 WachichungWacha just your complete filipina stranger singing inside a mall

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2019.08.25 06:05 FilipinaProposal Tagalog/Filipino Song to Memorize for Proposal to a Filipina

Hello Everyone!
I am new here, and from the US, but I am searching for a song to propose to my Filipina sweetheart when I visit her in 2 or 3 months. We sing songs to each other quite a bit, but I wanted to surprise her with a very romantic song in Tagalog/Filipino that fully expresses the depth, eternal nature of my love for her. I am thinking something in a ballad type of format.
I had considered "Ikaw" by Yeng Constantio, but I want to make sure I make the best choice possible. What do you guys think of this one? I have some ideas for consideration that may possibly add to the lyrical appeal, but by no means are absolute necessities. One is due to the distance, our opportunities for physical intimacy are quite limited, so emphasizing much more opportunity for physical closeness is a plus. Two, she and I are both devout believers in Christ, so emphasizing God's blessing on our family is also a plus.
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2019.08.08 06:00 princessdootdoot The Empowerment in Being a BTS Fan

The Empowerment in Being a BTS Fan
(Edit: Thank you all for connecting with this! I know that many have been fans even before LY and SY, and those eras still stand behind messaging for the empowerment of young people. So all my statements still stand for those eras as well and I am thankful for these guys for never faltering and always speaking their and our truths.)
I am a construction management and civil engineering technology student. I am in an industry where people praise me for thriving in a male dominated field. “We need more young women like you,” I hear often. However, these same people will often cast a spiteful glance to me when they ask me what kind of music I listen to. To them, it is unbecoming of a woman who is an engineering hopeful to consume and avidly enjoy K-Pop. To many, K-Pop is a mindless and even pointless fad that propagates uneducated individuals with little ability but to scream for a pink haired crooner with far too many earrings.
When asked who my favorite musician is and I truthfully respond “BTS,” I often receive laughter as a response. They want an artist, not a product, they’ll tell me. Someone who makes their own music, not a bunch of trained robots that girls go crazy for... To those who say this to me, they never believe my when u tell them that I, in fact, did not become a fan due to Bangtan Sonyeondan’s good looks and tight jeans. To them, it is moot when I state that, in the very beginning, I actually had an aversion to BTS because of their looks. When my older sister showed me videos and interviews, I was skeptical, developing an aversion to the men who were too pretty. I could never be a fan of any man who made me insecure about my own looks. Yet, here I am, smitten beyond comprehension.
In fact, being a fan of BTS has been one of the most empowering experiences of my life. It is an established fact that the group is a mouth piece for the motto of “Love Yourself” and “Speak Yourself.”
Imagine being a young Filipina immigrant, barely in her twenties, chubby, a terrible homebody with an pension for drawing on every possible surface and a love for the means and methods of building skyscrapers. Imagine growing up in NYC, attending schools where you are a minority, where you don’t quite fit in within any specific circle. Imagine never seeing an Asian, let alone your specific brand of Asian gracing the media in a highly public and positive spotlight. The only Asians you’ve seen are either terrible stereotypes or side characters and the ones taking the lead roles are from years ago, forgotten and barely remembered as an outlier. Then there’s your self esteem, the media telling you that you aren’t pretty enough because you haven’t had a single digit pants size since elementary school. And because you aren’t pretty enough, then your opinions are subpar... Imagine the impact of hearing from a very public figure very earnestly that you should love yourself. Not because he loves you but because you love you.
Even in this day and age, where celebrities and public figures tout the motto of being true to oneself, there are very few that live their motto. Bangtan is a rare and beautiful moment in human existence because of the very fact that they defy the popular narrative. They continuously support their fans and urge them to love themselves, not just on some days, but every day. BTS backs this up with their own personal testimonies as well as through their musical subject matters and where they choose to align their philanthropy. Their message is not a one time thing for clout. It is a life style.
Because of their message, ARMYs across the world have been empowered and emboldened. The “mindless tween fangirls” are organizing projects to plant trees, clean the ocean, rescue animals and support educators worldwide. The same “hysterically” young women are actually a band of every race, gender, age and background, crying out their own stories and supporting one another in their hardships. ARMYs worldwide are following the precedent of seven young men who donate silently, give willingly, and sing not of a romantic love, but a love that is deeper. A love that each and everyone of us can experience.
As an ARMY, I am not debasing myself by loosing my mind over seven Korean men. Instead, I have learned to respect myself and continue to learn to love myself. And in turn, I will see the preciousness of every individual and learn to love them too. I have also learned to practice what I preach. If I wish not to be objectified, then so must I not objectify. BTS should not be reduced to their looks or how their bodies move. I have learned this. BTS, and every human out there is a story waiting to be told. We must only learn to love and love truly and deeply.
BTS is truly the best and most rewarding thing I have ever had the pleasure of living with.
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2019.07.26 13:21 QueenMarceline1998 Entitled mom mistakes me for a gang member and tries to get me kicked out

Hello everyone. So I recently was reminded of this story while looking for tattoos I was going to get on myself in a couple of months. Sort of a long post, TL;DR at the bottom. I’m on mobile so excuse the format.
Background :
This happened just a few weeks after I finished culinary school. I had recently took a trip with my ex (then boyfriend) to a beach resort. My dad had given me some money and I figured it was a good time for a get away after all the stressful days I had leading up to graduation day. It was perhaps the late part of April that we took the trip. I live in the Philippines and that was summer season around the time.
I had gotten a present from a long time friend of mine as a graduation gift before we made the trip. We had been friends since I was in high school and have kept in touch to this day. He knew I was very into getting tattoos since I was about 16 but have not really been able to due to the fact my family is overly religious (even though I am an openly vocal atheist) and doesn’t like the ideas of tattoo in general. So he got me the next best thing. A full set of 3D tattoos. Now 3D tattoos are sort of like the semi permanent tattoos you can buy off eBay or amazon but the one difference is the detail and quality; it looks like a real, permanent tattoo. Only up close can you really tell it’s not a permanent one. You apply it like the semi permanent ones, use a damp cloth and press it on the skin a bit and let the thing sit for a while and peel off. It’s really great and washes out in probably 2-3 weeks depending on if you scrub it hard or it’s exposed to the sun frequently.
I was very happy to receive the set and did put like 4 of them on me in strategic places so they really look like they’re real. It was very nice to look at, especially when we (ex and I) were at the beach. I got some compliments here and there. It was very nice.
Overall we stayed 3 days and 2 nights at the resort. Did a lot of fun stuff and ate good food. When we got back from the trip my mom called me and told me she needed me to go and talk with my godfather who was her cousin from my grandma’s side. She told me that she was selling off one of her rental properties to him and she wanted me to look over the terms and other agreements and send her the copy so she can sign them. I told her okay and set up the meeting. My mom lives in the US with my dad and after turning 18 she lets me handle things like these for her. Sorry for the long background but all the information had to be said so y’all can follow the story.
My godfather told me to meet him in their restaurant. He didn’t want me to go to his office because he wanted an excuse to go take a long break. I arrived at the place around the start of the lunch rush; around 11/11:30. Place was a bit packed. The staff knew me and they told me that I can go sit down at one of the booths as my godfather was running a bit late. My aunt chatted me up for a bit and so did my cousin but they soon went back to help the staff because more people were coming in.
After maybe a few minutes of waiting there’s a woman with her kids getting seated at the table across from me. The woman looked to be about in her early 30s, while her kids were aged 7/8 & maybe 2 (kid was in a stroller so I wasn’t so sure). Kids look japanese; I was guessing their dad might be since it was clear that the mom was a Filipina like me. I didn’t really pay much attention to them; I was on my phone mostly with my bluetooth earphones, watching reruns of rupaul’s drag race all stars while drinking a large glass of iced tea. I have always been sensitive of people staring at me, and I could almost feel it when people do that. When I looked up, the older kid was staring at one of the temporary tattoos I had. I was wearing a shirt and some tight jeans at the time so just 2/4 of the 3D tattoos I put on me was visible. I had one on my right lower arm and one on my left upper arm. Both were colored tattoos. One was of a geisha (Japanese woman) holding a red parasol and the other was an Asian dragon. I decided to ignore it and go back to watching but then the kid approaches me. This is how it went down. Conversation with EM, M and the rest (apart from CK) was in Tagalog and I am translating.
Me- small kawaii potato CK- curious kid EM- entitled mother M-managemy cousin A-aunt/ co-owner G-godfather
CK: hey what’s that? (pointing at my tattoos)
Me: oh? These? They’re tattoos. See this one is a dragon. This other one is a geisha
CK: tatus? gaysha? What’s that?
Me: (not really knowing how to explain what tf a geisha is without risking the child’s innocence) well.... geisha is a Japanese term for women who entertain people, they make people feel happy. Tattoos are body art. They’re like paintings but people draw them on your skin using special tools and ink.
CK: wow. I like painting. So like mommy? Oba-san said mommy made other people feel happy too and that’s how she met daddy. So mommy is a gaysha
Me: (partially stunned at that info) oh okay
CK: I really like your body painting. Bye (runs back to their table)
I smile and go back to my shows. Not even 2 minutes later when the mom suddenly decides to walk up to me and yank out my earphones and practically yell at my face.
EM: excuse me. Why did YOU tell my son I am a geisha?!
Me: what?
EM: my son told me you told him that I was a geisha because I made people feel “happy”
Me: oh sorry. He was asking about my tattoos and asked what they were. (I showed her my two visible tattoos) I guess he got things mixed up. I’m really sorry
EM: (gasps and eyes go wide seeing my tattoos) oh my god! What are you even doing here?! Why did they let you in? You shouldn’t be here
Me: sorry?
EM: gang members like you shouldn’t be allowed in public places where families are. there are kids here
Me: umm sorry? I’m not a gang member
EM: don’t lie to me! I know a yakuza when I see one. you’re nothing but a dirty criminal who should be in jail
Me: what? (trying not to laugh) look miss, sorry for the confusion but I am not a member of the yakuza. Please leave me alone and give me my earphones back
EM: (throws the earphones at me) you need to leave. NOW!
Me: (fed up with shit) this isn’t your restaurant. I can stay here if I want to. Again I am not a gang member. Leave me alone
EM: I know the owner of this place and I can get you banned. Leave now
Me: (smirking like the grinch) oh really? okay then. (places earphones back in ears)
EM: why aren’t you leaving? You need to leave now!
Me: you’re not my boss and nor are you paying for my meal here. I’m staying
Cousin notices the commotion and comes up to us
M: hello ma’am is anything wrong?
EM: yes there is. This bitch won’t leave. You need to kick her out
M: (confused) and why would we do that?
EM: look at her. Those tattoos she has is clearly a sign that she is a yakuza. There are kids here and she poses a danger for being a low life criminal. You need to make her to leave
M: I am sorry ma’am but I cannot do that. I can assure you she isn’t a yakuza. She’s my cousin
EM: that’s nonsense! You should both be locked up then. You’re letting her live a life of crime
A: what’s going on here?
EM: this bitch (pointing at me) will not leave. She is a gang member and shouldn’t be allowed around children or families
A: what?
Me: okay lady. Listen to me. One; I am not a yakuza. Just because I have these tattoos that are of the Japanese style doesn’t mean I’m a Japanese gangster. If you see someone walking around wearing a mariachi outfit during Halloween do you automatically assume they’re Mexican? No you don’t. Second of all these tattoos ain’t even permanent. They’re temporary 3D tattoos. They fade within weeks. What sort of gang member would walk around wearing semi-permanent tattoos? Third; I was not the one who walked up to your child to show him these things. Your son walked up to me and I tried being nice to answer his questions. Fourth; I don’t give a shit about you and you don’t own this restaurant to kick me out. Lastly; the Yakuza is a patriarchal boy’s club exclusive to native Japanese men so the chances of me joining are slim to none since I am not a native of japan nor am I male.
She then starts on this tirade of how I am probably lying about the tattoos and even went as far to accuse me of inappropriately touching her son. Then my godfather walks in and sees the commotion
G: what’s this all about?
EM rants about how I should be kicked out for being a yakuza & accused me of touching her son and A and M be fired because they were taking my side. G doesn’t react much then EM pulls out her trump card.
EM: if you don’t kick her out I will get the owner to have you all kicked out and fired. I’m good friends with him
G: is that so? Well actually I own this place with A my wife. M is our eldest daughter and OP is my niece. Who are you again?
EM’s face whitens and she stammers for a response. Then her husband walks in and sees us. A tall, average built Japanese man who looked to be in his mid 50s. He asks us in broken English what was going on. A told him the whole story as best as she could and he immediately apologized profusely for his wife’s attitude. He then turned to his wife and told her off in his native tongue. Have you ever seen an entitled person being scolded? It was pure gold. My aunt and uncle were nice enough so they let it slide. They went back to their table and were quiet the rest of their meal. The kids were okay and M gave the eldest a free ice lolly from their stock because during the exchange he looked very embarrassed and was probably used to his mom pulling stunts like that.
In the end the meeting with godfather went pretty good. Within 2 months, the rental property was transferred to him and he rents it out to students studying in the college near it.
TL;DR Entitled mom thinks I am a yakuza member and tries to get me kicked out of my uncle’s restaurant but it backfired on her
Hello everyone. Thank you for everyone who read it to the end. I just want to clarify some things.
-Yes I know that geisha’s aren’t prostitutes. They are women who are well versed in the art of singing, dancing, music and tea ceremony. Sorry if in that few words came off as me labeling them as comfort women.
-For those asking why the EM felt compelled to tell me to leave when she mistook me as a yakuza; that is because in Japan, some public places like restaurants, play grounds, public baths, etc. do not allow people who are heavily tattooed to be on the premises because there is still this stigma that overly tattooed people are gang members. This is MAYBE the reason why she was so insistent. Not defending her, just wanted to throw that out there as a possible reason why she did it.
-I actually ended up using the 3D tattoo set again after the ones I used faded completely. Currently I now have 2 permanent black tattoos; one on my side and one on my lower back. Planning to get a colored one and another black later in the year. I have moved out from my family house (that’s why I managed to get my tattoos) and now living with my bf who I have one kid with. My son is turning 2 this December
-The reason why I know about the yakuza is because I am heavily interested in Japan and Japanese culture. Been watching anime and reading manga (Japanese comics) since I was in elementary. I also have a half japanese best friend from high school. His dad who is a native of japan currently lives there still despite his wife and kids are here. From what I know he has ties to the yakuza, that’s why my best friend and his family don’t really go to visit the father in his homeland. I met his dad. He was actually pretty nice and polite. He mistook me for his son’s girlfriend when we first met. I’m still close friends with said half japanese friend.
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2019.05.01 07:28 Refuge_Of_Losers About Jej Vinson's Youtube Views [SPOILER]

I am unable to participate in the live discussions, which, sad, but I like to check what people said in them after the fact. And there were lots of people saying things to the effect of "but Jej had huge Youtube views, how did he not get voted through by America?"
My theory basically boils down to this: he gets views because he's Filipino, but that doesn't necessarily translate to votes.
Having watched countless karaoke shows with viewer votes, I know that people from The Philippines LOVE karaoke shows, and more importantly, LOVE seeing their fellow countrymen/women on them. I still remember when there were instructions online for how Filipinos could try to cheat the system and vote for Jessica Sanchez on American Idol 11. The most popular video on the X Factor UK's Youtube page is not a winner, it's not that hilarious audition where the one girl punches another, it's 4th Power (4th Impact), a Filipina girl group who came 5th three years ago.
Just a quick scroll through the comments of Jej's most recent Youtube video show quite a few Philippine names, furthering my suspicion that Jej's presumed popularity is bolstered by people who can't even vote, because they live in The Philippines.
Does anyone else have any more solid proof of this? I'm mostly just going off of a trend that I've seen in other similar singing shows.
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2019.03.09 19:18 alphafconsulting Foreigner Singing Buwan to His Filipina Daughter l Filipina Foreigner Life

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2019.03.09 18:10 JeremyLund Am I being scammed? What could she want if so?

Update - 12/07/19. Yeah, basically just a bunch of lies.
I had some friends stumble on this whole event and suggest I post the resolution if I ever want to live it down. I was largely averse to their provocations until I realized it might help others in similar situations, as this problem does appear somewhat culturally pervasive... sadly. I sincerely hate writing that last statement even as a suggestion, but I don't want to blunt the results of my own experience.
Let's see. Point 1) Basically everything was a lie from not just the first moment, but I suppose in linear measurement it would be a large negative number as opposed to moment 1. She, and her family pretty much have a history of this sort of thing. She learned it from her mother and her social circle. She feels powerless in life and thus has only control in this perverse manner (which manifests as self harm when she loses control of her manipulations). She needs attention for validation, as she is desperate for approval from everyone even to the extent of her own self-detriment. That's the "why" of my original post. "Am I annoying?", "Am I pretty?", "Am I smart?", "Am I a good poet?", "Do you like this outfit?", ad nauseum. At this point, I pity her.
Point 2) I've already moved on, which was obviously insanely easy once I realized most of what I knew about her that I liked was fake, and what was real I didn't like. In fact a few weeks after this Pinay issue came to a climax, I unintentionally turned a local rebound into an interesting relationship that despite my best efforts has lasted far longer than anyone might think sane :P SO I can't exactly complain about this little scam since it put me on this path - ALTHOUGH now that my friends know it's an ongoing thorn in my side.
Point 3) In retrospect I still wouldn't throw shade at dating someone you've met online. I wouldn't throw shade at dating a Filipina. I'd advise extra caution about doing both. It was like a three month romantic whirlwind and I should have known better, but c'est la vie.
It would be novel worthy on its own to catalogue the mental gymnastics of lies and actions that I uncovered between this post and the eventual climax, if only to record the methods of human behavior exhibited by such a person/people of what I would consider astronomically low character at such a young age. I basically turned into a mediocre detective that had to triangulate and fact check EVERYTHING in order to finally get a glimpse of some truth. At this moment I'm not going to bother even going over it. I'm not sure I even remember every detail, nor do I think I care tbh. I'm just going to skip to what was actually happening, and how it ended.
So, I was basically the other guy, the whole time. Of course, that just meant I wasn't on her hook as long. Others get wise to it and move on. She had/has a boyfriend in Sweden or Norway or something, who looks eerily like me - down to the way he styles his beard. We're the same MBTI type too, which is a pseudoscience thing I think I mentioned in my OP (I'm not going to re-read it because I've already spent more time on this update than I care to). If I didn't, you'll have to Google it. She has a "type" that she likes, and then she seeks attention. If she doesn't get it, she tries harder. That's basically what this all boils down to.
In linear time, it seems she has a record of basically telling men what they want to hear in order to garner attention, validation, and gifts. It seems she learned it from her mother who appears to be the role model for this type of behavior. I suspect this is the primary reason for her father's estrangement, as he disapproves. She was doing it as early as age 12 (extensive message history I uncovered going back years). She has/had a favorite, and I was one of the runners up for when he was busy. When I located him online he responded with indifference and immediately blocked her (she claimed). She was upset about that. We had a bit of a garrulous back and forth for a few weeks more, and then eventually one day I asked about the elections going on there since she had first hand input. No response. I didn't care to press the question more. We haven't spoken since* Through the course of my investigation, I ended up speaking with one of her longest running Pinoy boyfriends who told me she has a history of luring foreign men and swore off doing it, but that she'll "Lie, lie, lie until you prove she's lying". I washed my hands of all of it not long after.
*I sent her one message telling her to not re-post things on her social media that I wrote her, claiming that it's hers - or I'd expose her. She apparently is passing my poems I wrote her on to her boyfriend as her own. We had an online relationship, so it's not like I can't screenshot the timestamps for when they were written. Derp. She deleted the poems though xD
I got a new job right around the time this whole thing came out, and then I was angry at myself for being in that situation in the first place. So when an ENFP basically hunted me down at work and demanded a date I was ready to get some genuine attention. I threw caution to the wind and started attending a LOT of social events, mostly just to distract myself from my own stupidity when I am alone for too long (train of thought at the time). I even adamantly told this ENFP all I wanted was to be FWB because I was not capable of trusting anyone on that level. She persisted. On my end this event has sort of become a running joke in my circle of friends. I told my ENFP girlfriend about it, who naturally stalked every last piece of information I had about this Pinay - and then went to HER friends... Her friends (justifiably) tease me in front of my friends and the whole thing comes out. Now every so often one of them will crack some joke about needing to "Check up on my girlfriend before she starts fooling around" - or something - and will make a point to get a few people in a circle to cruise through her various Facebook, IG, Twitter, blog, yadda yadda accounts for all the new developments. Ha ha, funny funny, yuck yuck.... le sigh. It was dying down to like, one instance per month, and then I guess this original guy who looks like me - flew out to the Philippines to get with her. Good for him, he seems like he knows what he's getting into - but why does he have to look like me!?
Imagine your friends rolling up with gut-busting smirks, and a series of photos that looks like you are snuggling this ongoing joke of a person in a tropical location. It's like live action Photoshop. My poems even show up on their social media, and my ENFP absolutely THRIVES on embarrassing me. It's been two months since the first photo and I still get constant jokes about secret vacations visiting my Asian mistress, or having an evil twin that ran off with my wife, or BEING the evil twin... the list goes on. Often I do laugh, I admit. The whole story is insane. I've elected to just keep out of contact with all of the mutual people we corresponded with in that short time - a rather short list in any case. One of her ex's, an actual local Pinoy, requested some damaging information about her and I told him I had washed my hands of the whole thing. That was the last correspondence with anyone directly involved.
Beyond that, the jokes have gone on longer than the relationship did. Thanks guys, I hate you too. At least my mistakes didn't come with children. This guy might look like me, but your kids all look like YOU!

+++The only reason I bothered to write this long update, is for anyone wondering if this is a common thing in the Philippines. It was hard for me to figure out her angle because there wasn't any money involved... yet? I wouldn't mean to imply I have any idea as to how often this is happening there, but only that I mean to add my experience to the general consensus.+++
Original Post: This is going to be quite long, but I could use any information at all from those who care to read it. I read a few other posts and it seems like there are a few people familiar with the Philippines that can offer experience.
I'm a 30 year old man in a LDR with a Filipina from Iloilo. She's 21. I've seen an ID so I think that's accurate. I wasn't really interested in this relationship at first but she was persistent and grew on me. We talk online almost every day, often for several hours and leave the webcam on while we sleep. She claims to live with her aunt, who I hear in the background sometimes - and her "cousins" who I've never noticed living there (I forgot she ever even mentioned them until I started writing this post). On the weekends she goes to visit her mother "out of the city" and we still chat from there too. I've sort of met her mother and her sisters on the webcam, and she says she has no brothers. She said she was kicked out of her house (her father) about a month before we started talking. Her parents are apparently divorced and he is mean to his daughters (3). She claims to have had a crush on me for 8 months before she worked up the nerve to mention any interest, and we've been dating for about 4 months now. It's not my first LDR, but it's the best I've had in that department.
She graduated from a University with a bachelor of psychology degree at the end of 2018. I've seen photos of her graduation and a professional grade grad photo as well. She has been working in a call center for about 6 months, on the night shift, and uses the money to pay her aunt rent and support her sisters. Her English is better than most Americans, so along with her degree I'd say she's both educated and not needing money. In fact she adamantly refused any attempts I made to give her even the smallest gifts, and makes claims about being independent and not needing to rely on a man. I am not rich, and I've told her that I am not a person who can lavish her with gifts and riches. In fact I bet she makes more at her call center night shifts than I am making right now. She also just received an offer as a guidance counselor or something (basically a job related to her field), and while she says it will provide less money and medical benefits - I've suggested that it's a good stepping stone for her career. To reiterate, she never asks for money, and I don't think she would take some if I offered. Based on my suspicions of being scammed, I don't intend to spend a penny more than I would in a normal relationship (which isn't that much as I am very frugal. I don't go out to eat or to bars, etc). She also claims to have never been to a baclub and to have no interest in them. I can't say she never goes but if she is it's not for very long, given how often we are on video chat.
I don't think she is living in poverty per se. The buildings she lives in look poor by American standards - cinder blocks with unpainted sheetrock for walls that don't extend to the ceiling, and a lot of sheets hanging about. She usually sleeps on a mattress or a wooden couch (with a cushion). I asked her directly if she thought she lived in poverty and she said no. She buys a lot more commercial food than I do like batches of huge ornate doughnuts, several pints of ice cream a week, flaky cake things, etc. She doesn't appear to have an extremely tight budget, and like I said - she's also giving her two sisters an allowance. For a guy who refuses to buy food unless it's from a supermarket and I can make it last, it would seem that she's not hurting for money. She wore braces as a child and when we met she didn't have them, but she needed them again - so that's another expense.
She also doesn't have an interest in expensive fashion. She buys clothes from instagram (she connects with people advertising and meets them) but these are like a few tops/pants or dresses a month, if that. She doesn't wear heels, ever, and claims she can't walk in them/doesn't like them. She does buy makeup and nail polish occasionally, but even then she only seems to wear lipstick, foundation, and eyeliner. She uses her lipstick as blush.
She appears to dislike the United States and seems to have absolutely no interest in moving or living here. I am open to the idea of moving to the Philippines as I have lived in many overseas countries before, so currently that is our plan. Though when we discuss the finer details she usually says "No rush" or "No pressure" (regarding me going over there). "All in Gods time". She was raised a Catholic and claims to pray before each meal, sometimes attends Church, believes in God, but isn't offended by blasphemy or have an obsessive faith requirement. The subject pretty much never comes up. She doesn't know how to drive, and that is an additional reason why she appears to have no interest in the US. She's not really into politics, though I am - and that's one of the reasons I wouldn't mind leaving the US for a while (maybe forever). So we both agree that we don't really want to live in the USA. I would think that a person after a green card would want to move here, but I'm not sure if it's one of those things where she knows she could get one through marriage so she feigns disinterest.
On the whole the relationship is spectacular. She is very affectionate and attentive, she sings to me, we talk about a great deal of subjects, and we are always laughing. She's absolutely stunning IMO, which obviously helps, and is far more mature than girls her age here in the states that are just starting those years of clubbing and etc that can hardly hold a conversation. She's also not (in so many words) a prude. We often have little... mutual events. Though to be fair, I've never seen her nether regions. She claims she is too shy and while she will rub it off cam, or obstructed from view, I've never seen it. I don't know if that's actual shyness or some "terms" that a possible boyfriend beset on her - but we'll get to that.
So she gets messages from legions of men. She claims she doesn't even read most of them and they just pile up in her inbox. She also claims to have a vindictive ex Filipino boyfriend. These two factors mean that her online presence is usually done using a name that is not her real one, and with photos that are only visible to friends. She DOES post a lot of selfies, and selfie videos - as well as little quotes she thinks up or finds. The vast majority of responses/likes etc come from men. I'm not bothered by that, I mean I can't really blame them. Part of her interest in me I guess was that I wasn't ever commenting or liking her photos and it made her want me to notice her. However, she is inconsistent when it comes to what accounts she has or what she uses at all. Initially she said she didn't use Twitter or Instagram, but I've come to find out she's had at least two accounts each (2 Twitter, 2 IG). She claims she has them for different reasons, or that some are outdated and not in use. Often she wants to share something with me that she's seen through one of these, but she crops it so I can't see where it came from. If it's a private message, she blocks out the name and the avatar. Her multiple accounts never really bothered me though, because she appeared to be sort of scatterbrained and faithful. She would send me messages she received of overt attempts to court her, that we privately shared a laugh over. But obviously I have no idea if she's actually entertaining any of them. Still, I chose to trust her because of how often we chatted and video chatted.
Last week, she told me that a post she wrote had gotten 200+ likes. I wanted to see it but she did that same "crop". When I asked where she posted it, she said it was in a private facebook group for "batchmates" of her university, of which she is apparently part of the student council. In good nature I Googled the message, because I figured with 200 likes it might have been shared outside that group and I was proud of her (as an aspiring writer). Basically I wanted to see her influence as it crossed the web. It was then I came across a Twitter account using her same name and photo as on facebook, though with a unique @ address - where this and many of the things she's written were posted. Many of them she asked me for help with, since I can be pedantic when it comes to grammar. So I recognized some that I had had a hand in.
Not a few posts in, there are posts about a Swedish boy she loves - with photos to boot, 3 of him. There are also two conversations of them gushing over each other that are taken from Discord (an account I helped her decide to make, but ultimately she told me she didn't want to use because video calling through Discord took more data than video calling through facebook. We had one Discord video chat and she claimed she see a huge data spike from it). The discord conversations bear what I would consider her unique method of blocking out avatars and names, which is either by vigorous scratching with a marker, or with flower emojis covering the picture. There is enough picture and letters sticking out that I can confirm that it's her Discord account, but I can't determine who the guy is (No more than a few letters in the name, and like an ear in the photo). The Twitter account is dedicated to her "Swedish INTJ that she is smitten with and who miraculously loves her back" (I am also an INTJ. If you don't know what that is, it's kind of like fun pseudoscience similar to astrology. I don't take it seriously).
This Twitter account was made Feb 22nd, though it's possible that's only because her original account was hit with an age ban after she updated her age. There's roughly 10 or 15 posts that went up to March 6th - the day I found it. I spent all night taking snapshots and building a case to confront her about it. I decided to wait until a video chat and not say anything in text. While she was at work, I mentioned that I was feeling stressed and that I wanted to have a video chat with her when she got home. Almost immediately soon after, the twitter account went missing. I'm not familiar with Twitter enough to know if it was closed or just had the @name changed. I know that in the short time it existed it had the name changed at least once (Google webcache). The dates of the posts on this twitter account correspond to the posts she made on her Facebook, or with things we were talking about in private messages (like the stories I was helping her correct). So like, they were each posted March 2nd for instance. Also, on Facebook, on February 23rd she was asking for advice on how to make an account that looked fake (at the time I assumed because she wanted to reduce the number of messages she got from people). This is on her main timeline, so she had to have known I would see it. The next profile photo she used is obstructing her face with her phone, and this is the same photo that is found on the Twitter account. The account was "deleted" or something before I ever said a word to her about it though, beyond just mentioning indirectly that I was stressed about work and needed to vent. It was also deleted during the time that she was on break (she was talking to me).
So, heartbroken, I confronted her. She immediately said that her phone was doing something weird and would need to call me back in two minutes. We ended up having this discussion mostly through text because she didn't want to call back because she was crying (she said). This was the exact situation I hoped to avoid, as her responses took longer than I had hoped. But I guess at least there is a text record of what was said.
Her response was that she had received an ultimatum from her abusive vindictive pinoy ex, who even harassed her at work, the last two days - to get back together with her (but didn't specify the consequences). She initially thought that this guy had shown me the photos of the "Swedish INTJ". It turned out that there is a guy who posted a photo Tweeting to that account, that he was her Phillipine boyfriend and had been since 2014, of them holding hands - which does look like it's aged (she is younger). The message mentions like, how she can keep blocking him and making new twitteFB/IG because "there is more where that came from". However, it's possible that she is the one who made THAT account just to throw me off the scent. I don't know. I asked why she hadn't told me that he was harassing her and she said "because it didn't matter".
Her alibi is that this twitter account is an elaborate forgery made by her vindictive ex, who would find her real accounts and copy the things she posted. She claims that he has done stuff like this before every time he finds her accounts. She claims that the photos of the "Swedish INTJ" are her ex from one year ago, whom she no longer speaks with - and that the Discord messages are a forgery. "Do you know how easy it is to make a fake account? I could make one of you right now!". She claims she doesn't know how to contact her old ex (I asked to speak with him just to verify this), as they no longer speak. She gave me a name but I can't find much and I suspect it might not be accurate anyway. She claims that she deleted her discord, but I discovered that it was still active. When I named the email address it used, I asked her if she could tell me what she thought the password might be so I could check it. She gave me one but it didn't work. For shits, I tried it on the gmail account, and got the message "Your password was changed less than an hour ago". She claims she doesn't use that email often, and so it could have been potentially hacked by her ex. Given the fact that it had the password changed as soon as I realized it was connected to her Discord, I am skeptical that it was the ex. I've suggested we try to restore her access to the account since it's associated with her phone number, but she claims she isn't getting a verification code.
She also claims that her actual Twitter account that got account locked, only got that way because she was updating it with posts about her and I, and that she wanted to surprise me with it - but that when she changed the age it locked her out. She was asking me how to unlock an age ban a day or two before this incident, so I'm pretty sure that part is legit (though what was posted on it might be different than what she says). There doesn't appear to be a webcache of that Twitter account though, which I find odd because she says it was 9 years old and there is a webcache of this other account that was like two weeks old.
One of the posts mentions her watching a movie with her guy (not me), and it was posted on a Saturday. A month or two ago, she said that she needed a day to focus on her writing and couldn't do it on a weekday, so might be gone on Saturdays. I didn't mind, as I think healthy relationships have space. But since this incident, I'm wondering if Saturdays are her time for talking to this other guy. I've had no luck finding him so far (to compare notes).
She is in two public "au pair in Sweden" groups on Facebook, at least. She's also mentioned being interested in seeing snow and the northern lights. That could mean she just has an interest in Sweden and that information is publicly available, hence "Swedish" INTJ - but also that she is hoping to move up there to him if she can. The fact that she claims her ex was Swedish sort of makes me think it's the latter.
At this point I think the evidence suggests she is at the very least, romantically involved with another foreign guy. She is desperate to stay together with me though, as she says I make her happy and am her "safe space" - that I give her feelings people write novels about. But if she is scamming me, I don't know what she hopes to gain. I'm not giving her money, nor am I likely to. I also don't think she wants to live in the US (though who can be sure of that one). Beyond that, I don't know what she could be hoping to get from me besides maybe attention - which lets be real she could get from anyone.
Today - Saturday - she disappeared for 12 hours without a word which is unusual. She said her phone battery died and that her aunt had errands for her, and then she came home and slept (she gets off work in the AM). I have been really putting the screws to her to get access to her gmail account, since "she wasn't the person who changed the password" but it's her account. She knew that's what I'd be having us do when she got home. And even then, since she came back there's been a lot of "connection issues" that keep her from talking as much - which we didn't really have before. A timely coincidence. She said "You know that sometimes I need Saturdays for myself" when I protested her not saying anything the whole time.
The things in her defense are as follows. She says "I am choosing you, despite all the other options I have here in the Philippines and abroad". She does have options. Lots of them. Foreign as well. Why me?
She used to self harm, and hadn't at all until this event. She was "so scared of losing me she regressed to cutting". I'm not experienced with this, but I've seen the aftermath and there are several cuts on her wrist, at about a 45 degree angle. She said if I was not worth it and so easily replaced, she wouldn't be feeling so bad and reverting to cutting.
We video chat A LOT - and often speak 24/7 via text and video. That doesn't mean she can't also be texting someone else I guess, but her point is "We talk almost 24 hours a day, and I work 8 hours a night. I barely have enough time to eat and sleep. I don't have time to be entertaining someone else".
She doesn't seem like she needs/wants money or wants a green card. I covered that.
She says "I understand if you want to break up with me, but if you do - I ask that you give us the chance to start fresh and let me try to win you over again."
She doesn't want to break up. It would seem like once you are discovered you would just cut your losses and move onto the next target. But she persists. "Who said I’m giving up with you? Even if you’re making me scared, and annoyed, and frustrated... But loved, and protected, and taken care of each time"
She's introduced me to her mother and her sisters, and I've had minor video chats with them. I've read that sometimes in a scam the family can be in on it, so I don't know if this is worth considering - but I know that here in the States, meeting the family is a big deal.
After I confronted her and she said her ex was sabotaging her because she was ignoring him, she made a Twitter account basically saying how something she's worked 8 months on has been ruined in one day, and that she's angry with "everyone who sabotages everything because she was trying to move on and be happy with her life". She claims this is her only Twitter account she's made since they age locked her other one.

Help? I have extremely strong feelings for this girl and don't want to throw away such a good relationship because of a misunderstanding or coincidence, but I don't want to be taken for a ride either.
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2019.03.01 05:54 brickbatsandadiabats An Alt-Hapa Project: 29 Hapa anecdotes

Hi there. I’m a happy hapa from an WMAF relationship, married, and about 30 years old. I was born in California and spent a lot of my formative years in Taiwan and Singapore. I am a living counterexample to the reflexive talk of toxicity of WMAF relationships and the screwed up cultural and parental issues that these people are alleged to face by our counterparts in hapas.
Since hapas gathers almost everything it has from anecdotal evidence in a self-reinforcing fashion, I thought it would be an interesting project to share my own anecdotal evidence. I often say on this sub that I know many hapas, and I do - so using the good ol’ magic of Facebook, e-mails, and the dregs of my own memory, I undertook to look up the hapas I could remember knowing and ask them how they’re doing. For most of them, this is the first time I’ve contacted any of them in years.
What I’m going to write here is the unvarnished truth. Some of these people are not happy and some are struggling. However, many of them are happy. I did not ask them for permission to use a lot of personal details so I scrambled things around a bit. Without further ado, here is the list.

Name: Fred
Background: WMAF, Taiwanese/American
I knew Fred from high school where we were part of the same circle of friends. I remember him always being a happy-go-lucky, gentle kind of guy. He joined the US Army as a 68W (combat medic) and planned to become a doctor, but two tours in Iraq and some serious resulting psychological injuries from it have put paid to those plans for now. He is recovering and living with his wife and daughter.

Name: Alex
Background: AMWF, Indonesian Chinese/American
Alex is another high school classmate. He did his Singapore military service, got married, and is now riding high after founding his own company. He described his life as “great.”

Name: Nataszja
Background: WMAF, Czech/Taiwanese
Natazsja I met during Chinese language summer camp in Taipei before college. She’s always been an artist and is unironically living the life of a Bohemian in Prague. She struck me as unusually centered when she was in her 20s and the same seems to be true now.

Name: Trish
Background: AMWF, Indian (from Uttarakhand)/American
Trish is genuinely one of the most perpetually cheerful people I’ve ever met. Through our years together on the school swim team she never had anything but a smile on her face. She’s channeled that energy into politics. After graduation she got her JD and became a lawyelabor activist in Washington, D.C. for a major labor union.

Name: Kristin
Background: AMWF, Singaporean Chinese/American
Kristin is an acquaintance from Model UN (this probably reveals something about my nerdy awkward high school self) who I kept in touch with occasionally over the years. She’s living a fabulous life in Singapore as an architect, helping build skyscrapers in China. Her only family issue? I was sad to hear that her father, whom she deeply loved, recently passed away.

Name: Kav
Background: WMAF, Taiwanese/American
Kav has almost the same background as me and we were friends in high school. She and I were on opposite sides of the Taiwan political spectrum (her mother was hardcore KMT, mine DPP) so we spent a lot of time sparring about it. I asked her how she was doing and she replied with a novella about how awesome it was to be a newlywed working at a think tank in DC.

Name: Rich and Allen
Background: WMAF, Taiwanese/American
These guys are twins and were in all of my classes in high school and freshman year of college - yes, we even went to the same college. I lost touch with them after they pledged a fraternity their freshman year, but after reaching out they were eager to catch up. Neither of them were depressed when I knew them well, and they’ve certainly gone up in the world - both of them got Ph. Ds. One of them is now a nuclear engineer working for a nuclear tech company and the other is a management consultant, jetting all over the world and making bank.

Name: Kenny
Background: WMAF, Korean/American
I didn’t know Kenny all that well in high school even though he was in my AP chemistry class, so I didn’t have much hope of getting in contact, and indeed he didn’t respond. From what I gleaned from Facebook stalking, his life consists of Tough Mudder events and being an engineer at General Electric, and not at all being a depressed human wreck.

Name: Apple
Background: WMAF, Taiwanese/American
Apple is the daughter of a family friend. I’ll be honest, she didn’t have the best time growing up. She was pansexual in a time and place where her parents didn’t accept it, she had major familial issues because of her parents’ divorce (and her father’s adultery and subsequent remarriage) and ended up being sexually active at a young age, doing hard drugs, and self harming for quite some time. I wasn’t able to reach her, and I hope she’s okay.

Name: Amber
Background: WMAF, Taiwanese/American
I knew (and briefly dated) Amber in college. Amber didn’t have the greatest time growing up. Her parents divorced and both remarried, and so she told me a lot of stories of mixing up cultural alienation with familial alienation. She also had a very tough time in college: she was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder, and our relationship couldn’t stand the strain. When I got in touch with her recently, she told me she finally had things under control, was in a great relationship, living in a vegan co-op in Boston, and was finding work in tech education.

Name: Em
Background: AMWF, Chinese/American
Em is one of my wife’s closest friends and also a college classmate of mine. She’s a bundle of energy and a brilliant mechanical engineer, and loves spending hours cooking. In terms of Hapa heritage, Em has a complicated relationship with them because her father died when she was 14 and her mother eventually remarried, so she spent a lot of time trying to process her grief by getting in touch with her roots. Now, almost 15 years later, Em has a story of cultural alienation, but ironically it’s not from her parents: instead it’s the fallout of her long-term relationship with her boyfriend, whose French-Canadian family’s habit of speaking only French and being extremely classist contributed to her eventually breaking up with him.

Name: Lee
Background: WMAF, Korean/American
I knew Lee from college, where she was known as an obsessive science fiction/fantasy fan and one of numerous people who ended up in the social orbit of another classmate who ultimately turned out to be manipulative and posessive, and that was… bad. It didn’t help that Lee was also an undiagnosed manic depressive. She finally managed to break away from that toxic relationship and told me she is now living happily with some of my other dorm-mates from college in Boston and working as a software engineer.

Name: Sharm
Background: AMWF, Indian (Sindhi)/American
Sharm is someone I met in high school (she went to a rival school) and we eventually went to college together, both majoring in ChemE and participating in parley debate. I still remember her wit and humor dazzling the judges even as she flensed her opponents arguments, and how she seemed to get my nerdy memes before those were really cool. She has had a fun time in the weird and wonderful SF tech scene, where she somehow transitioned into doing electronic hardware engineering and is in a polyamorous relationship with three other people.

Name: Karl
Background: WMAF, German/Taiwanese
Karl is someone I knew from summer camp who had probably the most immersive cultural integration into being both German and Taiwanese - he spoke German, Mandarin, Min-nan (Taiwanese) and English fluently at age 18 - and struck me always as someone who would go far in whatever he chose. He’s currently working as a consultant in a German-American business.

Name: Hannah
Background: WMAF, British/Vietnamese
Hannah is another person I met through my wife. She’s a hilarious and high-strung personality with and infectious laugh and various “Hannah-isms” that seem to infiltrate their way into everyday speech of everyone around her. We see her at least twice a month when she comes by for dumplings, drinks, and Settlers of Cataan, and she’s constantly stressing over her life as a Ph. D. candidate in biology. She’s a practicing Buddhist and a superperfectionist when it comes to Viet food, and lives with her boyfriend in New York.

Name: Soph and Mikki
Background: WMAF, American/Filipina
Soph and Mikki are a pair of twins I knew in high school and kept in sporadic touch with for years afterwards. While Soph was always the artist, Mikki was a hardcore scientist, and despite the contrast you could always see how close they were together. Living in Asia, they had frequent contact growing up with their family in the Philippines and would always come back with smiles and stories. Soph became an activist for migrant workers, a big issue with the Philippine diaspora, but her life was interrupted by getting, and then beating, breast cancer. Mikki, whom I consider absolutely crazy for doing this, got a Ph. D. studying infectious diseases and now works with things that make my blood run cold at the NIH in Atlanta.

Name: Kim
Background: AMWF, Burmese/American
Kim has always been an activist ever since I met her in high school, and was known for always championing Aung San Suu Kyi. Her passion seemed to have cooled by college, though, and she got married and had kids relatively early among people in our age group. We spoke about being hapa and one thing she mentioned was that it was people like me, whom she interacted with for all k-12 education in Singapore, that helped make her always feel accepted.

Name: Andrea
Background: WMAF, Chinese/American
Andrea first struck me as flighty, but flighty in the way you are when you spontaneously decide to take the Putnam Exam (a serious, college-level formal math competition) on a whim. She was always casually aware of her asian heritage, but it was never a huge part of her life: she was too involved in gymnastics, synchronized swimming, and effortlessly breezing through the some of the most hardcore math and physics I’ve ever seen anyone do while claiming that they don’t actually like math or physics. She got married a few years ago and converted to Orthodox Judaism and recently helped her husband dedicate a Torah in a new synagogue in Eastern Europe.

Name: Nigel
Background: WMAF, Korean/American
Nigel was one of my swim team captains in high school and was always the definition of “cool.” After school he worked as a technician in China, scrimping and saving enough to return to Singapore and bootstrap his first startup. Now he’s a professional entrepreneur and a damned good one.

Name: Cordelia
Background: WMAF, Korean/American
Cordelia was someone I knew peripherally in my year who knew more math than I could shake a stick at and got really into public BDSM walking around the dorm. That weird combination aside, she and I actually spoke regularly about growing up hapa and how as a woman she’d get lots of people fetishizing her exotic looks - the one fetish she apparently couldn’t tolerate. She ended up finishing college in two (!) years and of her many boyfriends, finally selected one to settle down with.

Name: Andrew
Background: WMAF, American/Taiwanese
Andrew was one of my mentors in college and a genuinely fun and good person. He was one of those people who loved science and math to the extent that he would never stop talking about it if he preferred, and had an endless well of stories. Unusually among my hapa friends, he was from Arkansas and was a very devout Christian, and led Bible study every week in our dorm. He finally finished his Ph. D. in computational fluid dynamics recently and married his long-time girlfriend.

Name: Louise
Background: AMWF, Swedish/Taiwanese
Louise I met at camp. She’s very very European, and grew up in Gothenburg near the Oresund. I remember her always smiling, her wry sense of humor, and her Swedish-isms in everyday English at camp. I recently had a great time at a camp reunion asking after her life (very happy, apparently) and singing KTV until 3 a.m.

Name: Julie
Background: AMWF, French Belgian/Taiwanese
Julie is a bundle of energy and irrepressible cheer who organized our camp reunion and dragged us from teahouse to teahouse while regaling us of her glamorous-sounding life in Brussels. She’s working as an interior designer and recently married her long-time boyfriend after taking a really big tour of Quebec and then swinging by to see us, her first time in North America.

Name: Marie
Background: WMAF, French/Taiwanese
I’ll be frank, my most vivid memory of Marie was trying to fend off her amorous advances (from a freakin’ 15 year old! I was 18!) during camp. She definitely was a wild child, but as she grew older and we corresponded occasionally she struck me as ridiculously culturally French, even though we chatted exclusively in Mandarin. It was a bit surreal having a debate about Marine Le Pen while typing things into a Chinese IME. She’s all grown up now, and is pursuing her passion project of making documentaries in Shanghai.

Name: Cristine
Background: WMAF, American/Chinese
Cristine was a high school classmate and in many of my social circles. She didn’t actually reply when I tried to get in touch, but I had dinner with her a few years ago and she was in the middle of finishing veterinary school, on her way to becoming a “dogtor,” as she put it. She admitted to me that the single hardest thing in high school was dealing with her severe acne (she still has the scars) but mentioned her exceptionally supportive parents getting her through it.

Name: Mindy
Background: WMAF, Swiss German/Chinese
Mindy is someone I knew through music and as a mentor figure in high school. She was definitely someone who embraced her Eurasian identity and often told me about how she felt she could discuss issues of feeling a lack of connection to Chinese culture (she spoke mandarin only with difficulty and a heavy accent) with me because I shared a similar heritage. Honestly I only ever got kindness, understanding, and some deep discussion of literature from her, but as I reflect on things she was the center of a lot of high school drama as a serial monogamist. She had a colorful life after high school, editing a racy campus-published sex magazine, becoming a food blogger, and doing consulting, but I lost touch with her about 5 years ago after she completely erased her social media presence and I wasn’t able to reach her this time around.

Name: Andrew
Background: WMAF, American/Taiwanese
Andrew was one of my classmates in high school who took an interesting path through life. I think he was one of the most lovelorn people I ever met: he had a series of romantic relationships that ran into the worst luck possible, with his girlfriends moving to other international schools and them trying to keep the relationship alive across national borders. He’s the only person I know who tried desperately to get on the traveling swim team for love. After high school he studied physics, but got more and more into music (he was a classical vocalist), and finally decided his calling was as a musician and not a scientist. He now performs classical vocal music in New York City.

Name: Alex
Background: WMAF, Korean/American
Alex is someone I knew in high school and frankly didn’t like. He spent a lot of time reneging on commitments to academic work, feuding with his family, and just generally acting out. Later I understood that he was rebelling against a very strict and abusive father whose ire, for some reason, spared Alex's older sister but came down, hard, on him. He ended up going to college in Australia and I lost touch with him after that.

Name: Andy
Background: AMWF, Indian (Bengali)/Swedish
Andy is a through and through geek, who introduced me to linux and loved to talk shop in computer science class while everyone else was struggling with the code. His parents were divorced and his father (whom he lived with) had remarried, but Andy made the effort to keep in touch with his Swedish roots as well as his Indian ones. He later went to Pittsburg’s Carnegie-Mellon University for computer science and is now a nerdy software engineer in Singapore. He recently got married to his long-time girlfriend and fellow former classmate of mine.
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2018.11.18 15:14 pisaradotme PBB Otso Episode 2: New female HMs

Pinoy Big Brother Otso’s second night is for the girls, because the first four female housemates of this season were finally introduced. They are:
Jelay Pilones, 17 - Sassy Sipag Girl ng GenSan
Jelay is a young singer who regularly earns money by performing nightly in bars in her vicinity. She got her singing skills from her parents, who are performers themselves.
Kaori Oinuma, 18 - Ang Kawaii Daughter ng Japan
Kaori was raised in the Philippines by her Filipina mom. When she was 13, she was able to go to Japan to find her father, who recognized her but cannot support her because he has another family.
Lie Reposposa, 15 - Ang Teenig ng Tawanan ng Davao
Lie was discovered when she showed remarkable energy and humor during her stint as a singer in Tawag ng Tanghalan. Vice Ganda was so entertained by her that she was sent to audition for Star Hunt, where she passed several audition rounds to claim a chance to be in the house.
Karina, 16 - Miss Independent ng Isabela
At 16, Karina rents a room by herself because her parents are abroad. Her mom works as a caregiver in Hong Kong, while her father is a business man in the U.S. Her story about this father, who failed to fulfill his promise to take her to America, made the public cry
RECAP. The episode started with a recap of last night’s events. The four boys entered the house one-by-one and were asked to choose among four tasks related to their first dinner.
Seth, the pool worker from Cavite, chose Pagliligpit, or to tidy up after dinner. Aljon, the shy broadcaster from Pampanga, chose Paghahanda, or fixing up the table before the dinner. Then Art, the foster son from Davao, chose Pagbibigay Saya, or to give joy during the meal. Lastly, the 13-year-old Josh had no choice but to choose Pagluluto, or cooking the meal itself.
Then the show introduced us to the first four female Star Dreamers who will compete in the first game to determine who will enter the house.
These four Star Dreamers played a game where they had to build a tower using bottled water in 88 minutes:
* Jelay, 17 - Sassy Sipag Girl ng Gensan

Jelay and Miss were able to build the highest tower in the allotted time. Because of the tie, they were given the task to build three levels of the tower. Jelay was the fastest, so she was able to get into the house first.
Jelay went straight to the diary room, where she was made to dress up in black overalls plus a full face mask bonnet. Her task was to pretend that she is a shadow that has to tell the boys where she is from without speaking a word. She can only take off the costume if the boys make the right guess.
Then the next four Star Dreamers were introduced:
* Criza, 14 - Apo of the Eye ng Quezon City

These four girls had to play a game where they had to transfer colored balls using a pole while walking thru a tire maze. The winner of this challenge was Kaori, who scored 12 points.
Like yesterday, there were eight former housemates who chose another housemate from the remaining pool of Star Dreamers. These former housemates were Nene Tamayo of PBB 1, Keanna Reeves of PBB Celebrity Edition 1, Daniel Matsunaga and Loisa Andalio of PBB All In, Jimboy Martin and Barbie Imperial of PBB 737, and Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber of PBB Lucky 7.
These eight ex-HMs chose Lie, because they noted that she’s naturally funny and entertaining.
The last female teen housemate was chosen by public SMS voting. Karina won 57.02% of this vote, so she was able to get into the house.
TWIST. Now that the first eight housemates were able to enter the house, what will happen to the eight remaining Star Dreamers: Ali, Achilles, Rhys, Gabby, Sansan, Missy, Criza and Krist?
The answer is a twist. These eight Star Dreamers will be sent to another house named Camp Star Hunt, were they will face challenges to be able to enter the house.
The full mechanics of this season is actually like this:
* There will be four batches of housemates, each batch lasting for eight weeks each.

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I’m CRISTINA MITTERMEIER. I am a National Geographic Photographer, Adventurer, Explorer and Speaker. I strive to create beautiful, iconic and inspiring images that invite people to participate in solutions for a sustainable planet. I am also the co-founder and vision lead for Sealegacy. Check out my work for Nat Geo here.
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I’m MICHAELA SKOVRANOVA, a Slovakian born Australian photographer, based in Byron Bay Australia. I specialise in documenting nature focusing on underwater capture using breath hold and natural light. My work explores the relationship between wildlife and us as humans. Through exploring intimate moments of the giants of the ocean to the dragons of the sea we can truly see how complex their lives are with a common thread: they talk to each other, they love, they dance and sometimes sing, just like we do. Check out my work for Nat Geo here.
We’re excited to celebrate World Photography Day with you all today! Ask us anything and we’ll be signing off each answer with our initials.
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