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[OG + Remake Spoilers] Played the OG for the first time, after playing Remake earlier this year and I have questions OPEN SPOILERS WILL BE POSTED...

2020.11.05 19:08 BoxFBall [OG + Remake Spoilers] Played the OG for the first time, after playing Remake earlier this year and I have questions OPEN SPOILERS WILL BE POSTED...

I LOVE BOTH GAMES! I wasn't into JRPGs as a kid(Morrowind and KOTOR got me into RPGs so I'm used to a more western approach to RPGs and storytelling), but I got into them a few years ago. Started with Dragon Quest VIII, then Tales of Vesperia, and then I played Final Fantasy XII and I have been playing JRPGs since. Absolutely love the genre and they are a refreshing relief from the overall staleness of WRPGs of recent years(Looking at you Outer Worlds and Fallout 4), they always seem to have a charm and the characters are always so well developed that even though the gameplay in some of them can feel dated I don't really mind because I am a sucker for a good story no matter how it comes. I do however have some questions about this game and honestly I have a 6 month old at the house, I don't have a lot of extra time to replay the game 3 or 4 times so I'm gonna have to just flat out ask these questions in hopes of answers.

  1. Cloud and Sephiroth aren't brothers, or even related? They sure do have an Inuyasha and Sesshomaru vibe going on.
  2. If Sephiroth(or Jenova?) could control Cloud the whole time, why the hell didn't he have Cloud kill Aerith(Aeris? I'm just gonna call her Aerith seems to be the more popular name) instead of doing it himself. I know he attacked her at the temple, but why didn't he have Cloud end it all in Midgar. This is why I say the Inuyasha/Sesshomaru vibe comes in, it almost seems like Sephiroth wants to toy with Cloud and torture him like this isn't business this is personal. Is it because Cloud stabbed and(presumably) killed him in the Nibelheim Reactor?
  3. What happened to Jessie, Biggs, and Wedge? I love the remake because it flushed out Midgar far better than the original. Most everything that happens in Midgar can be almost forgotten by the time you make it to Junon in the original because it basically makes it an afterthought. Did they die or did they live, the remake makes it seem like they may be alive.
  4. Did they ever say what happened to Zangan? He left the letter to Tifa in the piano, but that could have been there for a while. Is he alive or dead?
  5. Why did nobody tell Sephiroth that Lucrecia was his mother and not Jenova? The man went insane behind some weird alien who he was not related too. I mean I think it could have saved everyone a lot of trouble if someone would have just sat him down and explained to him that he wasn't a true test tube baby, he just had an evil dad who would experiment on his own kid.
  6. Tifa and Aerith both clearly see something is wrong with Cloud(granted playing the remake made this MUCH easier to see, playing the original blind this would have been impossible to tell on the first playthrough, but since I played the remake and clearly saw Cloud had some type of issue sleeping and having headaches the whole game and hallucinations) WHY THE HELL DIDN'T THEY SAY OR DO ANYTHING? They both claim to care about this man so much yet they sit there and just play along with his obvious mental illness, it doesn't make a lot of sense.
  7. Why did Aerith go alone to the Forbidden City? I can understand not taking Cloud after what happened at the temple, but I mean she could have at least took Red XIII with her given his connection to the planet as well. Was she purposefully trying to die?
  8. Why do I get the feeling that Vincent was meant to be way more important to the story than he actually was?
Before I get to #9 let me explain how I approach these situations in games. Having primarily played WRPGs I'm used to having some choice on who I 'get cozy with'. My approach is the same as it would be in real life: play the field until I'm forced to make a choice. so #9 is...
So wait a second, CLOUD WAS IN LOVE WITH TIFA THE WHOLE TIME?! This man joined the military, got himself experimented on and nearly killed, then went on a quest to save the damn world where he almost died AGAIN just to get Tifa to like him. CLOUD IS A DORK, SHE LIKED HIM THE WHOLE DAMN TIME HE DIDN'T HAVE TO DO ALL OF THAT!!! LMAO So I'm speaking on this one just for the original because the remake has a lot of body language and facial expressions so it was kind of obvious to me there who was who to him having played the OG to completion now. The game did nothing in damn near all of the first part of the game(apparently disc 1, I played this on switch so I had no disc to swap) to show that Tifa was a love interest at all until after Aerith died basically and started to show it more and more. I was nice to both girls as far as their dialogue options because I play the field until I'm forced to choose so I get to the Gold Saucer and I get Aerith as my date.
I felt that was strange I didn't get a choice, but it's a JRPG so it tells the story different. Her conversation was weird because she kept saying she wanted to meet the real me and I was like 'I am being me woman, what are you talking about?' until I realize Cloud was semi mimicking his best friend Zach who also happens to be Aerith's exBoyfriend(not really because technically they never broke up) and he shared many of his personality traits and mannerisms in his delusion. So after Aerith died I'm here thinking Cloud was gonna be completely crushed because the game had chose her as his love interest(I have looked into it apparently you can get Tifa as a date but you have to basically be mean to Aerith and that goes against my naturally flirtatious nature LMAO) just to find out he was pining for Tifa the whole time and was to mentally screwed up to actually be able to act on it? This part is fucking confusing to me I really don't understand the point in teasing Aerith as your potential lover just to bait and switch that showed Cloud had a damn near stalkerish obsessive crush on Tifa since he was like 8 or 9, and then she had a damn near obsessive crush on him since she was like 15 or 16 after he invited her to the well.
I kinda see why people are divisive about this topic, it kind of came out of nowhere(at least in the OG the remake like I said body language and facial expressions go A LONG WAY to telling what the actual reactions to things are) although I will accept the outcome even though they gave me ZERO CHOICE in the matter because hindsight being 20-20 Cloud and Tifa makes a lot more sense than Cloud and Aerith, also it's wrong to hook up with your best friends ex never break the bro code bro. I look at Cloud's personality, not the Zach-Cloud combo but just Cloud himself, I don't think he would have actually liked Aerith that much in the long run even if he would have ended up with her, hell playing the remake first it made me think Cloud really felt like she was annoying, but him being kind of a simp and a pushover refused to just tell her to kick rocks and continue about his fucking day because Cloud can seem to stand up to anyone except a pretty girl(Jessie also comes to mind, he couldn't get the message across to her thirsty ass either). Sorry that last part was long winded, but that is honestly the most confusing part of the game.
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2020.11.02 15:31 morohaaa The truth about kagome being called kikyo's reincarnation

I think its fine if everyone still refers to Kagome constantly as Kikyo's Reincarnation, but they should also refer to Inuyasha exclusively as Kikyo's Ex-Boyfriend so he too can be only relevant insofar as he relates to Kikyo. In fact why bother giving any characters their own names when they in some way knew Kikyo. Naraku is The Incel That Tried To Kill Kikyo. Sesshomaru is The Guy Who's Brother Dated Kikyo. The sequal should be called Kikyo and The Tree of Ages and Moroha calls her mom bc why not. Sorry did i say Moroha i mean Kikyo's Reincarnation Once Removed. Infact the original show should be renamed from inuyasha: the feudal fairy tail to 'the arrogant rude guy with dog ears who was pinned to a tree by fucking kikyo' : the feudal kikyo's fairy tail. After all the whole thing happened because fucking kikyo saved a dying man. what shame.
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2020.10.15 17:41 SnooMuffins9042 This is why I hate harem fics

Harem: Hinata/Ino/Tenten/Kurenai/Anko/Yugao/Yakumo/Kin/Tayuya/Karin/Guren/Isarubi/Amaru/Yugito/Fu/Samui/Karui/Mabui/Mei/Temari/Kurotsuchi/Hana/Tsume/ Konan/FemHaku/Koyuki/Haruna/Toki/Shion/Hotaru/Kaguya/Shizune/Shizuka/Tsunade/Ryuuzetsu/Satsuki/Fubuki
This person put almost all the female characters from the show
Here’s a another a new fic It’s called ONE TRUE UZUMAKI SHREDDER
Ren's Harem:
TMNT: Karai (2012), Shini (2012), April O'Neal (2012), and Chikara (2003)
Naruto's World: Temari, Izumi (female Itachi and will look like Medaka from Medaka Box), Mikoto, Tsunade, Konan, Shizune, Mei, Samui, Yugito, Karui, Karin, Anko, Kurenai, Hana, Yugao, Rin, Ino, Tenten, Nojiko (type in female Neji Hyuga Hentai in Yahoo images with the safety off and it's the 12th picture), Tsume, Shizuka, Kurotsuchi, Hanabi (Hinata's twin sister and will look like from the Baruto show), female Haku, Kagura Kaguya (female Kimimaro), Kaguya (Ren freed her early), Setsuna (female Juubi and female Sesshomaru), Ameyuri Ringo, Hasaki (female Zabuza/type in Naruto female Zabuza in Yahoo images with the safety off and it's the first picture), Fuu, Kushina (she's alive and was rescue by Ren when she was in a coma in ROOT's underground base), Pakura, Ryuka Tenro (From Naruto Shippuden: Kizuna Drive), Gaia (female Gaara/the second picture in Yahoo Images with the safety off) and Guren
Dead or Alive/Ninja Gaiden: Kasumi, Ayane, Rachel and Momji
Ikkitousen: Myousai Kakouen (Ren's Personal bodyguard)
Senran Kagura: Yumi (She will be from the Yuki Clan), Asuka, Homura (It will be Homura SK:), Ikaruga, Miyabi, Athena Asamiya, Murakumo, Fubuki, Yagyu ,Katsuragi and Haruka
Koutetsu no Majo Annerose: Annerose Vajra (Rens personal bodyguard), Mitico Fleuretty (Ren's personal maid), Lee Mayfeng (Ren's personal bodyguard), Miki Otonashi (She will be like the anime counterpart but carry Sai's for close combat), and Aishwarya Ray (Ren's spy and she owns all the Brothels all over the Elemental Nations)
Fate Series: Nobuyuki Oda (Archer version/Nobunaga younger sister), Okita Souji (Stage 3)/Both her and Oda will fuse together into their Alter Ego name Alter Okita, Miyamoto Musashi, Tome Gozen, Suzuka Gozen, Nezha, Nagao Kagetora Kenshin aka Lancer of Eight Flowers (Uesugi Kenshin sister but blood), Qin Liangyu and Ana Medusa (Medusa Lancer child but around Ino's age and part of Naruto's team)
Dynasty Warriors: Wang Yuanji, Xin Xianying, Lu Lingqi (Dynasty Warriors 8 version), Zhurong, Daiochan, Yueying, Zhenji, Wang Yi, Sun Shangxiang and Lianshi
Samurai Warriors: No, Naotora Li, Aya, Nene, Okuni, Kai, Ginchiyo Tachibana, and Koshosho
Orochi Warriors: Nuwa, Athena, Da Ji, Kyubi aka Kurami (Female nine tail fox)
Battle Girls: Time Paradox: Oda Nobunaga, Akechi Mitsuhide, Uesugi Kenshin, Imagawa Yoshimoto, Ootomo Sourin, Date Masamune, Mori Motonari, Motochika Chosakabe, and Takeda Shingnen
OC female characters for the other clans: Shimazu Takahisa (Will look like Miya from Sekirei), Hojo Ujiyasu (she will look like Yoko Littner), and Hongan-Ji Kennyo (She will look like Xuanzang from the Fate Series and leader of the Ikko Ikki)
Sengoku Koihime~Otome Kenran: Oda Saburo Kuon Nobukane or Kuon as she likes to be called by that name (Nobuyuki twin sister)
Oda Nobuna no Yabou: Oda Nobuna (Nobunaga second eldest sister but Nobuna is two years younger than Nobunaga), Niwa Nagahide, Azai Nagamasa and Shibata Katsuie
Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls: Yubel Yagyu (her Alter version), Gisen Yagyu, Keiji Maeda, Sen Tokugawa (Ieyasu Tokugawa older sister), Hanzo Hattori (Kasumi, Ayane, Rachel and Momji are her friends), Uesugi Kagekatsu (Uesugi Kenshin sister) and Charles d'Artagnan
Final Fantasy 7: Aerith and Tifa Lockheart Note: Yuffie, Aerith, and Tifa are Bounty Hunters
Naruto's Harem:
Naruto's World: Hinata, Shion, Koyuki, Ryuzetsu, Yakumo, Tayuya, Kin and Akari Tatsushiro (From Naruto Shippuden: Dragon Blade Chronicles)
Senran Kagura: Ryōna, Ryōbi, Renka, Fuma, Rin, Hibari, Himetsubaki, Rindō, Imu and Senko
Fate Series: Ushiwakamaru and Minamoto no Raikou
Dynasty Warriors: Xingcai (Dynasty Warriors 8 version), Guan Yinping, Bao Sanniang, Zhang Chunhua, Cai Wenji, Daqiao, Xiaogiao, and Dong Bai
Samurai Warriors: Oichi, Ina, Kunoichi, Gracia, Ranmaru Mori (This person will be female just like Haku) and Chacha
Orochi Warriors: Himiko, Kaguya (OW after her name), and Joan of Arc
Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls: Matabei Goto, Yukimura Sanada, Araki Mataemon and Naoe Kanetsugu
Battle Girl: Time Paradox: Ieyasu Tokugawa and Yoshino "Hideyoshi" Hide
Final Fantasy 7: Yuffie
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2020.10.11 00:32 cold_blue_light_ Update On The Sims 4 InuYasha House

So, I don’t have any photos today, but some wild shit has gone down. My game crashed so everything I told you guys about last time essentially never happened. Yashahime style time warp you guys. Anyway, in this new timeline Kagura and InuYasha autonomously had risky woohoo and Kagura got pregnant with Inu’s baby. However, Kagura is dating Sesshomaru and Sesshomaru has no idea about this, so the baby’s name is Sesshomaru Jr. just to prove to everyone that it is definitely Sesshomaru’s child. Also Kikyo, who has a child with InuYasha, walked in on him and Kagome and is absolutely devastated. InuYasha is a real player for some reason. After all of this, InuYasha turned into a porcelain doll and as far as I can tell there is no way to change him back. The band of seven moved into town and at the welcome wagon party everyone got pissed at each other and now they’re enemies with the rest of the InuYasha characters. More updates (and photos) coming soon
TLDR: the InuYasha game is getting wilder by the second
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2020.10.10 23:34 HeartshiningXX Inuyasha - Yashahime Timeline

Thought I'd help shed some light on what the timeline is, in depth, with the characters ages. Right now there are two possibilities...
According to the first ep of Yashahime and one of the translators, who read the character profiles, Towa is currently stated to be in the Reiwa Era.
Yashahime Ep 1 - Sokyo/Yotsume: I have the book that you were carrying. Are the things written in here to be true. This 'Reiwa' you hail from...
So the girls are in either year 2019 or 2020 right now. It's from there that we can deduce the timeline.
(Source link for ages are from the SDDESengoku FB pg, and inuyasha-datos tumblr - which has pics of the official Inuyasha Guidebook/Profiles)
Inuyasha to Yashahime Timeline
** = same/repeat.
Timeline 1: 2019 Timeline 2: 2020
1996 - Inuyasha Begins: Kagome (15), Sango (16), Miroku (18), Kohaku (11), *Rin (8), *Sota (8), *Kaede (59). ** Although people think it started in 1997 it was actually a mistranslation. Japan School Year: April to late-March(of the next year).
1997: Kagome graduates MSchpt 530. Naraku defeated. Kagome (16), Sango (17), Miroku (19), Kohaku (12), Rin (9), Sota (9), Kaede (60). **Graduations occur in late-March/at the end of school year. She would still be 15 at Naraku's defeat but turn 16 later as her birthday is after the new school year not before it.
3 year time-skip **
2000 - Inuyasha Ends: Hisui is born. Kagome (19), Sango (20), Miroku (22), Kohaku (15), Rin (12), Sota (12), Kaede (63), twins (2-3). ** Kagome would still be 18 at the time of her high school graduation but turn 19 later.
5 year time-skip 6 year time-skip
2005: Towa, Setsuna, & Moroha are born. Sota (17), Kohaku (20), Hisui (5), Kagome (24), Sango (25), Miroku (27), Rin (17), Kaede (68). twins (7-8). 2006: Towa, Setsuna, & Moroha are born. Sota (18), Kohaku (21), Hisui (6), Kagome (25), Sango (26), Miroku (28), Rin (18), Kaede (69). twins (8-9).
4 year time-skip **
2009: Separation. Towa, Setsuna, & Moroha (4), Sota (21), Kohaku (24), Hisui (9), Kagome (28), Sango (29), Miroku (31), Rin (21), Kaede (72), twins (11-12). 2010: Separation. Towa, Setsuna, & Moroha (4), Sota (22), Kohaku (25), Hisui (10), Kagome (29), Sango (30), Miroku (32), Rin (22), Kaede (73), twins (12-13).
10 year time-skip **
2019 - Yashahime Begins: Towa, Setsuna, & Moroha (14). Sota (31), Kohaku (34), Hisui (19), Kagome (38), Sango (39), Miroku (41), Rin (31), Kaede (82), twins (21-22). 2020 - Yashahime Begins: Towa, Setsuna, & Moroha (14). Sota (32), Kohaku (35), Hisui (20), Kagome (39), Sango (40), Miroku (42), Rin (32), Kaede (83), twins (22-23).
Note: The demon character ages were given in terms of apparent appearance in human age. So I didn't add them to the timeline because their appearance legit didn't change the entire time and I didn't want the timeline to look too crowded with repeats.
So they would be the same human age throughout the entire timeline unless we see them look older in the future eps. Here are their ages.
Inuyasha (15), Shippo (7), Koga (15), Sesshomaru (19).
Note 2: After reviewing the chapters and asking around, it turns out Sota and Rin's age are never actually given or stated in the series. People just presumed their age. However, it was in S2 ep 3 that Kagome indirectly mentioned that he was in grade 3 - in which one would be 8-9 for that grade. It works in the end in which he is 12, and starting middle school, 4 years later. As for Rin, only her similar stature to Sota, in the beginning, gives indication to her age being the same so I put it as that.
Note 3: Kaede's age is also never given. All we know is that she is over 50. However, I made a guess on her age based on her height from the official Inuyasha chart where it showed that she was a kid. She was taller then Sota, who is 8, but shorter than Kanna who is 10. So I deduced her age at 9.
Note 4: Kagome's birthday is also never stated in the manga/anime or otherwise(wiki was incorrect). However, there is someone who made a good guess as to when it might be so check it out; it's still head-canon though.
Note 5: So, I've been aware that the Inuyasha anime apparently starts in 2000 - as in that is when Kagome fell into the well, for the anime, instead of 1996 like in the manga(shown in chpt 1). I would’ve made a timeline for where it starts in 2000, just so the fans can see, but there is an issue. After looking back, there is no source(anime eps/WordOfGod) for where it stated/showed that it was the year 2000. So, just in case I missed it, if anyone finds the ep or interview where it stated/showed that then please let me know so I can make that timeline or else just consider that timeline a misconception by fans and that the anime is reasonably following the manga it originally adapted from. 😅Also, please do not cite the copyright date/out-of-universe publication year of the Inuyasha anime to the viewers as in-universe canon evidence if the year 2000 was not actually shown or stated in-universe or by WordOfGod. That would still just be headcanon/fanon.
Hopefully this helps out most people who want to know. Enjoy guys! XD
Edit: Added Sango's twin daughters. Changed it to chart form.
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2020.05.10 01:07 LetTheChildrenSleep Sesshomaru's twins

So I thought they weren't going to be Sesshomaru's twins but they are and now I am back with my anxiety with WHO it could be. I know a lot of people don't want it to be Rin, and that's fine, but like... do you think maybe a villager from the village Rin was dropped off at? Some say he might have been a dead beat dad and my heart is breaking. I think Sess would be an amazing father!
Link for ref:
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2020.04.08 18:22 thatgirlthot3 Sesshōmaru and Rin debate

I’ve been rewatching Inuyasha lately and I’ve been reminded of the century old debate: what is sesshomaru and Rin’s relationship?
To be quite frank, I’ve never understood why people say it’s a fathedaughter relationship and romantic relationship. Both make me extremely uncomfortable as I rewatch the movies and episodes.
To me, I think it’s simply a deep bonded friendship. They found a bond within each other and it doesn’t have to be familial or romantic. I believe it’s platonic and I believe she has a very pure love for him, like a 5 year old declaring an 18 year old that they are dating, which is very pure and innocent. I believe she has great admiration for him and he want cares deeply for her.
I view Sesshōmaru as a child himself, although obviously not to the same extent as Rin. Sesshōmaru is suppose to look and act 18 years old. Imagining him as a father is so weird and uncomfortable for me. His personality show a lot of immaturity as he constantly tries to fight his brother and kill him. Also the fact that he completely disregard his father’s wishes and want revenge. It’s honestly how an 18 year old would act.
I love viewing them as companions more than anything that found a strong, platonic love within each other. Nothing familial or romantic. Just a unique friendship.
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2020.03.03 05:18 BraumDaRum I thought of trying this again.

Behold, my new and updated speculative guest characters. Drum roll please:
  1. Shadow of the Beast: Aarbron
  2. Kingdom Hearts: Sora, Kairi, Riku, Aqua, Ventus, Lea
  3. Shadow of Mordor: Talion, Eltariel, Baranor
  4. Warhammer-Age of Sigmar: a. (High Elves) Tyrion, Alith Anar b. (Lizardmen) Kroq-Kar, Tehenhuauin, Nakai the Wanderer, Gor-Rok c. (Dark Elves) Malekith, Crone Hellebron, Lokhir Fellheart, Malus Darkblade d. (Skaven) Queek Headtaker, Lord Skrolk, Tretch Craventail, Ikit Claw, Deathmaster Snikch e. (Vampire Coast) Luthor Harkon, Count Noctilus, Aranessa Saltspite f. (Tomb Kings) Settra the Imperishable g. (Empire) Karl Franz, Volkmar the Grim, Markus Wulfhart h. (Dwarves) Thorgrim Grudgebearer, Grombrindal the White Dwarf, Belegar Ironhammer, Ungrim Ironfist, Gotrek Gurnisson i. (Greenskins) Grimgor Ironhide, Azhag the Slaughterer, Skarsnik j. (Vampire Counts) Mannfred von Carstein, Vlad von Carstein, Isabella von Carstein, Krell k. (Norsca) Wulfrik the Wanderer, Throgg l. (Bretonnia) Louen Leoncoeur, Alberic de Bordeleaux, Repanse de Lyonesse, Green Knight, Henri le Massif m. (Wood Elves) Orion, Durthu n. (Beastmen) Khazrak the One-Eye, Morghur the Shadowgave o. (Chaos) Archaon the Everchosen, Kholek Suneater, Prince Sigvald the Magnificent
  5. Warhammer 40,000: Captain Titus, Gabriel Angelos, Gorgutz ‘Eadtaker, Abbadon the Despolier
  6. Berserk: Guts, Skull Knight, Nosferatu Zodd, Grunbeld
  7. Claymore: Clare
  8. Romeo+Juliet: Themselves
  9. Revolutionary Girl Utena: Utena Tenjou
  10. Dust-An Elysian Tail: Dust
  11. Darksiders: War, Death, Fury, Strife
  12. Yami, the Hat, and the Travelers of the Books: Hazuki Azuma
  13. Akai Ito: Kei Hatō, Uzuki Senba
  14. Aoi Shiro: Osanai Syouko, Kaya Narumi, Kohaku
  15. Goblin Slayer: Himself
  16. Inuyasha: Himself, Sesshomaru
  17. Attack on Titan: Mikasa Ackerman
  18. Cardcaptors: Sakura Kinomoto
  19. Conan the Barbarian: Himself
  20. Kill la Kill: Ryuko Matoi
  21. Dante’s Inferno: Dante
  22. Vexx: Himself
  23. Dead Space: Ubermorph
  24. Princess Knight: Sapphire
  25. Seraph of the End: Yuichiro Hyakuya
  26. Samurai Jack: Himself, Scotsman
  27. Red Sonja: Herself
  28. Xena-Warrior Princess: Herself
  29. Shadow Warrior: Lo Wang
  30. Dark Cloud: Toan, Max, Monica Raybrandt
  31. Ronin Warriors: Ryo Sanada, Kento Rei Fang, Sage Date, Cye Mouri, Rowen Hashiba
  32. Dororo: Hyakkimaru
  33. Rurouni Kenshin: Himura Kenshin
  34. Demon Slayer-Kimetsu no Yabia: Tanjiro
  35. Akame Ga Kill: Akame
  36. Mortal Kombat: Baraka, Shao Khan, Kotal Khan, Kitana, Jade, Kabal, Mileena, Geras, Takeda, Kenshi, Kung Lao
  37. Thundercats: Lion-O, Tygra, Panthro, Cheetara
  38. Bioshock: Delta, Sigma, Eleanor Lamb
  39. Predator: Himself
  40. A Nightmare on Elm Street: Freddy Krueger
  41. Friday the 13th: Jason Voorhes
  42. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Leatherface
  43. Halloween: Michael Myers
  44. Laid to Rest: Chromeskull
  45. Jeff the Killer: Himself
  46. Evil Dead: Ash Williams
  47. Doom: Doomguy
  48. Serious Sam: Himself
  49. Splatterhouse: Rick Taylor
  50. Overwatch: Reinhardt, Genji, Brigitte, Doomfist
  51. Black Blood Brothers: Jiro Mochizuki
  52. Nier: Kainé
  53. Drakengard 3: Zero
  54. Jubei-Chan - Ninja Girl: Jiyu Nanohana
  55. Imaro: Himself
  56. Afro Samurai: Himself
  57. Candyman: Himself
I highly endorse critique and further recommendations. Sorry for the weird formatting. Did it on my phone. Thought the SC crowd could use a boost.
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2019.05.16 16:22 AngelRyuxz Latest Inuyasha News

[7/7/2020 @ 10:00PM] There is a new anime coming in 2020!
Checkout the news here :

Don't forget the Discord Channel full of inuyasha fans and growing! Discord Channel
For other news, checkout this post flair for News
Feel free to comment down below if you have some news about inuyasha!
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2018.03.28 13:47 Phonecloth Why Inuyasha Sucks

For those of you who are blessed with ignorance, Inuyasha is a successful attempt by Rumiko Takahashi to market third-rate furry pr0n as legitimate media. A fully uncensored version of Inuyasha (rumpy - pumpy included) is stored in a Japanese bunker on the moon as a doomsday device. The "show" (I use the term loosely) runs a full 167 episodes (~61 hours) of which approximately 10 minutes is plot development, 10 hours show exactly the same "wind-scar" animation, and the rest is pseudo-romantic filler. The show has made it onto the "Shows I would rather contract Dysentery than watch" list along such gems as: Sailor Moon (all seasons) Robotech Masters Robotech (Invid Saga) Scryed Teen Titans (Seasons 2-4 and any episode that does not feature Mad Mod)
Part One: Plot Inconsistencies
  1. If their time is truly the "Feudal Era" then why do they all have baggy clothing with lavish colors? I was under the impression that manufacturing "haz-mat" red blimp covers would have been nearly impossible during that time period due to the scarcity of cloth, dye, and money to pay for such. Wouldn't the characters be limited to the earthen-toned rags that the rest of the peasants wear?
  2. Kagome is able to run around uttering a guttural howl (which our xenomorphic biologists believe to be a hunting call) even though the left-bottom quadrant of her stomach has been ripped off. (ep.1)
  3. Kagome somehow survived for 15 years with a jewel embedded in her small intestine.
  4. None of Inuyasha's limbs atrophied at all after being stapled to a tree for 15 years.
  5. After thousands of years of constant battle, normal peasants have no weapons that can successfully damage a demon.
  6. When previously mentioned normal weapons are given to a main character, they become about as dangerous as a "bouncing betty" with a vial of Ebola attached. (see ep.2)
  7. Despite the abilities to change direction in midair, run faster than any character in the show, and harden his own blood into blades, Inuyasha was not able to kill an unarmed and unarmored Kagome who was running directly away from him.
  8. Despite the fact that Inuyasha killed at least four villagers (look for a kerosene explosion in episode 2) and was presumed to have killed Kikyo, none of the villagers ever really objected to Inuyasha using their village as his "home base" of sorts, combined with the fact that they have no useful weapons, and make a living by tilling the same barren fields every day, leads me to believe that every single one of them is clinically retarded.
  9. ~Flashback Time~ Why would Inuyasha and Kikyo both want him to become human? So he could just be another defenseless villager working on his dirt farm? The village could have had TWO protectors, not just one.
  10. ~Flashback Time~ Why would Kikyo, the super demon killer priestess with years of experience, walk out into a demon infested forest unarmed, with a jewel that makes demons hundreds of times stronger?
  11. Why would she then completely ignore a huge gust of wind from behind?
  12. Why would she then assume that the demon was actually Inuyasha if he could have easily stolen it from her the previous night?
  13. Why, being slashed through the spinal cord, could she WALK back to the village?
  14. Why would Inuyasha believe that his assailant was truly Kikyo if she had no fewer than five chances to kill him before?
  15. Why do her arrows penetrate his "bulletproof" Robe of the Fire Rat?
  16. Wouldn't heating a jewel just make it warm, instead of blasting it into the future?
  17. Kagome travels into the past bringing technology from the future, but the present never changes.
An animated series is like a house you have to have a good foundation. If the foundation is made of bullshit, you have a horrible house. Add period-inappropriate costumes, 2d characters, and massive plot inconsistencies, and you get one saggy house. When the bullshit decays over time (167 episodes) it creates methane, which may explode, killing everyone in the house. Long analogy short: The show sucks.
Part 2: The Characters
Inuyasha- Coked-up surf bum I see, so he killed some people, but now he has friends, so it's okay. How he keeps said "friends" is a mystery to me. A boorish, incompetent, murder with an inferiority complex seems to be the least likely candidate for the willing company of living humans. Inuyasha's role in the show is to be a piece of saccharine flavored racial commentary.
Hint for the thicker out there: Half demon="The Negro"
Was that too deep for you? I remember something like this being done in X-men. And nearly every comic ever written since 1967! If Rumiko Takahashi has one strength, it's her originality. Finally, what is up with Inuyasha's blimp suit? It is supposed to protect him from damage, but it does no such thing. After the sword incident in ep-2 and the fire incident in ep-Whatever, the robe does NOTHING! Eventually, even swords can cut his suit like a blow torch through warm Jell-O.
Hojo- Idiot Hojo is a nice kid, studious, active, but with one main problem. He is insanely oblivious to every single thing going on around him. Hmm. Kagome disappears at random times, her friends talk constantly about some new "bad boy," and she is never actually sick when he sees her. All of these facts should add up to: "Dump the hypochondriac slut," but instead Hojo always gets: "lavish even larger gifts on her ungrateful self." Best way to end the series:
Kagome: Hojo! Help me with my homework, as I have been away for an unsatisfactorily explained reason! Hojo: If you want help with your homework, buy a bunk bed, and a large cheese pizza and call up the chess club you whore! Kagome faced with an intelligent person whom she cannot physically intimidate dissolves into a puddle of ectoplasm. BEST EPISODE EVER.
Kagome- Listening to this character speaks in the dub or sub versions, is like having my ears raped by a creepy old man made entirely out of shattered glass and Agent Orange. What makes the experience even worse is the fact that no useful information is ever contained in her strange baying. There are four types of anime girls: sporty, sickly, ditz, and jailbait. The writers tried to smash those pieces into one character, but of course, just got a pile of crumpled metal and burning human limbs. Problem A: Abusive. Kagome for some odd reason has the spirit of a PCB soaked leather-maiden haunting her body. As such, she continually smashes Inuyasha for the most ridiculous of offences. The best example was when Inuyasha was too smart for her: In episode 17 whole armies had been killed under strange circumstances, which left their bodies smelling like ink. Inuyasha &co came to investigate, and found a painter who smelled like blood. Inuyasha put two and two together inside of his dope-addled brain, and accosted the man. Kagome then beat him down because he was being "rude." If she is so "in love" with him, wouldn't she want to hear his side before she backstabs him? Her impatient tantrum cost another 50 or so soldiers their lives. Problem B: Too happy. Many of you may say "Hey you fagot she isn't too happy got it" To which I reply: Kill yourself. At any rate, for a person with thousands of lives on her conscience due to her own incompetence, she sure does a lot of staring into the sun with an innocent but brain-dead look on her face. I would think that she would be crying constantly about all of the corpses of children killed because of demon attacks brought about by her magical exploding jewel, or all of the deaths in the "hell painter" incident. The b***h has no conscience. End of story. Problem C: Useless What do you call someone in a fight who wears no armor, has no melee attacks, and never actually kills a "series villain?" Useless.
Remember this point? If The Centipede Lady, Demon Crow, Moth Demon 1, and all low level demons can sense the shards of the sacred jewel, Why couldn't Inuyasha (&co) not simply hire a low level demon to help them find the shards, instead of some jerk from the future who adds absolutely nothing else to the show? Generally it would be a better idea to hire an untrustworthy guide, than a passive-aggressive harlot from the future with a shock collar around the main character's neck. Problem D: Whore What do you call someone who accepts gifts and money under the flawed presumption of mutual attraction? A Whore. Given that she accepts gifts and praise from Koga and Hojo, and given that she seems more disposed to Inuyasha, she fits the criteria perfectly. In fact she is the only character in the show to transcend the normal "love triangle" to form the "rhombus of deceit." Great catch there man.
Kikyo- Worst Disappointment Ever. When I first heard about Kikyo, I was very impressed. Undead demon-killing machine with loads of cool competency and quiet knowledge? Exact opposite of Kagome you say? Well, sign me the hell up! Unfortunately, Kikyo turned out to be a mopey ice queen who spent all of her time in the shadows. But that's not all! Every time she tries to do something, she fails miserably.
Kikyo's Checklist: 1. Convince Inuyasha to commit suicide- FAILED 2. Help Naraku gain all of the fragments of the sacred jewel- FAILED (He did it on his own) 3. Kill Naraku for completed sacred jewel- FAILED 4. Remain hidden from Inuyasha- FAILED
Wow. Great catch here too. No wonder Inuyasha is having such a hard time choosing.
Kaede- Pirate Lady. I found it odd that she never even once said "ARR! Ye killed my sister! I will avenge her death!" In fact, she never even seemed angry at that fact. There was literally no difference between her behavior in episode 1 and her behavior in episode 167. She even trusted Inuyasha to BURY HER ALIVE in ep.4, and traded friendly banter with him in ep.2. All of the characters are emotionally dead shells of people.
Sango- Damaged Goods. A useless "aussie fighter chick" with no energy-based attacks whatsoever. Meaning: she cannot kill any important monsters. Not moth 1, not moth 2, nobody. That makes me very sad. What makes me even sadder is that aside from the three minutes before and after a Kohaku based event, she does not even seem like she remembers that her family was killed in front of her eyes. It might give her more of a reason to NOT be one of Inuyasha's cheerleaders. Oh, also she has a cat that's on fire.
Miroku- "Amber Alert\" After 167 episodes of his constant whining about how he needs a son, I have one thing to say: "Either risk your life against his poison to kill Naraku with your Wind Tunnel, or cut off your hand, you big p***y!" He has the perfect weapon against Naraku: The curse Naraku gave his grandfather. It sucks things up. Kill Naraku with it, and then cut off your hand. Or even better:
Foolproof plan to kill Naraku! 1. Drink antidote 2. Put tourniquet around arm 3. Kill Naraku with Wind Tunnel 4. If the poison still spreads from the NONEXISTANT wind-tunnel, cut off hand.
Hey guys, do you think that he like-likes Sango? I do! I wonder why they are both too cowardly to admit it. That's why their relationship is just a long filmstrip about sexual harassment and violence in the workplace. Either that, Or they just like hard play. Who knows?
Shippo: So? He's a small fox. Who can shape change, but for some reason never transforms into a giant monster, or handgun, or anything useful. Whee. Also, there was some foolishness about his father being killed. Why he is not emotionally scarred, I have no Idea, maybe because even being the most emotionally available character in the show; his performance is about as stiff as FDR's legs.
Sesshomaru- Dog Hitler Hmm. A strange man walking around the forest dressed like a sexually repressed bi-curious clown killing people. I wonder if he likes to play "masquerade" with the skin off of people's faces. His special attacks are: ejecting poison out of his manicured nails, using his Sailor-Senshi skip-rope powers, waving a sword in the general direction of an enemy, and turning into a really slow moving large dog. So, he hates people because they are [genetically]"inferior" and he kills them any chance he gets. That explains why one day, he randomly saves an orphan. Was his mascara a hallucinogen? Or did he finally decide to jump the kindergarten ladder? No one knows.
(Naraku Plot breakdown is the same) Naraku: Oh god. Years from now, when archaeologists are investigating the "Fahrenheit 451" style mass-graves of Inuyasha manga, they will recognize this character as the Hindenburg of all fictional villains.
Evil Plot Breakdown- Plot 1- I will kill Kikyo to steal the jewel, and then RETURN it to the village as part of my EVIL plan to make it more EVIL! (Despite the fact that the whole jewel, even 50% evil, would have made him the most powerful demon ever.)
Plot 2- I will kill the demon hunter tribe, and then save one demon hunter, who I will have fight Inuyasha to the death, not even suspecting that she will turn against me within five minutes, then since that didn't work out, I will just raise her brother from the dead, who will continually break out of my EVIL mind control, and never succeed in more than one mission (Naraku's baby)
Plot 3- I really hate this monk, so I will give him the superpowers needed to defeat me! All he has to do is risk his life by sucking up three poison insects, and I will be surely doomed, but if that isn't enough, each ancestor of his gets another try at revenge! That sure shows him!
Plot 4- I will raise the Shinentai (band of Seven), the most untrustworthy band of assassins ever, and I will trust them with the shards of the sacred jewel! The leader of the Shinentai only needs to kill a few more demons to make his sword powerful enough to defeat me, so if he is untrustworthy, I will send low-level demons after him!
guess what happens to plot #4?
Bankotsu- Dead Bankotsu was the coolest character ever for two minutes. The two minutes where he was beating Inuyasha to death with his bare hands. But then, he all of a sudden, decided to not do that. Long story short, he acted like a chump and died. Making him the least cool character. It's a Cinderella story.
Jakotsu- Gay! Hooray! Jakotsu serves no purpose in the show other than to be a stereotypical gay person. Whee. I swear, Will & Grace did not run that wagon into the ground fifteen years ago. The one thing I needed was more gay characters with no personalities other than the obvious. Man. I need more formulaic television. I'm going to watch "Friends" as soon as I finish writing this.
Part 3: Music The music sucks:
I want to change the world Piercing through the gales, unafraid of anything, Now I hold my courage and pieces of my smile Change my mind If we reach out to the soaring future without losing our passion, we'll be able to shine, It's wonderland
So, you are a fickle person with only a half smile who is way over her head? Good to know.
You've left something in the far reaches of the grey sky, and you keep on searching as you wander. In the night when your heart shook, and I can't see tomorrow I can't believe anything, and close my ears. When I met you, I found my true place in life. An innocent kindness is right here. And so we awaken...
Only stalkers, hypocrites, and prisoners find their place in life through somebody else.
I want to change the world I won't hesitate again. If I can shape a future with you, then I can fly anywhere. Change my mind I can spread my wings and fly towards the unknown future without losing my passion. Its wonderland
Remember kids: don't hesitate! Lives have been lost thinking through life-changing decisions. You know, instead of blowing them to the wind like you should. And so, the song repeats over and over again until the audience either watch the show, or dies of kidney failure due to the sheer amount of preachy and saccharine idiocy injected directly into their bloodstream.
Part 4: Relationship-O-Rama Possible pairings list: Inuyasha > Kagome Inuyasha>Kikyo Inuyasha>Sango Inuyasha>Miroku Kagome>Inuyasha Kagome>Koga Kagome>Naraku (tort, noncon) Kagome>Sesshomaru Sango>Miroku Sango>Naraku Sango>Sesshomaru Sango>Kagome Miroku>Kagura Demon-Inu>Hojo (bd,tort,noncon,oral,gangbang,racist,i,m/m/m/m/m/m/m/m) vote for me on! Actual pairings: None>None There is never going to be any emotional advancement at all in the series. There never has been. They will just keep on trucking' with the same first-grader "ambiguous relations" nonsense. They will keep going around in circles blushing at, and abusing each other until eventually the entire Inuyasha marketing universe crashes down on Takahashi's head. At which point, I sincerely hope that she wakes up out of her stupor and injects some originality into the show. Hopefully with Kagome kissing a bullet to get things moving.
Every single thing about that show is morally repugnant to an insane degree. Every single character is a 2-d facade marred by horrible voice acting, insanely boring histories, and ongoing incompetence by the writers of the show. Watching an episode of inuyasha is the visual equivalent of being hit in the face by projectile diarrhea.
Let's go over the characters again.
Inuyasha: Cool! He murdered innocent women and children during his raid on Kikyo's village, but he is not really a bad person! He was just momentarily angry! Right... Usually, when someone kills people while insanely angry, we call that person a "wife beater" and lock them away for a long time. Despite going on a murderous rampage, he is the hero of the show. Usually, heroes are strong, moral, and crafty. Inuyasha is none of the three. He was a low class thug until he got his hands on "daddy's magic sword," he killed women and children, and he is dumb as a dump truck full of bricks.
Kagome: Idiot from the future. She cannot fight at all, despite her "super kikyo powers," and she is just around as a "sacred jewel detector.
Miroku: HAHAHA! He touched Sango's butt! But she slapped him! HAHAHA! There are some jokes that become more and funnier over time. Sexual harassment is not one of them. I cannot tell which is more pathetic, Miroku getting his jollies by groping a clearly emotionally traumatized shell of a person, or Sango never actually leaving the area to call human resources. One argument would be that she not so secretly loves him, but continual sexual harassment "on a hunch" is not the way to go.
As for his fighting ability, he is practically useless. In every single fight that actually matters, there are always poison insects, magic ink, or poison zombies on the scene that prevent him from using his "wind tunnel." Thus relegating his position from "fighter", to "guy who stands on the sidelines and yells INUYASHA!"
Sango: What can I say, she is just a basically useless "aussie fighter chick" with severe emotional problems, and a flaming cat. Sure the cat is useful to carry things, but neither of them have any sort "SUPERDEATHENERGYATTACK +100" making it impossible for them to defeat any of the large demons (moth 1, moth 2) that actually matter.
Shippo: So? He's a small fox. Who can shape change, but for some reason never transforms into a giant monster, or handgun, or anything useful. Whee.
Sesshomaru: I have nothing against men who like to dress up as women, but I do have something against men who dress up like women in parachute pants. PARACHUTE PANTS! Apparently, in addition to being a callous smug jerk with no respect for human life, he is also channeling the ghost of M.C. Hammer. I look at Sesshomaru as "dog Hitler" and all of the nice law-abiding people in the area as Poland. Plus, randomly saving an orphan right in the middle of a killing' walk does not make a character "deep" it makes him contrived, clich?d, and ridiculous.
In conclusion: Inuyasha is one of the worst TV show marketing universes on the planet. Every time I thought the show had bottomed out, It just got worse.
Ladder of Disappointment: 1. Hey! City Hunter isn't on! 2. Man, this theme music sucks. 3. Hero will most likely become a date-rapist. 4. Heroine a passive-aggressive control freak. 5. Miroku's only lesson: "Sometimes no means yes" 6. Koga killed some orphans, but that's okay, because he has friends now. 7. Sesshomaru's parachute-pants/stole combo makes him look like one ugly lady.
I am severely disappointed in Rumiko Takahashi for unloading her particular brand of crap on our innocent TV networks, but I am more disappointed in the particular brand of idiot who happens to bypass all critical thought to actually enjoy the show. Jesus you guys, just watch Volition or City Hunter or something.
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2017.02.02 07:31 EelKat My 30th Anniversary of Being Transgender (February 5, 1987 - 2017) How & Why I Became OtherKin

My 30th Anniversary of Being Transgender (February 5, 1987 - February 5, 2017) How & Why I Became OtherKin A Look Inside The Daily Life Of's Bride of Sesshomaru - known as the internet's most extreme Life Acting CosPlayer or The Woman Who Lived As Lord Sesshomaru for 9 Years:

I identify as OtherKin because it's easier to explain to people then the fact I don't feel male or female and sometimes feel one or the other or both. So, here's what happened...
I was born a female, but since 1987, have lived as a male, living as a transvestite (f2m2f; confusing I know); While walking to the library (1/4 mile from home) a man (a blond construction worker; probably in his 30s or 40s) started following me and kept asking for sex; he was convinced I was a prostitute (not sure why, I certainly wasn't dressed in anything "prostitute-like, due to being a Mormon) and kept getting mad and yelling and he wouldn't leave me alone. He followed me all the way to the library, then followed me in the library. I went to the librarians lunch room to hide from him. Stayed there about an hour reading a book, he paced around the door the whole time.
After a while he left the building and I went back to what I was doing. (Getting books I needed for school work.) I did my studying and stuff. Was probably there another 2 hours before packing up and going home. I get maybe 500 yards from the library, about to cross the street and standing at the crosswalk waiting for cars to stop, when the same guy suddenly shows up behind me and grabs my arm, tries to drag me off the side. He's yelling, "I know you're a hooker!"
I'm just a kid, and I was only about 4'8" at the time, I'm not very big and he's a big adult. I couldn't get away from this guy and there was no one around to help. I try telling him I'm not a prostitute and I'm only 12, and he starts laughing and talking about how no one that young has boobs that big.
Since I was 12 years old I've had 38D boobs. TWELVE years old and I had boobs bigger then most adult women!
This goes on for maybe a minute, it all happened so fast. And he's not letting go of me and trying to drag me off and suddenly I scream out the first thing that came to my head: "I'm a man!"
I have no idea why I said it. It's not something I planned or thought about or anything, it just came out and kind of shocked me that I even said it but soon as I screamed "I'm a man!" he just let go of me and jumped back and looked horrified and then ran off.
I was like: "OMG! That guy was gonna rape me, but he didn't because he thought I was a man!"
My grandmother had a friend who was a transvestite, and we visited him a few times a week so I knew about such things as transvestites (a transvestite being a man who dresses like a woman but still uses male pronouns and is not taking hormones etc because he's not trying to be a woman, he just dresses like one) but beyond transvestites I didn't know anything else about the trans community.
Somehow, I got it into my head that the only way to protect myself from men like that guy who'd attacked me, was to become a transvestite like my grandmother's friend, because saying I was a man, was what saved me from the attacker. So I got to know my grandmother's friend better and found out more about the trans community through him, and next thing I know I'm binding my mega huge boobs, and going out of my way to look like a man, dressed as a woman.
That same year, my favorite person on the planet (Liberace) died. The man was a cape wearing rhinestone legend. I was devastated when he died and I immediately started dressing like him in over the top feather encrusted sequin capes and ball gowns. I went big time Liberace Drag Queen - yes at 12 years old.
My mom who made pageant dresses for little girls helped me make my first costumes. I was lucky that both my parents and my 3 brothers were all very accepting of my lifestyle right from the beginning.
I grew to absolutely hate my giant boobs, because they were just always in the way. I'm a skinny girl, and could wear tiny sizes, size 2, but these huge boobs result in I have to wear size Queenxxx (14xxx) because most women with boobs my size have boobs this big because they also have a waist and hips the same size as well. Even with binding, I couldn't mash my boobs down enough to fit in clothes that fit the rest of my tiny body. My body to boob ratio is like a Barbie dolls. :(
That was 30 years ago.
Around 1991 I discovered manga and anime and went Elf crazy.
In 2007 I made my biggest change when I (known online as fanfic writer Bride of Sesshomaru) "became" Lord Sesshomaru and started living full time, 24/7 as the legendary transvestite cartoon dog demon.
In 2012 I changed again, from Sesshomaru to Quaraun (a transvestite Moon Elf wizard from Dungeons and Dragon's SpellJammer) and whom I currently continue to live as now in 2017.
For the longest time I had a hard time fitting in with most of the trans community because not only was I a woman living as a man living as a woman, but I was also a Human living as an Elf.
People would call me a "thing" and an "it" and "that's a what not a who". It was very frustrating because I'm rarely accepted in "normal" society because my lack of normal gender identity and at the same time I'm rarely accepted in trans community because of my trans-species identity.
This year 2017, marks the 30th anniversary of my being a female Human who lives as a male Elf living as a woman. I spent most of that time hating my huge boobs and binding them and wishing they were gone. It's only been the last 2 years that I've stopped binding and come to love my boobs, because I discovered, while most cloths don't fit my body well - corsets do. OMG! small waist and big boobs are made for wearing corsets!YAY! A fashion I can wear without having to shop in extra jumbo plus sizes!
Since 2014, I've worn kimono and corsets every day, but before that I was binding every day. And as I identified as a transvestite, most people thought I was born male. Then when I started wearing corsets and suddenly had big boobs, people all of a sudden thought I had breast implant surgery to "become a woman" LOL! It was so funny, because I'd been a woman living as a man living as a woman so long, people thought I really was a man and thought I'd had surgery to become a women... when I explained, "No, I was born female," everyone was more confused then ever, because most trans people are m2f or f2m but the m2f2m and f2m2f are so rarely heard of that a lot of people don't even know us m2f2m and f2m2f s even exist!
For years I had considered having breast reduction surgery and sex reassignment surgery (adding a penis) but never did. Strange thing is, now I know longer feel any need to. Not sure why. I think over the years I've just grown comfortable with my body and have kind of excepted the fact that it is what it is.
I am what I am. I'm a female Human who lives as a male transvestite Elf living as a woman. I don't fit fluidly into any gender, and so I say OtherKin or ElvenKin and leave it at that.
A drastic change came to our lives, me and my family, however, when I stopped binding my boobs and locals suddenly assumed I was born male and had had surgery. Today as a result of my no longer binding my breasts - 2 of my cousins are dead - 1 beheaded, 1 his brains blown out with a gun by a police officer, 10 of my cats are being held hostage by an Old Orchard Beach police officer, 2 of my cats were beheaded their heads nailed to my door, a bomb blew up my house, 11 officers from the Old Orchard Beach police department filled my motorhome with feces and smashed my cats heads in... and the town of Old Orchard Beach passed an ordinance banning transgender people from living in town, working in town or even setting foot in town (from January 6 2016 to September 2, 2016).
Welcome to Old Orchard Beach, Maine, the town that has openly and publically declared me, a straight woman, "Too Gay For The Family Friendly Town of Old Orchard Beach."
My question is why is everyone worked up over the terrorists overseas and not doing a thing about the terrorists groups here in America? Worrying about terrorists in other countries, punishing people who have nothing to do with the terrorism, doesn't do anything to stop the terrorists groups here in America, like the Ku Klux Klan, who are ACTIVELY MURDERING AND TERRORISING people in Maine. My cats were kidnapped April 10, 2015 by the kkk. To date, the heads of 2 of them have been nailed to my door, the legs and tails of 2 others also, 2 escaped with horrific injuries but found their way home, and 10 are still unaccounted for, presumed to be held hostage and the police (and now the FBI) have yet to find them (the FBI is involved because a bomb also blew up my house and a ku klux klan cross was left behind in my yard.) We are thankful 2 of them got back to us alive (though one is missing all of her teeth and most of her jaw due to having been tortured).
We are not white as you could imagine (though our skin is physically whiter then the skin of these White Power haters). The KKK has become increasingly more violent around here the past couple of years. In the past 3 years 140 families have reported 500+ pets kidnapped and murdered, all belonging to non white or LGBTQ families, with KKK crosses being left in people's yards. It's horrific that hate groups exist, and it's horrific that they see nothing wrong with torturing animals just because the pets' owners are not white. Why do such hateful people exist? (They don't stop with pets either - 4 people have been beheaded as well. It's a nightmare the things going on around here.)
It's been nearly 2 years since our cats were taken and we were not that hopeful of them still being alive. They were all senior cats, 3 of them would be 18 years old now. But last month someone left a pile of used cat litter on our door step, we assume it's a message from the kidnappers, saying our cats are still alive and more heads are to be returned soon. It gives us hope of finding them alive, but dread of more of their heads being nailed to our door at the same time. I wish we knew who was doing this so we can get our cats back before more of them are tortured to death.
But heck, this is Maine, where it's LEGAL to discriminate against transgender citizens. On January 6, 2016 Old Orchard Beach, Maine passed an ordinance banning tans and gay residents. Sheriffs forced 140 families out of their homes - not apartments - houses and farms they owned outright (I know, my family was one of them - I got the 700 page court document to prove it) from January 6, 2016 to September 2, 2016 trans families were homeless and living in their cars while they were not allowed to set foot in their own homes. I lived in my home since 1975! Not one news report would cover it, so no one outside of our town even knows it happened.
But hey, we also have Saco Shaws aka "The Transgender Murder Store" where it is okay to beat up LGBTQ shoppers with shopping carts (I have 3 ruptured discs in my spine, crippled and on a cane, because I'm trans in Maine where police say "well, what can ya do? Look how you're dressed. It's not like you weren't asking for it"- beheaded 4 of them right in the store- (one of the 4 being my cousin- it's a damned grocery store - I've shopped there since 1978, now I have to drive an hour away just to buy milk without getting beaten up with a shopping cart - I was paralized for 5 months, I'm crippled on a cane for the rest of my life now) ...
oh let's see what else? Kidnapping 500+ pets so far belonging to LGBTQ owners (10 of the kidnapped cats were mine, my brother's, and my moms') 2 of my cats have had their heads returned, nailed to my door - oh wait, there that too - a bomb blew up my house... that wasn't in the news either, but hey, head to my "Maine's Transgender Murder" series of videos and let me show you a picture of the 30 foot hole in the ground the bomb left behind, while you're there, check out the 8 foot tall ku klux klan cross standing in my yard. Think it's safe to go to the police for help? Most of the violence and brutal home invasions were done by police officers WITHOUT WARRANTS. Welcome to the REAL Maine.
I shudder to think the state of our country if 4 people being beheaded by the Ku Klux Klan doesn't make even local news, let alone national news, I think it's a terrible thing to think how White Power is allowed to get away with ACTUAL MURDER and it's not news worthy, yet, white powers are also allowed to spread hate and ban none white. Banning races from America just proves white power is on the rise in America and it's only going to get worse.
I'm glad to see people standing up for the rights of others but they aren't protesting a threat that would kill them while they protest. How many of these protesters would be willing to come here to Old Orchard Beach Maine and stand up face to face with the Ku Klux Klan, a threat that carries loaded shotguns and swords and will blow your brains out if you dared march into our town with signs and are protected by the police officers who are members of their group? All their protesting doesn't put heads back on my murdered cats.
March around the Old Orchard Beach Police Department, say no to the cat murdering KKK police officers of OOB, March around the Old Orchard Beach Town Hall, say no to a gay hating code enforcement officer who put feces 3 feet deep in my motorhome. Your neighbouring residents of Old Orchard Beach need your march a lot more then people overseas who you'll never actually help. But you can help you home state. Stop the transgender murders of Maine. Stop the slaughter of LGBTQ residents pets. Stop the terrorism that is taking place, not overseas, but you in your own back yard. Open your eyes to the terrorists right here in Maine and bring peace of mind to your own neighbours, before the the KKK murders any more of us right in earshot of your own children.
Trump wants to protect us from radical terrorists. Okay. I agree with that part, but why then is he going after a threat that kills on average 11 Americans a year (immigrants) instead of the threat that kills on average 12,000 Americans a year (the KKK)? Explain that to me.
I have been transgender since February 5, 1987. I have lived in this town since August 13, 1975. It was only since they learned I was trans that the violence started. It's not right. The things these people have done are horrific - pointing out here that the white haired man in the 4-door white truck, who is the ring leader of these locals, is also the very same construction worker who tried to rape me 30 years ago resulting in my becoming transgender.

Answering Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: What is OtherKin?
It depends on who you ask, as different groups these days, give different meanings (many of them quite ridiculous). Originally it meant having a spiritual connection with mythical beings or nature spirits and is an aspect of Animistic Religious practices. Shamanism (both Mongolian and Native American types) and Voodoo practice it at part of religious devotion.
An example most people could understand is a Native American going on a spirit quest to meet their spirit guide, finding a crow, later dreaming of the crow, and then dressing in crow feathers to emulate the crow and honour the crow as their spirit guide. This is OtherKin in it's truest, purest form, uncorrupted by the insanity that is Tumblr.
Question: So, I've just discovered the otherkin community, and I feel that there are a lot of things about the community that I can relate to, but I was hoping someone could help find what I'm looking for. I know that otherkin refers to people that identify as something non-human, but I feel totally human. The reason why I'm asking these questions is merely to get some perspective, for whether I believe it's real or not, I think it's rather fascinating that people think they are/actually are other creatures in human bodies. I also just like to hear both sides of the story/debate, so that I can better formulate my own thoughts and opinions on the matter of otherkin.
No. That would be the Tumblr definition.
We are Human. We know we are Human.
We identify WITH something non-human, not AS something non-human. It's that one little word being mixed up with vs as that causes most of the misinformation about us on the internet
It means having a spiritual connection WITH mythical beings or nature spirits and is an aspect of Animistic Religious practices.
We do not BECOME something non-human. We live at one WITH something non-human.
We are NOT non-human.
We do NOT claim to be non-human.
Like any other follower of any other religious path, we strive to live a life that follows in the footsteps of something better then ourselves, as a way to better our lives and the lives of those around us.
Question: But what about the people who claim to be a dog and run around on all fours barking?
It's called Dissociative Identity Disorder, sometimes referred to as Multiple Personality Disorder. It is a person who can not tell the difference between fantasy or fiction, fact or reality. It is a mental disorder caused by a chemical imbalance to the brain and is treated with medication.
There is a vast difference between being inspired by the spirit of a dog and dressing up in furry costumes or having a dog for a familiar to better yourself as a Human (OtherKin activities) versus actually claiming you are a dog (mental health issues).
Dressing like a dog, does not make you a dog.
Being inspired by dogs, does not make you a dog.
Anyone claiming to be not Human is NOT OtherKin. That's NOT what OtherKin is about.
Any one who tells you they are OtherKin because they ARE NOT HUMAN, is NOT OtherKin and doesn't know what OtherKin actually is.
Question: What do you identify as?
I am ElfKin.
Question: You are ElfKin, so does that mean you think you are an Elf?
No. I am Human. I know I am Human. I wish I wasn't Human. I would like to be an Elf. I wear long embroidered robes, long point ears, long knee length wigs, gold claws, velvet capes, and have been dubbed by the locals as "The Gay Elf Wizard". Yes, I look like an Elf, I dress like an Elf, I act like an Elf. But I know that I am not an Elf.
I lived like this off and on throughout the 1970s and 1980s. February 5, 1987 I abandoned "Human" life/clothes/activities to make a radical change in my life to live 24/7/365 as an Elf. This week will be my 30th anniversary of doing so. I have not lived as a Human in 30 years, however, I have never at any time in those 30 years ever claimed that I was NOT a Human or that I actually WAS an Elf.
Why? Because I AM a Human. I am NOT an Elf.
I live as though I were an Elf, even though I know I am not one. I would like to be an Elf, but I know Elves are fictional creatures. I model my life after the life of an Elf, but I know that no matter how much I look, talk, dress, or act like an Elf, I will never fully become one. I know the difference between reality and fantasy.
Elves are mythical creatures of folklore, originally known as Alfar and came in three distinct "types" : Light, Grey, and Dark similar to Angels, Grigori (Fallen Angels) & Demons.
Being ElfKin means I live a lifestyle inspired by the Alfar mythology and embrace doing things an Alfar would do.
Being ElfKin does not mean you become an Elf. It means in every aspect of life you chose your actions based on "What would an Elf do?" in exactly the same way a Christian bases their actions on "What would Jesus do?" It is exactly the same thing. No different at all. Just as a Christian does not become Jesus and ElfKin does not become an Elf.
Question: Why Elves?
Unlike the Elves of popular fiction, novels, movies, and games, actual Alfars of mythology are peaceful creatures who abhore weapons, war, and violence. Their race became extinct because of their refusal to cause harm to any life, to such an extent that they would not take up arms even to defend themselves. They lived at one with plants and animals and focus their lives of bring joy, happiness, and healing to others.
ElfKin is what Christianity claims to be, except while Christian say they believe those things, their violent actions and hatemongering proves otherwise. Unlike Christians, ElfKin actually practice what they preach and live fully non-violent lives, harming none regardless of race, culture, gender, sexuality, religion, or otherwise.
Question: Why do you dress like that?
I'm a huge Liberace fan. I wear bright colours, glitter, feathers, and rhinestones because Liberace did.
Question: I suppose this is a more selective question, but how exactly can you say you are a fictional character in a human body (say, Lara Croft from Tomb Raider or Aragorn from LotR)? Is it a personality thing? I've been reading about fictionkin lately, and I'm curious; how do "doubles" work?What happens if you swear up and down that you are this particular character, but then come across someone else who claims that they are that same character?
There is no such thing as "doubles" in the sense of you actually being the character.
I lived as Lord Sesshomaru for about 9 years (if you were active in Squidoo's OtherKin circles, you probably know me as I was the admin of those groups).
One thing I think a lot of people (including many of today's FictionKin) fail to understand is you DO NOT BECOME the person, but rather you are more of their "disciple".
If you fully believe you ARE the characteanimal/creature (for example Lord Sesshomaru, a demon, a fox, or a car), then you have a mental disorder, probably D.I.D., and are in need of medication. Becoming something not Human is NOT what OtherKin is.
There is a vast difference between following in the footsteps of your hero and believing you are that hero. And that's where most people outside of OtherKin get confused. OtherKin is a spiritual journey, similar to following a religious path. Originally it meant having a spiritual connection with mythical beings or nature spirits and is an aspect of Animistic Religious practices. Shamanism (both Mongolian and Native American types) and Voodoo practice it at part of religious devotion.
In my case. I am ElfKin. Does that mean I believe I am an Elf or that I was an Elf in a past life? No. Why? Because Elves are not real. I know Elves are not real. Elves are mythical creatures of folklore,.
When FictionKin enters it simple means you are embodying the spiritual path of a fictional character. And as I said, I've walked the FictionKin path myself and I know from doing it the vast amount of misconceptions, urban myths, and stereotypes there are surrounding it.
I lived as Lord Sesshomaru. A Dog Demon from a Japanese comic book and cartoon series called InuYasha. Does that mean I actually believed I WAS Lord Sesshomaru? No! Of course not! That's just silly. Lord Sesshomaru is a fictional character created by author Rumiko Takahashi. I dressed like him. Four foot long white wig, talon claws on my fingers, 14 foot long tail and all, even went and bought an authentic 200 year old wedding furisode just like he does (rather then a CosPlay costume). Why dress like him to those extremes if I did not believe I was him? Because it better puts me in the frame of mind of "What would Sesshomaru do?" And because he's gorgeous and I wanted to look like him and heck, who wouldn't want to dress like a transvestite samurai prancing around the countryside in an antique wedding dress? Not a lot of people I know.
But fact is, it takes brass balls to be a male samurai and prance around in a wedding dress...think about it. How many men are gong to head out to battle with their trusty sword and their pristine wedding dress? I know he was a fictional character who was supposed to be insane, but I got to thinking, there has to be a bigger reason why this guy is storming across Japan in a wedding dress. I mean think of the criticism a man would get if he did that in real life?
How many men do you know in real life with the balls to put on a wedding dress and walk out in public. I was like:"OMG! That takes a heck of a lot of courage and self esteem! I wonder if I have enough courage and self esteem to wear a wedding dress all day every day of my like just like Lord Sesshomaru does?"
And so I did it to see if I could. And I was scared out of my mind and wanting to run and hide, shy as heck, but I was like: "I can do this! I'm going to get over being shy! I'm going to embody the same fearless spirit as Lord Sesshomaru and dress just like he does every day - to work t school, to do my shopping, around the house... I'm going to kill every last ounce of shyness in me and do this!... And I did. For 9 years.
Does that mean I actually thought I was Sesshomaru? No! I was using him as inspiration to help me get over my poor self esteem and it worked. And THAT is what OtherKin is all about... not becoming something else, but embodying the spirit of something else in order to better yourself and the world around you.
Question: I want to make clear that I am honestly a skeptic of otherkin. HOWEVER, that doesn't mean I don't tolerate them. Heck, a good friend and -speaking honestly- a bit of a crush of mine is otherkin, (I believe she was a hellhound).
If she WAS a HellHound, then she WASN'T OtherKin. Sorry.
In spite of common urban mythology floating around (mostly on Tumblr) otherKin DOES NOT mean you are something not Human.
Also, how old was she? all 50 states in America require you to be over 18 or have a parents permission to join a religion. Yes, I did say religion.
A large part of the problem with OtherKin misconceptions is the fact that uneducated children overhear adults say things and misinterpret what is said. Retell the misinterpretation to their friends (usually via Tumblr) who further misinterpret it and change the meaning yet again. The whole process goes something like this:
ADULT while lighting candles on her wolf altar: "Blessed Mother Wolf. Guide me safely through this day."
CHLID/TEEN: "Whatcha doing mom?"
ADULT: "I am praying to my spirit guides."
CHILD/TEEN: "How come you got all these neato wolf pictures on the table?"
ADULT: "That's not a table. This is my sacred altar to Mother Wolf. I am OtherKin. I am at one with the Wolf Spirits. Mother Wolf sends her pack to protect me at work. I pray to her every morning, for her love and protection."
CHILD/TEEN ON TUMBLR: "My mom is OtherKin."
TUMBLR FRIEND: "What's OtherKin?"
CHILD/TEEN ON TUMBLR: "I don't know. I don't think my mom is Human. I think she's a wolf or something."
TUMBLR FRIEND: "Hey that sounds fun. Let's be wolves too!"
CHILD/TEEN ON TUMBLR: "HOOOOOOOOOOOOOWL! I'm a wolf! Let me got get some wolf ears for us. We can run around on all fours! Yay! This is fun! I am WolfKin! Yay!"
a few days later
CHILD/TEEN ON TUMBLR: "I'm bored with being a wolf, hellhounds are more exciting. Let's be hellhounds. I am HellHoundKin! Yay!"
a few days later
CHILD/TEEN ON TUMBLR: "Hey did you read Twilight? I am so in love with Jaboc. I don't want to be a HellHound today. Now I'm a werewolf. I am WereWolfKin! Yay!"
TUMBLR FRIEND: "I want to be Edward. I'm gonna be VampireKin. Look at me! I'm a vampire!"
Obviously that's watered down, but fact is, OtherKin is a religious practice. A spiritual path. It's a type of Animism, similar to Paganism, often practiced by Pagans, Wiccans, etc. And children and teens running around saying they ARE non-Human creatures and calling it OtherKin, is no different from a white man painting his skin black and trying to pass for an African American.
It's rude and disrespectful. It's immature children mocking a very sacred religious practices, teenagers looking to join a clique', and people with mental illnesses not getting the help they need.
OtherKin means having a spiritual connection with mythical beings or nature spirits and is an aspect of Animistic Religious practices. Shamanism (both Mongolian and Native American types) and Voodoo practice it at part of religious devotion.
An example most people could understand is a Native American going on a spirit quest to meet their spirit guide, finding a crow, later dreaming of the crow, and then dressing in crow feathers to emulate the crow and honour the crow as their spirit guide. This is OtherKin in it's truest, purest form, uncorrupted by the insanity that is Tumblr.
Question: Oh, and this is sort of a semi-serious question, so feel to ignore it, but how do you feel when a website asks you to click a little checkbox asking if you're human?
No. Never even thought of it before, so I guess I have no feelings on it either way. I probably will now though, LOL!
Question: As I have limited experience with the community, I apologize if i said something that crosses any lines, I mean this to be as unoffensive as possible.
Nope. No lines were crossed. You're fine. I'm used to a lot of bigotry and hate tossed my way. You did none of that. Not a lot of people looking for actual answers or seeking to understand how we live.
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2015.04.04 06:56 flutterguy123 Team of The Month: Gotei 13 Captains(Bleach)

This was made by both me and mrtangelo! He is just as much a part of this as me!
Team Summary:
The Gotei 13 is a group of shinigami that protect the afterlife and the souls that reside there. Their is 1 captain for each of the 13 divisions. Each captain is seen as 1 of the strongest Shinigami in the world.
terms to know
1.Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto -
Yamamoto is head of the entire Gotei 13 and easily the strongest of all the captains. At first he seemed to be a kind but strict old man. Until eventually it is revealed just how badass he is. Under his usual uniform he is actually extremely buff. While usually dealing with politics he isnt afraid to jump right into a fight and kick some ass. He is entirely okay with killing an enemy if threatened and even forcefully put down his own subordinates. He is also the physically strongest captain. When an enemy rekt like 2 other captains and stole his swords power he just beat the thing with his bare hands.
The wood cane withers away to reveal and old and worn Katana. the sword then proceeds to burn into Flames. these flames are so hot that in a short time they can evaporate all the water in the soul society. He can send blasts of fire at his enemies and create pillars of fire. He cam also send out flames that form a shape and stay in place.
All the flames from the sword are drawn into the sword to reveal a charred and worn out blade. The sword has four abilities all represented as directions. East concentrates the all the fire into the edge of the blade. The edge becomes so hot that it erases what it directly contacts from existence. West covers his body in 15,000,000 degree heat that is hot it doesn't create fire unless Yamamoto wills it to. South calls apon the ashes of all the people he has ever killed, formes them a flaming corpses body, and makes them fight for him. North is a slash of concentrated fire and heat which incinerate whatever it touches out of existence
  • Major fights
Yamaotto vs Aizen
Allon vs Yamamoto
Yamamoto vs Shunshui and Jushiro
2.Suì-Fēng - She is the commander of 2nd Division of the Gotie. Her and her division specialize in stealth Ops making her a quick killer. Born to the Fēng noble family Suì-Fēng was raised to be a militia just like the rest if her family. She trained hard and long until she was taken in to be one of the special guards of Yoruichi Shihōin. A person she would be trained by and grow extremely close to(and also kind of obsess over).
Sui-fons sword now takes the shape of an arm band and a small blade attached to her middle finger. When the blade strikes an opponent a butterfly marking appears around the wound. When that marking is struck again the enemy dies
Its basically a giant fucking nuke. Soi-feng can fire up to 1 of these every 3 days and boy is it worth it. When the missile hit the shockwave is so strong that she has to be weight down the avoid damage despite being huge distances away.
  • Major fights
Soi-fon vs Yoruichi Shihoin
3.Rōjūrō Ōtoribashi(Rose) - 3rd Division Captain
Rose is a rather foppish mans that most often gives off an aura of disinterest. He is a very layed back man that is often seem reading manga and tuning his guitar. He also has a great love of music. While he usually disinterested Rose does care a great deal for his fellow Vizards.
Roses shikai is shown as an extreamly long and thick whip with a spike flower at the end. When Rose taps the base of the whip stringed instrument sounds go out and harsh vibrations travel down the whip damaging what ever it touches. Rose can also do a move where he pretends to play the piano a invisible strings attack his enemies.
A music plays and long as it is heard a series of illusions can effect the reak world. The illusions of 2 gaint floating hands and Troup of dancers. They can either attack directly or the dancers can do special dances for specific attacks.One bance creates whirle pools of water and another creates pillars of fire. Their is one more dnace but its effects are never seen.
4.Unohana Retsu - 4th division Captain
Thoughout the series Unohana is seen a the kind healer captain. Known to help any injured person she can. But dont let that fool you! She is actually a cold blooded killer who can been with the Gotei 13 since they where a band of murdering thugs.
A giant green sting ray like monster that Unohana is often seen riding. This beats can swallow people to heal them. It can also carry huge amounts of people.
Unohanas blade turns into a large amount of thick red liquid. It is unknown what abilities the bankai holds.
5. Shinji Hirako - 5th division Captain
He was the original 5th division captain before being experimented on by Aizen and turned into a Visord(part hollow). He came back year later and retook his old position. He has a very comedic and joking demeanor. Often making faces at those who annoy him. He is also a bit of a lady chaser and often calls randoms girls his first love. But despite this he is actually very perceptive and intelligent. Being the only person to actually be suspicious of Aizen.
Sakanades blade becomes more curved at the end. Gaining a series of holes that go down the sword. A large ring appears on at the handle of the blade. The sword will rotate around shinjis hand with the ring at the center. While spinning a pink mist begins to fill the air. When someone smells the mist all of their senses are flipped. Up, down, left, right, colors, and even the direction they feel themselves moving/where injuries are. Making the enemy very disoriented as everything they know is turned around.
  • Major Fights
Shinji vs Aizen
6.Byakuya Kuchiki - 6th Division Captain
Byakuya is the 3rd fastest Captain and the best kido user in the Gotie 13. He often acts cold and distant from other people. As if he doesn't care. One of the few things he cares about being his little sister. Byakuya greatly values honor and integrity. Especially when is battle.
Byakuyas sword turns into a huge mass of blade shards that reflect light in such a way they look like Cherry Blossom Petals. He can control the blades with his mind or user his hands to massively increase the speed.
He drops his sword only to have it phase into the ground. In two row many giant blades appear and all turn into blade shards. Byakuya can also turn those shards into smaller normal swords that encircle the enemy.
  • Major fights
Byakuya vs Ichigo
Byakuya vs Renji Abarai
Byakuya vs Zommari
7.Sajin Komamura - 7th division captain
Sajin Komamura is a large Wolf man with a very strong sense of justice and is very loyal to the captain commander. Even though he is a very serious person he is ,despite his appearance, very kind and gentle to his comrades.
in this form Komamura can make various large body parts appear to mimic what he does. for example if he swings his sword a large hand with a giant sword will appear and swing
when Komamura releases his bankai a giant warrior with a huge sword will appear and,like his shikai, will mimic kommamuras movements except with more power and speed behind it. however it should be noted that if not used correctly this bankai can backfire because if the giant gets damaged so does Komamura. for example if the giant gets a cut on his arm so would komamura.
  • Major fights
Sajin Komamura & Shuhei Hisagi vs Kaname Tosen
8.Shunsui Kyōraku - 8th Division Captain
Shunsui is the most laid back and carefree person in the Soul Society. Often seen sitting around with captain Ukitake having a few drinks and hitting on all the ladies. He would much rather be drinking his ass off then fighting. Though really he is one of the strongest captains to date.
Shunsuis swords turn into a set of wide Scimitar. Both are equal in size and design. They have the ability to make 4 children's games reality. the first game lets him creat Wind toos the trap his enemy. The second make the one that is lower then the other take damage. The first lets either opponent attack through shadows. And the last game involves naming colors. The less of said color the victim has the more damage they take when struck.
Shunsui has no bankai shown as of yet.
  • Major fights
Coyote Starrk vs Shunsui Kyoraku & Jushiro Ukitake
Yamamoto vs Shunshui and Jushiro
9.Kensei Muguruma - 9th division captain
Kensei is a very straight forward, decisive, and serious man. He is extremely annoyed by immaturity and is quick to anger in most situations. He basically has the personality of a drill Sargent. His aggression is very obvious in combat because it makes him not mature enough to hold back. Even against a child. He was the captain of the Ninth division from many year.Until he was experimented on by Aizen and turned into a Visord(part hollow). Though many years later he did return to regain his position.
A wing swirles around Kensei and his sword turns into a large hunting knife. When he slashes the blade he can send out a blade of wind. He can also make said wind explode on contact. Lastly Kensei can more a ball of energy that shoots out with extreme force.
He gains two large brass knuckle blades and a huge sash aross his back. He can change the blades into brass knuckles. When Kensei punches is weapons creates explosions on contact.
  • Major Fights
Wonderwaiss vs Mashiro & Kensei
10.Tōshirō Hitsugaya - 10th Division Captain
Toshiro is the youngest captain in the history of the Gotei 13. Know for his trademark white hair and cold attitude. He tries to act very mature and adult to counter the fact that many see him a child. While he is far from the strongest captain he is incredibly powerful for his age.
  • Shikai - Hyōrinmaru
The blade of the katana extends past its already body length hight and gains a slightly more curved tip. A chain then extends from the sword handle down to a small crescent shaped blade. Storm cloud appear above them and the area gets colder. In this form Toshiro can send out ice attacks and form a giant ice dragon that he controls.
A Giant pair of ice wing form on his back as his blade remains exactly the same. In this form he gains a variety of new abilities. He can creat ice sheets and projectiles, waves of ice following his slashes, ice clones that copy his likeness, and form ice wherever he stabs. He can also make a hole in the storm clouds that rain down tiny snow flakes that burst into huge ice flowers. Though this form does have a time limit.
  • Major fights
Toshiro Hitsugaya vs Gin Ichimaru & aizen sousuke
Toshiro vs Halibel
11.Kenpachi Zaraki - 11th Division Captain
Kenpachi is widely known for his giant pool of reiatsu and for being the most violent and brutal fighter of the Gotei 13. he loves nothing more than a good fight even going as far as to hinder himself with bells on his head so that his enemies can hear him easier and an eyepatch that seals most of his incredibly massive reiatsu. The only things he seems to care much about is Killing, Fighting, and a little girl he takes care of named Yachiru.
in its fully released state Kenpachis blade becomes massive and its power is increased immensely even casually destroying a meteorite.
  • Major fights
Ichigo vs. Kenpachi
Kenpachi vs Nnoitra
12.Mayuri Kurotsuchi - 12th Division Captain
Mayuri is the head of the 12th division or better known as the "Shinigami Research and Development Institute". as such he possesses incredible intellect and is one of the smartest people in the Bleach universe. he is a sadistic man who often uses his soldiers as pawns and performs crazy operations and experiments on his opponents or things that interest him. He is also the prep master of Bleach. Easily making poison that slows down persecution to where 1 second = 100 years, making his own body hold weapons, turning other peoples zombies into his zombies, and replacing every one of his organs with a fake one in about an hour.
in this form his sword is covered in a deadly poison that severs the brain signals controlling the neural impulses for movement in the limbs of the victim, regardless of where they were struck. But, unlike regular paralysis, the pain receptors and nerve endings are unaffected by the weapon so that his opponents can still feel pain.
Mayuris bankai is one of the rare few that turn into a living organism rather than an object. in this form it becomes a giant monster with a catapiller for a body and two large human arms and a large head. it can make long blades stick out of the front part of its body to skewer Mayuris foes and also breaths a deadly poison that spreads out in a wide area and is deadly to anyone who breathes it except for Mayuri and his lieutenant Nemu. Mayuri can also change the composition of this poison at anytime so that should an antidote be introduced he can simply make a different poison.
  • Major Fights
Ishida Vs Mayuri Kurotsuchi
Kurotsuchi Mayuri vs Szayel Aporro Granz
13.Juushirou Ukitake - 13th division Captain
Juushirou is a kind and honorable man that will always treat others with the utmost respect. He doesn't enjoy fighting but while when it's needed. Ukitake in also known for giving people random and sometimes unwanted gifts. Especially to Toshiro because of their Similar hair color and names. He is constantly sick most of the time and is forced to conserve energy for when its needed. Though sometimes he will still be forced to leave combat. Despite this he is still one of the top captains. Even having near the hight reishi if any captain because he constantly using it stay alive.
The original katana splits into two Swords that each have a smaller blade sticking out the back and pointing straight down. The 2 sword are connected by a rope with 5 charms. It has the ability to absorb energy attacks with the left sword. Then the charms increase the power and speed if the attack and fire it out the right sword. This happens so fast that most think the attack originally came from Juushirou.
  • Major Fights
Coyote Starrk vs Shunsui Kyoraku & Jushiro Ukitake
Yamamoto vs Shunshui and Jushiro
They are not a perfect team especially with all their conflicting ideas, goals, and morality. But when it's needed they are always willing to fight together.
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