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Making plays..Enerdynamic Hybrid Technology

2018.10.10 23:28 wannaberichguy777 Making plays..Enerdynamic Hybrid Technology or EDYYF is making some good plays (Enerdynamic Hybrid Technology) ...This company's vision is easy to get behind but at the end of the day we want to make some money!.. i will give my pros and cons of what i have been hearing from people and what i have researched. Between getting the green light for the housing project with its African partner Maple Leaf Holdings to build 40,000 homes in Burkina Faso today and 100,000 houses in Ghana set to start in the 2nd quater of 2019 , also talks with large construction company's in Pakistan this company has lots of potential to make money. Now that this project in Burkina Faso is underway they can focus on executing the project and make some revenue . For the Ghana project the UN has helped fund them, they are set to build 10,000 houses a year out of 100,000.. the project is slated for 60,000 2-bedroom units and 40,000 3-bedroom units. The 2 bedroom houses go for $33,600 each and 3 bedroom houses at 42k each.. the EHT/UCI ((UCI, a Ghanaian company involved in the design, engineering and construction of housing)) joint venture with their partner currently estimates a net margin of 7.5%-12% (approx. US$2,520-US$4,032 per each 2-bedroom unit) and will provide future updates as the project progresses. Also they are in talks with AhmadMedix (Pvt.) Limited a Pakistan company which is part of the Izhar Group of Companies, which have become one of the largest multidimensional engineering entity in the Pakistan electro mechanical services, they will be sending someone there to show them the design and how quick it can be built. For the pros and cons ...
pros - lots of upside for a penny stock , big contracts for lots of revenue , great vision for the people of the world, patented building material for the house, clean energy solution, building materials that can withstand mold , fires , floods and winds up to 200mph, good partners , UN backed project.

cons- small company , contracts could be to big to fill due to not enough production of the building material , always a possibility the project wont meet the deadlines...

IMO- Like any company .. failure is not an option and my only concern is that they cant meet the deadlines but like i said failure is not an option at this point. They have a vision that can make them money and offer affordable housing to people in 3rd world country's with solar electricity for cheap , with good partners and government backing them up THATS HUGE to me .

What are your thoughts on it? Trading at 7 cents a share

here are some sources

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2018.01.21 08:09 autotldr Ghana seeks Indian partners in pharmaceuticals, ICT

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Mr Oquaye said the Federation and industries in Ghana can create a bigger and better relationship.
Ghana's High Commissioner to India, Michael A.N.N.Oquaye, has embarked on a drive for more collaborations between Ghanaian businesses and their Indian counterparts in the areas of pharmaceuticals, and Information and Communications Technology.
At a visit to the Federation of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry in India, Mr Oquaye said the Federation and industries in Ghana can create a "Bigger and better relationship".
He explained that pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and ICT are areas Ghana wants to collaborate with Hyderabad and pointed out that Ghana is the best destination for investment in Africa.
The bilateral trade between Ghana and India is around $2.5 billion, he said, pointing out that the scope to grow it is immense on the backdrop of India's large market.
Mr Oquaye further lauded the T-Hub incubator in Hyderabad indicating that Ghana can learn from such a model.
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2017.12.12 17:16 autotldr Ghana a shining example in Africa - German President

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The focus must be on what Ghana's President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo declared loud and clear on behalf of his government a few days ago during the visit of French President Emmanuel Macron: "We want young Africans to stay in Africa!" We want to help Ghana succeed in offering better opportunities to its young citizens than embarking on the extremely dangerous option of illegal migration.
Ghana is a shining example in the region, and it is one of Germany's most important trading partners in West Africa.
We want our cooperation to support a strong and independent Ghana - a "Ghana beyond aid".
It is clear that if German corporations are to increase their investment in Ghana - and that is precisely what Germany is supporting with a number of initiatives - then Ghana itself must provide a stable framework for investment: reliable infrastructure, legal certainty, a well-functioning public administration, as well as no corruption.
Ghana is one of the countries that participated in the Compact with Africa during the G20 Africa Partnership Conference in Berlin in June 2017.
Professor Mehler from Freiburg is a member of my delegation here, and on Tuesday, December 12, at the University of Ghana, Legon, will help us officially get efforts underway to establish the Merian International Centre for Advanced Studies in Africa.
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2017.04.04 22:15 Prgjdsaewweoidsm Solutions

We all know the world is bad. The way out is by uniting behind solutions.
The Federal Reserve sucks, so how can we replace it? The original National Banks of the United States built projects that created economic growth for all, and often paid for themselves. Things like canals and the National Road set the stage for rail roads, which set the stage for highways and space exploration.
Today, other nations are working to replace our banking system based on usury and taxation (theft) with development banks based on broad-based prosperity and self-funding government. They've taken over the role that America once had as the "City on a Hill" shining freedom and prosperity for the whole world.
We can develop clean energy projects, like safe, advanced nuclear reactors and desalination plants, alternative launch vehicles that will allow clean space-based solar power to be cheaper than coal.
We can build Maglev trains or fund the Hyperloop system that promises transportation faster than air travel at a fraction of the cost.
Using our ability to borrow money for almost nothing, we can begin to fund our government with the proceeds from these projects. Many of these projects, such as building clean power plants and selling to developing nations, would help other nations as we earn a fair return on our investment.
In the 1960s, American corporations partnered with the government of Ghana (run by Kennedy's friend Kwame Nkrumah) and the World Bank to build a dam that provided 70% of that nation's power, and a profitable aluminum manufacturing plant:
What if, instead of spending $500 billion on defense, we invested this into co-operative infrastructure projects that paid us $100 billion per year for decades, while creating peace, economic growth, and a cleaner environment?
What if we borrowed trillions of dollars at 2-3%, invested it in profitable infrastructure all over the world, eliminated our deficit, and began running substantial surpluses? What if we eliminated the Federal Reserve and replaced it with the American System of lending for the good of the whole nation and the good of the world?
Can we be the City on the Hill once more?
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