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When 7th Day Adventists Attack

2020.01.10 08:20 Damionstjames When 7th Day Adventists Attack

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I can't post this on Entitledparents yet, but I'm hoping to get it there sometime.

TLDR @ Bottom
First before I begin a little context. I'm almost 40 years old, Caucasian, non-religious, and openly homosexual. People describe me as a biker, or a big teddy-bear because of my tattoos and beard. My husband looks surprisingly a great deal like me only I wear my hear long and he looks a little like Stone Cold Steve Austin. While I don't go out of my way in most cases to inform people about my sexuality (there is another E.P. story I will share involving why I don't) this becomes relevant soon.
The Setting: Outside Battleground, Washington State. Funny story behind the name. TLDR on that is General gets angry his Captain wont massacre Native Americans and trolls him by naming the land battleground. Anyway, my husband and I had moved in a couple of years before after I had suffered a violent sexual assault from a sex offender, so I was only half-working while I was recovering emotionally. My friends moved me into this lot which contained a very old house from the late 1800's, an equally old church, and some small hut-like studio homes on the lot. We had been granted one of these to live in for dirt cheap while I recovered.
Not long afterward, my friend and his wife moved out, following their divorce. So my very good friends from my Weekly D&D group wound up moving into the apartments below the Church - YAY! Shortly after that, the owner of the property - we'll call him Shane - decides to rent out to some people. First, was a guy who's name I honestly don't remember. In this story we will call him EP#1. I could spend PAGES talking about just this guy, so I'll just list off several of the things he did while living with us:
  1. Continiously stole my neighbor's soaps, shampoos, and toilet paper from their spot in the common area because he said it counted as "community property".
  2. After the theft, Shane Landlord installed cameras in the area. While they didn't look into any of the bathrooms, or the church shower (EP#1 lived in the apartment above the church while friend's family lived below it), disabled the cameras repeatedly claiming that he was going to sue Shane Landlord for production of child pornography since his preteen daughter had a tendency to walk out of the showers nude.
  3. Sleep anywhere he want on the property, including in our lawn furniture
  4. Deal drugs out of his apartment
  5. After an incident I'll describe below where my husband and I legit feared for our lives, told another friend of mine he had ZERO business bringing a gun onto the property claiming "My PRECIOUS daughter is TERRIFIED of that satisfied and holstered gun on your hip. Leave now or else!" I should note that the guy I had come over to stay at my place was a licensed security officer and had a crap-ton of paperwork for both concealed and open-carry.
By now, Shane Landlord had handed over duties to the mother of the the friend who got me there in the first case. In many ways, she's like the godmother of Karen's. A god-Karen. This becomes contextually relevant soon. We'll call her Karen Landlord.
One day not long after Entitled Dad's departure, KL approaches us and informs us a mixed race family was going to be moving into the house, which both my friend's family and I were kinda-eyeing but we were far more interested in the apartment above the church. We were informed that they were deeply religious, and that before KL ever even considered renting to them, told them that my husband and I were gay and we lived over (there). At the time I didn't think of it, but I'm kinda shocked now that I listen to this channel. Either way, she told me their acceptance was a TOC (term of condition) to them being rented to, as KL had known husband and I for many years by then. I thanked her for informing us, and waited for the day they arrived.
Few Days later, they arrived. Enter, the Entitled FAMILY!
So, despite still dealing with the trauma from various incidents over the last few years and several assaults on my person, I genuinely try to be a good and personable person. I have worked customer service my entire life and had learned that a good first impression is important. I walked over and introduced myself. "Hi I'm Damion, it's a pleasure to meet you, my husband's at work but his name is (said name). Can I help you move in?"
7D: (Strong southern accent) "Why it's lovely to meet neighbors that are so kind, I'd like that."
To this day, that remains the only nice thing 7D had ever said to me. That day I helped him and his absolute platoon of kids move a crazy amount of toys, furniture, military grade weapons, military paperwork, and tool boxes into the old house. After paying me a little for my time, it was like they wanted me to leave. They weren't mean about it, but they seemed like it was a long trip. During the move, I had asked if they had been told like Karen Landlord had said about my husband and I. They told me they had and said, "It's no problem Damion. We know such and such that are gay. It's totally fine."
Only it totally wasn't. These would soon be made to be known as some of the absolute worst people I've ever met. Some of what I'm about to write about, even almost 20 years later, still haunt me so it's very difficult - please be gentle.
One of the first - and most major of all the incidents - involved an incident about 6 months after they had moved in. After all that time, they had only acknowledged me or husband with little more than a curt not of the head, or the occasional hello but never anything more. At first their eldest daughter was amazing. She was a legit genius, and had challenged all of her high-school classes at 14 and had already had 2 years of college under her belt. Anway, my husband and I hadn't moved into the apartment over the church yet, as there was still some litigation going on between Entitled Dad and Karen Landlord or something. On this day, 7D's kids were all outside my hut-house playing with rubber ball. It's VERY hot in my place as it had no air conditioning and we had this little fan in the window that didn't cut it. Husband and I are HUGE into tabletop gaming, like D&D, Pathfinder, Starfinder, White-Wolf, the works. So when we had time off I'd DM for husband. This was the case until the first of many thunderous booms went off the side of my house. You know those houses you see at construction sites that manager's work in? I was basically living in one of those. The thuds were absolutely concentration shattering. I was annoyed, but not mad. I had worked in customer service for years, so I knew how to talk to people. I get dressed and open the door. There is the whole 7th Day army outside my place, still bouncing the ball off my house.
"Uh, Hi. Say, my husband and I are trying to work in here, would it be alright if I asked you to play a little bit over there? You're bouncing the ball off my house."
7Dkids: "Sorry Mister!"
I think I handled that pretty well. Less than an hour later, I hear 7Dad screaming and yelling and cussing up a storm. As a former military drill instructor among many other things, there was no way you couldn't miss his yelling.
Husband: "Wtf?!"
Curious, we poke our heads outside. There is 7th Dad having to be literally restrained by his wife, his brother, a guy we'd never met, and the neighbor from the next lot. His kids were standing around, glaring absolute DAGGERS at us like we had somehow offended them. 7th dad was absolutely rabbit, foaming at the mouth claiming he was going to kill us. I wanted to call 911 as this was clearly a dangerous situation. I call Karen-Landlord instead.
She in no uncertain terms told me I was over-reacting, and despite clearly hearing the man who was still being restrained LITERALLY THREATEN TO KILL ME, she said I was being unreasonable.
Clearly not going to get help from her, I asked 7th Kid what was going on. She looked at me and gave me that look that many african american girls had given me. You know, the look that says "Oh no you didn't".
7k: "You know what you did."
Me: "No I don't."
7k: "Yeah you do, you in big trouble now. My daddy gonna get free and you're gonna regret whatchu did."
Me: "Seriously, what did I do?"
At that point, I take everyone's advice and head back inside. Nothing hurts me mentally more than being told I did something wrong when I legit don't know. I suffer from Boderline Personality Disorder, which means I miss a good deal of ques and can get really confused.
After several hours of yelling from inside the house and Karen Landlords arrival, she walks over to our house. She informs us that 7th Dad and Mom (her words mind you) had heard us using racial epithets at their children and had ordered (not asked) them to play in the "colored section" of the lot. Granted if anyone were going to look the part of Mouth-Breathing Neandrathall Klansmen #2 and #3 it'd probably be us strictly based off appearance.
I told Karen Landlord that in no uncertain terms, I was NOT pleased with how this went. I wanted to call the police and file an official report. This is why I had my security guard friend hang out with his gun, because I knew 7Dad was armed. Figured at least it might even the score.
Feeling bad, when all was settled, Karen gave us the apartment we wanted over the church. This was a MAJOR upgrade in space, it had air conditioning, and had multiple exits and entrances with far better locks. Well we tried to apologize to 7dad for any misunderstanding, but he was having NONE of it. You know the Volus from Mass Effect 2? The one who after you find the money chit pretty much said "well, she could have taken it?" and suggested the person get charged anyway based off opportunity alone? Yeah his argument played out like that, telling us that husband and I fit the part and we could have done it so he'd be watching us.
From then on, our hell began. Twice, 7th Dad cut our internet line on the outside of the church, depriving me of the internet which since I didn't drive at the time was pretty much my only means of contacting the outside world and the only form of our entertainment.
A year after they moved in, my friends in the basement, my husband, and I all took a trip to a furry convention. It was a lot of fun. When we got back we discovered that 7th Dad had broken in, and COVERED my apartment in a mysterious white powder. Cops said that since they had also cut the lines to the previously mentioned security cameras too, there was no evidence it was them, save a single footprint that just happened to be a vintage 60's era combat boot that 7th Dad wore RELIGIOUSLY. We were the very next day given a notice to vacate. Karen had said that due to some law, that Shane Landlord had been renting to us illegally, and one family would have to go and seeing as Husband and I and Friends family were not religious like she was, she was handing the property over to them once we left. It's important to know in the year that 7th Dad had lived there, they had never paid a dime in rent, or utilities. Aside from 3 months years before when I was in and out of the hospital years before in recovery, I was 100% up to date on my rent, as was friend. We were FLOORED when she rejected our appeal.
The last two parts, really hurt me the most.
As we were moving out, there was a storage shed behind all the huts where my husband and I had put our bulk things. I noticed a box was missing. This had among many things, my high school yearbooks, pennants, letters (athletic and drama), sports awards, 3 notebooks of furry artwork I'd drawn and colored and collected (this becomes important later), and my license plate collection. I LOVED my license plate collection. I had plates from as far back as an Oregon 1925 license plate, as far north as an Alaska plate, and everything from Hawaii to Georgia and California. Most prized was my grandpa's 1956 California Yellow and Black plates. Whole box was gone. We looked everywhere, couldn't find it. On a hunch, we suspected since 7th Dad had somehow got a hold of Shane Landlords old keys, he must've done it. Since on paper he was still the legal owner of the property I went over Karen's head and called him up. He was pissed, and had explained his prized power tools were also missing, and had actually planned on calling us. He said that while the family was at church, he'd let me have a brief look around, but only the basement as he had noticed when fixing the pipes there were a ton of boxes down there he'd never seen before.
We get down there, and wouldn't you know it, there's his power tools hidden behind an old washing machine. SL is livid! I find, not the box I was missing but instead a box of my old work uniforms and hats. Many of them still had my nametag still on them. 7th dad had returned and began to cuss at my landlord and me and husband, the exchange went like this:
7thDad: "You broke into my fuckin' house!"
Me: (not intimidated) "You broke into the storage shed."
7th Dad: "Can't prove that."
SL: "This is literally my pneumatic saw, I have my name carved in it right here!"
7th Dad: "Can't prove that."
SL: "It was in a locked storage shed, I demanded when you moved in you hand over all the keys to Karen. You didn't. You used my key to get in. That's theft."
7th Dad: "So?"
All of us: "SO?!"
7th Dad: "Yeah so what? I have a right to that key. I'm renting this house, so I get to use any part of the property I want. The house, Sheds, Huts, Butt Brother (a constant slur he used for us) over there's apartment, all of it. It's mine. I got the key."
SL: "Well at the end of the day it's my name on the deed so no you don't. You stole my property, I'm filing a police report."
7th Dad: "For what?"
SL: "For my property you STOLE!"
7th Dad: "So, let me see if I hear you right. First, you break into my house and bring him (me) in as what...your muscle? Well you got your property back, snoopin' around my place. Cops are not gonna do shit if you got it back, and you can't prove I took it now since we both have the same key. Furthermore, how do I know you didn't just put it there, then try to Scooby-Do me when I come walking in so you can Ah-ha me? Ya'll just mad cause I'm BLACK!"
Me: "Oh yes, that's totally it."
7th Dad: "You say somethin butt brother?"
Me: "Oh yes, we totally concocted this brilliant plan to steal his own property and plant it down here - behind a washing machine. Man SL we totally should've stopped after we failed to get that to work with OJ."
SL almost dies laughing but just snickers a great deal.
So at that point 7th Dad goes off - "I'm so sick of you (homophobic slur's) around here. Y'all walkin' around nekkid (totally weren't), havin' all kinds of sex (not his business), peeping' at my daughter and wife, (insane accusation) and now this. Say I did take all your stuff. You're the landlord so I can let that slide but that does not give you carte blanche to let butt brother here walk around my house! I'm callin' the cops."
Me: "Please do, I'd love to see how you explain away how a box of my uniforms, with my name on them, wound up in your basement considering that was in my part of the shed, buried under many boxes. Willing to bet your finger prints are all over that box."
I had a goal there. Even if he was trying to frame us for trying to frame him, I had turned it full circle because despite being ex millitary and some kind of special ops guy, I played off his insecurity and paranoia like a pro. He grabbed the box and shoved it into my hands. I gripped it only from the bottom, and thanked him, and left. This was in case they did want to search the box for prints, his would be the only ones on the top of the box, as that's where he had grabbed it, and we'd seen him carry his boxes that way on moving day.
When the cops did show up, the cops made the following rulings:
  1. I - despite having the landlord's permission - had no legal right to enter 7th Dad's basement, but seeing as there was a loop-hole since there literally was a loop hole tunnel that connected his basement with my friend's apartment I was given a warning and an official desist order.
  2. My Landlord and Landlady were fined for various infractions of breach of the public trust and rental law.
  3. 7th Dad and family had been running a scrap-metal scam for years, and that's how they made their money. They would break into SL's shed and sell his power tools to a pawn shop that had acted like a fence for years - including my license plates. The cops informed us they had also stripped my truck (one year older than their own, same make and model) for parts in the engine and I now basically owned the Frame of a car. Cops had ZERO idea where the parts were, and 7th Dad was refusing to cooperate.
  4. So remember those yearbooks, awards, letters, and my furry art? Cops on a search of the home found my stuff in a closet that had a padlock on it, of which only 7th Dad had the key. This helped the police come to the conclusion that we were the victims, and not 7th Fam. The kids had poured all MANNER of stuff over the art book, and one whole book of irreplaceable art had to be thrown art. My Varsity Letter I earned for Wrestling was also destroyed, as it turned out one of them had either dropped it in a toilet or just flat out peed on it. My yearbooks made it out unscathed. Yeah, that was impossible to explain away. 7th Mom tried some kind of "Must've been their gay magic!" bullshit.
  5. A year after all THAT had happened, we had heard from the BGPD that they never paid a dime of rent, or utilities, and after 7th Dad had went to jail and been released on bail never went to a single court appearance. They had straight up boarded up the house and were trying to go full Waco Texas on the PD. It took the Swat Team from Three Cities to get them out of there.
Well, that's my first story - sorry it's so long.
TLDR: Was nice to a family of religious nutjobs. They broke into my home, stole my stuff, called me homophobic slurs, threatened my life, stole my landlords stuff, pawned my stuff, cut my cable, stripped my truck, and cut my cable.
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2019.10.14 03:10 ticklebunnytummy Slowly coming back to life

Eating good and bad food - Africian peanut stew with sweet potatoes, tomatoes, kale, onion, garlic and ginger and red and regular quinoa and peanut butter. Totally delicious. And made alfredo sauce later. My body was really deprived of nutrients this time around.
Rode a bike with my 5 yo. Kissed and hugged the two 2 yos so much today. Still smoking like a chimney. Set a date to quit smoking Oct 25 after an exam. Still using it to escape the kids and that's not necessary (I know bc I quit smoking and drinking for two years when they were younger).
Slowly crawling out of the dreary life of a drunk. Felt very tired at different parts of the day.
Loving all the vivid dreams and deep good sleep. Enjoying having clean sheets and dressing better.
Enjoying brushing their hair and spending time with my kids, instead of plotting my escape.
Set up a row machine in the barn by a window.
Starting couch to 5k tomorrow.
Making it. Looking forward to tomorrow morning.
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2019.05.31 04:33 TimberFrog How to handle the bicycle for bisexuals?

Hello guys,
I have come to terms that I was bisexual back in September 2018. It has been constant for the most part, until like recently when I had sex with a guy that I enjoyed and I wanted to explore that side of my bisexuality more. The thing is now I am heavily more into guys and less into girls. The stronger attraction has made wonder if I am not bisexual and gay, but I keep remembering feelings in my past that show I was attracted to women and part of me still wants to date and have sex with a girl, it's just when I try to fantasize about it or looked at naked photos of women, I don't really get an erection most of the time, though before I used to. It's like I will think I am gay, then I go out in public and I see this beautiful girl and I will go like "Yeah I don't think so". Like legit, now I am fantasizing about hot Latino men, and then I am thinking about this receptionist at my school's campus and how she is this sexy Africian American with an amazing ass and good pair of tits with a sexy personality. But it's like, I don't feel that attraction to most women now and I am feeling more of an attraction to men sexually at the moment, than women.
This is probably one of the times I have struggled with the bi cycle. Like, before, I didn't think about my label, I went with the flow. It was like, I was mainly checking out girls, got a little crush on this girl in my school who I wanted to ask out for my faculty prom but I didn't, but there was this guy on the side I liked and wanted to fuck. Yet at the same time I was masturbating to images of female butts (I am an ass man through and through) but it was more balanced. Now it's shifting and it's driving me nuts. Any advice on how to deal with it?
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2014.08.31 00:53 elcalrissian [Personal Saturday Text Post] Why I dont approve of President Obama. (wall of text)

I've been downvoted and vetted so much, its funny to me. I know Im negative about President Obama, but I need to explain where exactly that comes from.
My race or not, I see the world as I was raised in it, low income, public schooled, and no family wealth or history in this country before 1870s (My family didnt own slaves, didnt own land, came as german catholic immigrants - who were ostrasized, do some research there - and rural farm tennants in S Illinois. My dad was the first in college, but even he had trouble breaking into a good job - because of nepotism against him - until I was a Sr in High School) I have student Debt still 10 years out of school. I also have a good job, per my own efforts.
I voted for Mr Paul in 2008 - after 8 years of HATING G W BUSH. I knew I wasnt going to win.
I lived in Denver too, and I was swept by Obama's bid, and eventual DNC victory in Denver that year. I knew one thing would be good....or I HOPED one thing would come from Obama - He would bridge the wealth and race gap that is very real in the US. I grew up in Chicago, again low income, and I fully understood what the wealth/race gap really was.
But you see where Im going. Were here 6 years later and I see regression, not progress.
Now, the GOP is pathetic, but people dont seem to remember the negative D majority that Bush dealt with. I also saw Clinton succeed with a similar negative GOP. Basically, I dont buy the "GOP is halting the Government." They only control 1 part of a 4 part gvt (D has Executive, Justice is Left Leaning, and they have the Congress).
Racially, I think Obama hasnt helped the Africian Americans as much as he could, and recently there's been vocal distaste from that community towards the President.
He's not a solid leader, as he tries to appease all sides, he'll never project a strong image, and we've seen the result abroad, both with losing trust with NATO allies from the NSA bullshit, and inaction, as well with what the ISIS and those types see from America. I believe they were afraid of Bush, and not so now of Obama.
ACA is a good cause, but rushed, and again, were seeing the faults there.
He's now spending a LOT of time fundraising - which I know is normal Politician behavior, but in this time of unprecedented world craziness, I'd rather see him do his job, and not attend so many Upper Crust $30,000 a plate dinner events.
If you have children, or young relatives, you see what's happening in our public schools. New Math and Common Core? I dont get it. My neice cant add 10 + 22 without drawing a weird matrix that she doesnt even understand, I see her struggle.
Back to what I expected in 2008 after his win. I thought we'd get out of Iraq and Afganistan sooner, and His stated dates of withdrawal that came and went were Signals to our foes that they just needed to wait us out. Which they did. And now we have ISIS and Syria and all the bullshit here today.
I wanted to bring our troops home. My friends and family included. They are my informers as to how Obama really fucked this up. (I trust a military person's opinion about this).
Were in Bush 3.0, and I wanted Clinton 2.0.
Disagree or not, my distaste comes from years of WANTING him to succeed, even though I believe in a liberal libretarian world.
Again, wall of text, and Im sorry if I wasnt perfectly clear. The man hasnt helped our country. We focus too much on abortions and torture and religion, while compared to our Foes, who are religious zealots who KILL EACH OTHER, USA is fucking utiopia - you wouldnt believe this if you only listened to the D rhetorhic. (also, a small thing, I dont like the persistant Corporate Tax cheats like Apple and Google, who seem to get a pass, while the focus is shifted on wealthy individuals - like the clintons and romneys - who use offshore accounts to curb income taxes. - Be a Democrat, stop sucking corporate dick).
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